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Supreme Court ruling on gun rights divides U.S.

Supreme Court upheld Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms Washington, U.S. | Xinhua | The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a New York state law that places restrictions on carrying a concealed handgun outside the home, a move likely to divide the nation further on the polarizing …

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U.S. Texas Republicans reject results of 2020 presidential election

Texas, U.S. | Xinhua | Nearly 5,000 delegates attending Texas GOP Convention over the weekend have overwhelmingly passed a resolution rejecting the results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, according to a statement on the Republican Party of Texas website on Monday. “We hold that acting President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. …

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One year on, has America learned a lesson from the Capitol riot?

Washington, U.S. | Xinhua | The United States fell into a state of shock and shame exactly one year ago when an angry mob broke into the Capitol and interrupted proceedings to certify results of the 2020 presidential election. Broken glass, damaged statues, and vandalized offices inside the “seat of American …

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Republicans cement hold on legislatures in US battleground states: NYT

Washington, US | Xinhua | Republicans are locking in newly gerrymandered maps for the legislatures in several U.S. battleground states, The New York Times wrote in a report published recently. “In Texas, North Carolina, Ohio and Georgia, Republican state lawmakers have either created supermajorities capable of overriding a governor’s veto …

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Biden’s core agenda uncertain amid sinking poll numbers

Washington, U.S. | Xinhua | Negotiations over U.S. President Joe Biden’s 3.5-trillion-U.S.-dollar spending bill have hit a “stalemate,” leaving the fate of his entire first-term agenda up in the air. The president on Friday said negotiations have hit a deadlock amid heated disagreements between progressives and moderates in his party, which …

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Biden urges Republicans to support legislation to protect voting right

Washington, U.S. | Xinhua | U.S. President Joe Biden on Tuesday called on Republican lawmakers to join Democrats in passing the federal legislation that will protect Americans’ right to vote, given a cascade of restrictive voting laws have been enacted in Republican-controlled states. Delivering an impassioned speech in Philadelphia, the president …

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