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Kwar Adhola calls for end to land fragmentation

Kivejinja (middle) and HRH Kwar Adhola. Left is the Jago (Prime Minister) Obbo Richard Josel.
Kivejinja delivers his message. Translating is Health State Minister Sarah Opendi

Several Jopadhola delegations from Lango, Acholi, Buganda, Entebbe, National Organization Of Trade Unions, NRM and former and current area MPs led by Jacob Oboth Oboth, all paid homage.

Kwar Adhola said that before the inception of Tieng Adhola, the people of Padhola were breeding and feeding on division-ism, mutual mistrust,  suspicion and lack of confidence and patriotism for Padhola and their country, Uganda.

“By coming to celebrate this function, you have appreciated that the people of Padhola possess a culture which they cherish and are prepared to use it to cooperate with other people, from near and far, in order to foster development and transformation,” the leader of the Jopadhola remarked.

The Jopadhola can trace their origin through the migration of the Luo from Southern Sudan, following the Nile, to approximately 700 years. Their grandparents Owiny and Adhola settled on the land now known as Padhola (Budama/Bukedi) between 1500 and 1550. It is from Tororo that Owiny the brother of Adhola, led another Luo group to Kenya

Photographs from the crowning in 1999.

The crowning

Twenty years ago on the 7th August 1999, Owor was installed as the cultural leader of the Jopadhola. The historic event took place in King George V stadium in Tororo Town after a cultural ritual performed by a one Opeti Obieto (RIP) and His Grace Yona Okoth (RIP), the then Archbishop of the Church of Uganda.

The leader of the Jopadhola was elected by consensus by an electoral college of the 52 registered clans in 1998. Hitherto each clan separately had its own clan leader called Kwar Nono (clan grandfather). And whereas the clan leaders had close association on account of common origin, none of them superintended over the others.

The new cultural leader was given the title Kwar Adhola (grandfather of the Jopadhola), and the new Union of the original and affiliated clans was christened Tieng Adhola Cultural Institution.


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