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Activists to government: Don’t force people to get coronavirus vaccines

Kabuleta addressing journalists about the matter on Oct.26 in Bugolobi, a few kilometers outside of Kampala City Centre.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A group of activists have urged the government not to force members of the public to be vaccinated with COVID-19 jabs, arguing that it is not anywhere in the laws of Uganda to enforce that.

The activists, who were speaking at a press conference held in Bugolobi, Kampala on Oct.26, said, COVID-19 jabs have been reported as a danger to some individuals that have underlying health conditions.

The activists are Moses Mugisha, a medical entomologist, Daniel Walyemera, human rights lawyer and dean faculty of law at Cavendish University and Joseph Kabuleta, a veteran journalist and former presidential candidate.

“There is a serious debate that we need to hold about the safety of these vaccines,” said Joseph Kabuleta, who described himself as an activist and not a politician in this matter.

Kabuleta said, there is evidence that some people have contracted COVID and recovered without any medical vaccines administered on them.

He also alleged that one of his male friends has since suffered from erectile challenges after getting a COVID jab.

This website could not independently verify these claims. But medical reports published by reputable organisations worldwide have outlined some side effects including fever, fatigue, headaches, body aches, chills, nausea and more suffered by some individuals that have taken Covid jabs.

The activists said, in the event that the government requires people to be tested for COVID-19 before seeking a particular service, that cost should be met by the government.

They also said, government should test people comprehensively about other underlying medical conditions before subjecting them to Covid jabs.

They also urged the government to put in place a platform through which people can electronically report side effects that they develop after getting Covid jabs to guide on further management of the pandemic.

“I’m going to start an online platform for people to report about the side effects of Covid vaccines,” Kabuleta said.

The official government position is that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and cleared by World Health Organisation to be administered to individuals as an avenue for fighting or minimizing the pandemic threat.

As of Oct.25, the country had administered 2.8million total dozes. Government has set a target of 4.8million people to administer Covid jabs before further relaxing Covid-19 restrictions.


  1. The government should first educate the unvaccinate on the benefits and effects of the vaccines.

  2. The government should first educate the unvaccinated on the benefits and effects of the vaccines.

  3. On the issue of covid vaccination.
    I concer with Mr Kabulatta and the group. It’s someone’s right to either have the vaccine or not. After all it’s my life. Why force me? It’s taking away my right of decision making as to what happens to me .

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