Saturday , May 30 2020
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The ‘blue halo’ effect: How some flowers seduce bees

Paris, France | AFP | Hundreds of flower species have evolved the ability to project ethereal halos of blue light invisible to humans in order to lure pollinating bees, researchers revealed Wednesday. In laboratory experiments, bumblebees were drawn to synthetic flowers designed to generate the same kind of ultraviolent rings, they …

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Hurricane Irma shatters multiple records

Paris, France | AFP | Hurricane Irma, rampaging across the Caribbean towards the Bahamas and south Florida, is smashing not only homes and hotels but weather records as well. The Category Five super-storm has generated winds averaging 295 kilometres per hour (183 miles per hour) for more than 33 hours, longer …

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Size key to top speed in animals: study

Paris, France | AFP | It’s not quite E=mc2, but scientists unveiled Monday a simple, powerful formula that explains why some animals run, fly and swim faster than all others. Call it the “speed rule”: strength alone does not determine top velocity because land mammals, birds and fish can only accelerate …

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