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Over 700 students for patriotism training

Col Patrick Mwesigye

Kampala, Uganda  | NSPC|  750 senior six leavers from all the districts in Uganda and students of Shimoni Primary Teachers College will undergo a two weeks patriotism training course at Shimoni grounds Bulindo, Wakiso District.

The training, which will be conducted by National Secretariat for Patriotic Corps (NSPC), will take place from May 27 to June 8, 2017.

According to the Commissioner NSPC Col Patrick Mwesigye, the training has been an annual activity since 2013 targeting senior six leavers who are transiting from secondary to tertiary education.

“The aim of the training is to help guide and equip our students especially those who have been in secondary school patriotic clubs with capacity to manage the transition from secondary to post secondary clubs,” the commissioner told the press on Thursday.

“Unlike at the secondary level, tertiary level students are exposed to more advanced ideological theories and patriotic teachings which further shape their worldview and also allow them adapt to the more liberal and risky university environment.”

Col Patrick Mwesigye added that “it is against this background that the secretariat thinks that as our Patriots advance in their education ladder, it is our responsibility to deepen their understanding by equipping them with better tools of analysis, critical and creative thinking skills.”

In this training, students will be taken through a number of practical topics among which are: Patriotism for nation building and social transformation, Role modeling and inspiring learners, Patriotic discipline and methods of work and, Leadership skills and leadership development, health and hygiene.

They will also be introduced to more theoretical topics like Constitutionalism and Rule of law, Aspects of Uganda’s history from pre- colonial, colonial, and post- independence periods; National resources and their impact on Uganda’s Geo politics, on top of basic military drills, self-defence and skills at arms.

Col Patrick Mwesigye said the training is inline with NSPC mandate of inculcating patriotism values and norms to all students and all youth of Uganda through patriotism studies.

“Our mission is to develop a resourceful, responsible, loyal and resilient citizenry that are ready to defend and transform this country,” said Col Patrick Mwesigye.

The NSPC is a presidential initiative launched by President Yoweri Museveni in 2009 with the ultimate goal is to produce “a new breed of enlightened population committed and devoted to national causes, and have the love for the country.”

“Our mandate is in line with the Uganda constitutional command that as every citizen of this country enjoy and exercise their rights and freedoms; they have a duty to be patriotic and loyal to this country.”

Over the years NSPC has trained over three hundred thousand (300,000) students and youths, and have established over 4,000 patriotic Clubs in secondary and Tertiary institutions in Uganda. The target is to train over 1,500,000 secondary school students and their teachers, 6,000 students in UTCs and NTCs, and over 84000 in universities and other tertiary institutions of learning.

The strategic directives and guidelines issued by President  Museveni on June 23, 2016 that gives the NSPC mandate to work with other MDAs to train over 10 million youth outside school in the next five years, said Col Patrick Mwesigye.


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