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African Wildlife Foundation gives Uganda a 13 bikes boost to fight poaching

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) has delivered 13 motor bikes to Uganda to help in the fight against poaching, a timely boost as resources worldwide are being diverted to stem the COVID-19 pandemic.

The donation follows another of hundreds of items, including heavy duty single man tents, to support the rangers on patrol.

“The loss of tourism due to COVID pandemic has led to reduction of sources of revenue for Uganda Wildlife Authority. This gesture of extending help to where it is needed most to conserve wildlife is very applauded,” said Dr. Panta Kasoma,  Chairman UWA Board of Trustees.

In his remarks, Dr. Panta appreciated AWF for the numerous donations extended to the institution especially during the COVID 19 crisis that have strengthened law enforcement operations which has been key to conservation of biodiversity.

He noted that the poaching incidences that had previously increased around some protected areas are now considerably reduced. This, he partly attributes to the conservation partners like AWF who have contributed the resources for conservation work.

The 13 motor bikes all have riding jackets and helmets that will make easier for UWA’s Wildlife Crime Investigation unit move faster to track and attend to incidences of wildlife crime across protected areas.

AWF Executive Director Suudi Bamulesewa handed the bikes to Dr. Panta Kasoma who was flanked by UWA’s Sam Mwandha and top management members at Uganda Museum recently.

Bamulesewa on behalf of AWF pledged to continue supporting the conservation efforts and was delighted to be associated with UWA in fulfillment of their conservation mandate.

“We shall continue to support all efforts geared towards having wildlife flourish in this country,” he revealed.

UWA ED Sam Mwandha appreciated the great partnership and the fantastic job AWF has been doing in facilitating protection of wildlife in the country especially during the COVID 19 crisis.

This contribution will enable UWA staff to effectively secure national parks better and frustrate the people bend on doing poaching in the protected areas,” he said.

Last month, the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) also handed Uganda 100 heavy duty single man tents, 300 gumboots reinforced with steel material, 300 safari sleeping pads, 300 metallic water bottles, 400 small size hand sanitizers and 2000 masks.

The tents are a great boost due to the current COVID 19 threat, as the single man tents donated are not shareable. This will help minimise risk of spread of the disease during extended overnight patrols where rangers camp in the wild for days.


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