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U.S. makes first lunar landing in over 50 years

LOS ANGELES | Xinhua | U.S. company Intuitive Machines’ first lunar lander touched down on the Moon Thursday, marking the first American spacecraft to land on the lunar surface in more than 50 years. The uncrewed lander, named Odysseus, landed at the lunar South Pole at 6:23 p.m. Eastern Time, …

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US private lunar lander launched to Moon

LOS ANGELES | Xinhua | American company Intuitive Machines’ first lunar lander was launched into space early Thursday morning, with an aim of achieving the first Moon landing of a U.S. spacecraft in five decades. The mission, codenamed IM-1, is Intuitive Machines’ first robotic flight to the Moon’s surface. The …

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Russia launches first lunar station in nearly 50 years

Vladivostok, Russia | Xinhua | Russia successfully launched the Luna-25 lunar station early Friday, embarking on a historic mission to explore the south pole of the Moon. The station, which does not have a return capsule, was launched by a Soyuz-2.1b rocket with a Fregat upper stage from the Vostochny …

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Hordes of Earth’s toughest creatures may now be living on Moon

Washington, United States | AFP |  There might be life on the Moon after all: thousands of virtually indestructible creatures that can withstand extreme radiation, sizzling heat, the coldest temperatures of the universe, and decades without food. These terrifying-sounding beings aren’t aliens but instead microscopic Earthlings known as tardigrades, who likely …

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50 years ago, humanity’s first steps on another world

Washington, United States | AFP | Fifty years ago on Saturday, American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans in history to set foot on the Moon, an event watched on television by half a billion people. Their lunar module, named “Eagle,” touched down at 2018 GMT (4:18 …

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