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COVID-19 impacts mental health

Dan Bukenya’s case shows how the many restrictions imposed lead to increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression | THE INDEPENDENT | Dan Bukenya felt beleaguered by anguish. He lost sleep most nights and was often testy. He tried to self-medicate to no avail. Only when he agreed to be …

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Stress hinders function of immune cells

Stress causes immune cells to stop moving, preventing them from protecting against diseases Sydney, Australia | Xinhua | Australian researchers have discovered that signals produced by nerves in response to stress can stop immune cells from fighting pathogens or tumours. The study led by Professor of University of Melbourne and Laboratory Head …

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Want to de-stress?

Delete Facebook, study suggests Kampala, Uganda | ANA SANDOIU | If Cambridge Analytica didn’t put you off Facebook forever, this might: a new study says that quitting the social media network can drastically lower your stress levels. The Cambridge Analytica scandal — also known as the largest data leak in Facebook …

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Dealing with stress

By Independent Reporter Six stress management strategies everyone must learn It almost certain that we have all been there before – feeling stressed and burned out. Stress – a biological and psychological response experienced on encountering a threat that we feel we do not have the resources to deal with …

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