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Africa enters into multi-country visa regime

 In a move inspired by Europe’s Schengen Visa, African nations are expanding their regional visa programs to streamline multi-country travel experiences. SPECIAL REPORT | BIRD AGENCY | Africa is moving towards a multi-country visa system, with individual countries and regional blocs working to remove their borders to promote intra-Africa tourism. …

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Off-grid solar sparks a lantern sales boom in Africa

A new report reaffirms the resilience of off-grid solar in providing clean electricity access in Africa. Cash sales of lanterns are booming, signaling diversification beyond the PAYGo transaction model SPECIAL REPORT | BIRD AGENCY | A new report has highlighted the continued popularity of lanterns powered by off-grid solar alternatives …

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Global tech giants in Africa AI gold rush

Multinationals are opening a new battle front to shape the development, use, and governance of artificial intelligence in Africa, as African countries rush to create their own AI policies. SPECIAL REPORT | BIRD AGENCY | Global technology giants including Microsoft, IBM, Huawei, Nvidia, and Google are lining up to tap …

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Arms race: Made-in-Africa military drones on the rise

Although Africa is a significant importer of drones, six countries are taking the lead in developing security self-reliance by increasing local production of these small unmanned aircraft. SPECIAL REPORT | BIRD AGENCY | As unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) become increasingly critical for modern armed forces, African countries are investing in …

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