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Angola President arrives for Museveni-Kagame meeting

FILE PHOTO: Angola’s  Joao Lourenço (C) makes a statement next to President of the Republic of Congo Denis Sassou Nguesso (L) Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni (2-L) President of Rwandan Paul Kagame (2-R) and President of the Democratic Republic of Congo Felix Tshissekedi (R) after the signing an agreement to cease the hostilities between Uganda and Rwanda, on August 21, 2019 in Luanda. PHOTO AFP

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT & URN | Chief mediator, Angola President Joao LourenCo, has arrived in Kigali ahead of the Quadripartite Summit between Rwanda, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda which will take place today at the Katuna – Gatuna border.

The leaders are expected to meet as part of the Quadripartite summit, whose last meeting was held in Luanda, Angola on February 2, 2020 and is aimed to end the tension between the two countries.

The long closed border could be opened today, over a year since it was ‘closed’ after disagreement between the two countries.

Rwanda closed its borders with Uganda in February 2019.  Rwandan authorities led by President, Paul Kagame accused Ugandan authorities of abducting Rwandan citizens.

Lourenço arrive in East Africa Friday, spent night in Kigali.

They also accused Uganda of hosting and facilitating dissidents especially from the Rwanda National Congress and the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, who have declared war on the Kigali government.

Rwanda advised its citizens against travelling to Uganda, saying it can’t guarantee their safety.

All set for meeting

Ahead of the meeting, it was revealed that there will be no media coverage for the meeting between President Yoweri Museveni and his Rwandan counterpart, Paul Kagame at Katuna border on Friday.

URN visited Katuna town on Thursday afternoon to check on the preparations for the meeting and found heavily armed security operatives drawn from Uganda Police Force, Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) and Special Forces Command-SFC patrolling the town.

Road teams were also seen sweeping the road with others hanging banners welcoming the two heads of state to the town. A top security officer from SFC who declined to be named told our reporter that apart from security officials and invited delegates, no any other person including journalists are authorized to step in the border town.

He explains that the meeting doesn’t require any media coverage apart from the Presidential Press Units of Uganda, Rwanda, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He also said that even after the meeting, the heads of state or their officials will not address the press about the resolutions.

The President’s Press Secretary, Don Wanyama confirmed that the meeting will be closed to the media. “No media is allowed,” he said in a text message to URN.  David Bahati, the Area Member of Parliament, who is also the State Minister of Finance, says all preparations to ensure that the meeting goes on uninterrupted are done.

His Deputy Linda Wamboka Nabusayi latter sent a text message to journalists confirming Wanyama’s position.

“The proceedings at the summit at Katuna border (Where cleared) will be covered by the respective PPUs from the four countries and shared. PLEASE NOTE the Presser at the close if the ceremony will be relayed live on UBC TV. We shall share with you the links at start of presse,” read her text.

David Bahati, the Area Member of Parliament, who is also the State Minister of Finance, says all preparations to ensure that the meeting goes on uninterrupted are done.  He says their prayer is to see that the meeting resolves to open the border with immediate effect.




  1. Why Lorenco had to stay over night in Rwanda? He would have slept in congo. Its a clear sign of favouritism. So Rwanda has fault in this? How about the people they have been killing during this standoff? Give us break, don’t waste our time, Rwandese can do as they like , Ugandans dont give a toss, besides i personally i have never used anything from Rwanda in my house., i can do without them.This relationship is personal toPresident museveni not Uganda. Before i forget even the insecurity we had few years back was caused by these bu guys. How come parliament aint aware of what’s gonna be discussed like we witnessed the Brexit? Uk parliament was fully involved.

  2. prince wasajja josh, social Advocate

    my comment to this saga will be that , I thank the leaders to commit themselves to ensure that these conflicts are resolved. I perceive it stupid to see neibours conflicting each other, the bible recommends good relationship with the neighbor, so I will be happy to see UG-RWA friendship improving.


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