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ADF rebels hiding in Ituri province – Security

A combined force of UPDF elements drawn from Infantry, Motorized Brigade, Artillery, Armored & Special Forces Command moved into DRC & launched an offensive operation against ADF terrorists. File Photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Allied Democratic Force (ADF) rebels are believed to be currently hiding in the edges of Mambasa and Irumu territories in the province of Ituri, Eastern Democratic of Congo.

According to security sources, the rebels are suspected to have moved their headquarters from Beni near the Rwenzori Mountains to the edges of Masamba and Irumu.

The sources say that the proximity to Irumu and Masamba by the Congo Economic Development Cooperative (CODECO) militia and the desire to extend their attacks in Ituri are the main reasons for the rebels relocation.

Security believes that the rebels would have formed small groups of around forty fighters who operate in different villages of Halungupa, Lume, Bashu, Mwenda, Kainama, and Mamove intending to carry out attacks and infiltrate large towns to obtain information.

The security sources also indicate that Moussa(Musa) Seka Baluku, the current leader of the ADF does not have a fixed camp. He travels regularly in the Beni region to escape the attacks.

At least 1,700 Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) soldiers are already deployed in Eastern DR Congo for a joint operation with FARDC against the ADF, according to an insider security source. According to the source, the soldiers include special forces and infantry deployed with their artillery and armour.



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