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10 women arrested on Women’s Day

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Police in Wandegeya on March 08 apprehended a group of women who were protesting against illegal arrests and detention of Ugandans, especially their husbands.

The group comprised 10 women, mainly National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters.

The group claimed that Women’s Day means little to them because many women continue to die while giving birth, lack of medical equipment in government health facilities, coupled with high charges for hospital bills.

Some noted that pads are extremely expensive for school-going girls while some women can’t go to work because they cannot afford them. The women said it’s so appalling that the government can’t cut prices on sanitary pads.

“Almost 400 babies die every single week and some mothers too during child delivery due to lack of enough manpower. Women have suffered the most with this regime. There’s not enough medicine and equipment in hospitals for pregnant women,” one of the women protestors said.

Some also called for the unconditional release of their husbands and other Ugandans who are under detention.

The protest comes as Uganda joined the rest of the world to commemorate International Women’s Day under the theme, “Digit All: Innovation and technology for gender equality”.

The Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango said in a statement that these women were apprehended for participating in “unlawful assembly and inciting violence.”

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