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All set for celebrations to mark Kwar Adhola Silver Jubilee Coronation anniversary

Owere swearing in

Tororo, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  Usher Wilson Owere, former Chairman General of the National Organisation of Trade Unions (NOTU), was on Friday sworn in as 3rd Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for coordination of the Jopadhola in the Diaspora (Entebbe, Wakiso, Kampala and Mukono) at a special Tieng Adhola Cultural Institution (TACI) cabinet meeting that also discussed the upcoming 25th Coronation Anniversary Celebrations.

His Royal Highness Moses Stephen Owor, the cultural leader (Kwar Adhola) of the Jopadhola, presided over the session.

Two-month-long activities to mark the 25th (Silver Jubilee) Coronation Anniversary of the Kwar Adhola and birth of the TACI cultural institution, are set to kick-off in earnest on Wednesday, with a royal tour and town hall meeting at Pajwenda Town Council.

Other activities scheduled by the celebration organising committee include the 1st Kwar Adhola Marathon, a cultural week, bicycle race and dinner, before the Silver Jubilee celebrations climax on Wednesday, 7th August, 2024, at Achilet Primary school ground. The President of the Republic of Uganda is expected to be the guest of honour.

The theme of the Celebration is “Gender parity a prerequisite for Sustainable Unity, Peace and Development in a fast-changing environment.”

The celebrations return to Achilet, five years after the mammoth 20th anniversary celebrations in 2019 that had Kirunda Kivenjinja (RIP) represent the President of Uganda, as chief guest.

Royal Tour schedule

Date Day Sub-County/Activity Place of meeting
5/06/2024 Wednesday Pajwenda Town Council Pajwenda P/S
7/06/2024 Friday Rubongi and Nyangole Rubongi Sub- County
12/06/2024 Wednesday Nabuyoga T/C & Subcounty and Siwa Mawele P/S
14/06/2024 Friday Kisoko and Petta Kisoko Boys P/S
19/06/2024 Wednesday Mulanda and Mwelo Mulanda P/S
21/06/2024 Friday Merikit, Molo, Mukuju, and Akadoit Merikit Sub-County
26/06/2024 Wednesday Sop-Sop Sop-Sop P/S
28/06/2024 Friday Iyolwa T/C & Subcounty and


Iyolwa P/S
3/07/2024 Wednesday Paya, Sere and Nawire Paya P/S
5/07/2024 Friday Osia Katerema P/S
10/07/2024 Wednesday Magola Magola P/S
12/07/2024 Friday Kirewa and Soni Kirewa P/S
17/07/2024 Wednesday Osukuru, Kayoro, Malaba Osukuru P/S
19/07/2024 Friday Nagongera T/C & Sub- County and Katajula Mahanga P/S
24/07/2024 Wednesday Tororo Municipality, Mella, Kwapa and Morikatipe Elgon View P/S
3/08/2024 Saturday Morning Bicycle race Tororo – Lions children Park
4/08/2024 Sunday Morning Marathon Tororo – Lions children Park


Wednesday – Saturday Padhola Cultural week Rubongi Sub- County
6/08/2024 Tuesday – Morning Royal thanks giving  Palace
6/08/2024 Tuesday – Evening Royal Dinner Rock Classic Hotel
7/08/2024 Wednesday Celebrations of 25th (Silver

Jubilee) Coronation Anniversary 

Achilet Primary School Ground
FILE PHOTO: Scenes from the 20th celebration in 2019; Tororo MPs past and present pay tribute to Kwar Adhola; A delegate delivers a message from the Luo community in Kenya and cultural singers


President Museveni hails Kwar Adhola’s leadership

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