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Alarming rate of boda-boda deaths spark social media rage

A man carries six schoolchildren on a bodaboda
A man carries six schoolchildren on a boda-boda (motorcycle)


Doreen Tashobya, together with the boda-boda rider who was reported to be her brother, were crashed by a tipper that rammed into them in Entebbe on Tuesday morning.

It is the second boda-boda accident that has shocked the nation in the past fortnight.

Early this month, tweeps were left in shock when Julie Tumwesigye, popular on twitter, died in a motor accident. #RIPJulimuffn was involved in an accident while travelling to her residence in Old Kampala on a boda-boda.


accident victim
The late Doreen (left) and her mother on graduation day

There were several versions of the events prior to Tuesday’s crash in Entebbe. One eyewitness posted somewhere on facebook that he had seen a convoy, reportedly belonging to ministers that were headed for the swearing-in ceremony at State House in Entebbe, force the tipper driver off the road, before he rammed into Doreen and her brother.

The siblings are children to the Entebbe Municipality MP Rose Tumusiime, who lost her husband three years ago.

The shocking incident has left the nation enraged, as seen on social media, with several ‘tweeps’ lambasting bodaboda riders; calling them death traps. One said riding a boda boda in the city is like playing Russian Roulette!


The shocker was a post of a bodaboda man carrying six schoolchildren navigating in traffic!

Another tweep noted that laws are there, but never implemented. Police have timed and again issued warnings to bodaboda riders; there have been several operations in the city to curb errant bodaboda riders. Whether the law takes its course is anyone’s guess, for soon after these operations, nothing seems to change.


The hashtag #regulatebodabodas trended for most of Tuesday afternoon.




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