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UNDP praises Uganda for Kiira Motors and drive to E-mobility

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The United Nations Development Programme – UNDP has described as ‘promising’ Uganda’s speedy transition towards electric mobility as a lasting solution to the supply shocks of fossil fuel and its hazards. E-mobility is a concept of using electric powertrain technologies, in-vehicle information, and communication technologies and …

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KISORO: Policeman charged with murder of Indian businessman

Kisoro, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A 24-year-old police officer in Kisoro district accused of allegedly shooting an Indian businessman to death has been charged with murder and remanded to Kisoro government prison. Eliod Gumizamu, attached to the Nyakabande Refugee Transit Centre is alleged to have shot and injured Patel …

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POLICE: Gateway passenger died of acute pneumonia

Soroti, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A post mortem report from Soroti has revealed that the Gateway Bus passenger who died in transit on Thursday suffered acute pneumonia. The passenger, identified as Oscar Ocen who was a resident of Okoya village in Abim district, died on his way home. Ocen, who …

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Severed head returned, 2nd burial for Wakiso businessman

Police said the locals provided information that led to the arrest of one Jjingo and William Kalibala. The duo, according to Owoyesigyire, also helped police to arrest their third accomplice Samuel Bahati Kitto Namayumba, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Wakiso policing division has gone to court seeking an order allowing …

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The next global resource crisis

 COMMENT | DANIEL LITVIN  – Project Syndicate | The West’s dependence on China for so-called critical minerals once worried only a handful of experts and policy wonks. Now, the anxiety has gone mainstream, capturing headlines and becoming the subject of a BBC documentary series. But we have yet to answer …

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Electricity to be traded like airtime starting next year

A deregulated electricity market allows for the entrance of competitors to buy and sell electricity by permitting market participants to invest in power plants and transmission lines Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Electricity consumers will have the right to choose their electricity provider, regardless of who controls the physical …

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Mozambique set to export first gas to Europe,

As Mozambique joins the world’s liquefied natural gas exporters with its first shipment to Europe, it’s also scaling renewable power projects to manage a regional power deficit. Maputo, Mozambique | BIRD STORY AGENCY | Last month, Mozambique’s National Petroleum Institute, INP, announced plans to begin exporting LNG gas to Europe …

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