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PICTORIAL: Sebunya-Rema Namakula kukyala

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Dr Hamza Sebunya yesterday took a first step to wedding Ugandan musician  Rema Namakula, by visiting her parents in a traditional ceremony called ‘Kukyala’.  Looking elegant, she shared photographs on Facebook of the joyful occasion held on Uganda’s Independence Day, at her parent’s home in Nabbingo Battaka.

She recently abandoned long time partner, Ugandan musician Eddy Kenzo, to move into Sebunya’s home.

Rema, as she is popularly known,  started her music career as a backup artist for a Ugandan musician Bebe Cool in Gagamel crew, however she separated from Bebe Cool in 2013 and that was the beginning of her solo music career. That year she released ‘Oli Wange’ which was written by Nince Henry which made her popular in the music industry of Uganda.




  1. thats the way to go

  2. Let rema remember her song singa simukyala.then she wil understand. That wat she did waz un mature.

  3. Rema don’t over show off like that you have to remember where you came from with kenzo ,l love u so much

  4. am glad that rema is moving on from her covert,noble narcissist ex boyfriend .that was never proud to claim her in public.all the time rema was begging for kenzo z attention but in vain.fortunately her new man wants to officially marry her something she has all along been asking her ex in vain.i love rema for her humbleness ,descency and calmness

  5. Rema Kyakabi Mwana tuli bunyoro life omukolo gwo

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