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ABIRIGA: I was badly off

The photo that has been circulating on social media. Abiriga confirmed that was indeed him, with bodyguard standing nearby next to his “yellow” car.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga has confirmed photographs of him that have been circulating on social media are indeed genuine. The photographs showed him easing himself on a Kampala city road.

He told NBS TV that the picture “is hopeless”, and wondered why people are spreading the picture on social media.

” I was badly off and I wanted to urinate. Why are people spreading that picture on whatapp?” he told NBS TV as parliament got set to discuss an expected notice to present an “Age Limit” motion.


  1. if you have to pee and you make a effort not to be seen then it is no problem like behind a mall next to the dumpsters or behind a bush as long as no kids can easily see you not a rent a cop that seen you pull in from a 100 yards and rush=es in his golf cart to yell at you. If you have to go and the gas stations say they have no rest rooms they it should be no problem, well 50 year old men still doing mall security are out of their minds. PEE ON

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