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World Bank boss visits Rwanda

US$57 billion financing for sub-Saharan Africa promises to boost business Doing business in Rwanda is expected to improve with the visit of World Bank’s President Jim Yong Kim. Kim arrived in Kigali on March 21 for a two-day visit and held discussions with President Paul Kagame and the private sector …

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RWANDA: Kagame meets President Xi

Two leaders agree industrial cooperation By Independent Team & Agencies President Paul Kagame wants Chinese companies to collaborate with their Rwandan counterparts to build industries in Rwanda. The President expressed the wish at a recent meeting with the Chinese leader, President Xi Jiping, when he visited Beijing. Kagame encouraged Chinese …

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MUSEVENI: Refugees not the problem, wrong ideology is

Refugees not the problem, wrong ideology is – Museveni tells summit on Somalia President Yoweri Museveni in one of his most radically candid addresses on refugees has told a special IGAD summit on Somalia at the weekend that refugees are not the problem but the wrong ideology of sectarianism where …

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Controversy over Ghana’s elephant size cabinet

Ghana’s president Nana Akufo-Addo lent credence to the saying that the strength of an African democracy is in the size of its cabinet after he appointed 110 ministers to his newly formed government. Addo defended the size of his cabinet as a “necessary investment” for the small country. Addo appointed …

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US, China disagree on South Sudan

China has disagreed with the United States, its major economic rival on how to ensure peace in South Sudan. Whereas the US has persistently called for sanctions against Uganda’s northern neighbour in a way of preventing the intermittent fighting that breaks out in the country, China, has said placing sanctions …

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