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2023 PLE results to be released out today

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Ministry of Education and Sports Janet Kataha Museveni is expected to release the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) results for 2022 today, around midday.

The event, anticipated to be broadcasted, will be held at State House, Nakasero, revealing the results of the examinations conducted from November 7 to 9, last year.

Speaking with our reporter on Wednesday evening, Jennifer Kalule, the Uneb spokesperson, noted that the board has already briefed the minister as required and the results are ready to be released.

With 749,347 candidates registered across 14,153 examination centers, there was a 10% decline in PLE candidates compared to 2022. However, the examination body clarified that this reduction aligns with the typical annual number of PLE candidates, excluding 2022 whose figures rose due to that fact in 2020 there were no national examinations due to COVID19.

Among the registered candidates, 69 are inmates from Upper Prison School, Luzira. Female candidates constituted 52%, while male candidates made up 48%. The majority of examination centers, 79%, are Universal Primary Education (UPE) schools, hosting 501,619 candidates, while the remaining 21% are non-UPE centers with 247,728 candidates.

Additionally, 70% are funded under the Universal Primary Education (UPE) Program, and the remaining 30% are privately sponsored. 2,580 were candidates with Special Needs.

Parents, candidates, and other stakeholders can use Short Message Services (SMS) on mobile telecom networks to check results once released. By typing “PLE,” followed by a space, the candidate’s index number, and sending it to 6600, they can access the results promptly.

However, candidates with outstanding school fees balances cannot retrieve the results through this method. The examination board (UNEB) has blocked their access until their respective schools clears them. This is what the board promised schools when it was courting then to allow students with pending balances to sit for the exams.

The primary examinations are high-stakes assessments eagerly anticipated by almost everyone in the country, as many individuals either have children they know or are connected to someone who might have taken the exam.




  1. Such delays are so perturbing . The results should be released as early as possible coz we’re eager to see wat our sisters en brothers did. Please UNEB.

  2. Why are ple result not come at 11:00am

  3. I will be happy on receiving

  4. I will be happy on receiving

  5. After such long delay of PLE results officials plz release the one of UCE early for proper planning.stay well.

  6. My dear bro’s and sis’s who sat for PLE 2023 hurry while some scholastic materials last. By Emma Natal Province de Arua city boi.

  7. Well the performance of pupils 2023 was good.but J would like to see the list of schools per district.

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