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Fuel tanker overturns as floods cut off Tirinyi road

Work is ongoing to ensure Mbale Highway re-opens on Wednesday after three diversions on the road that is under repair, were submerged after a heavy downpour on Monday.

Media reports indicate one person lost his life after a taxi plunged into one of the flooded areas. The road, that is managed by Dott Services, has several bridges over river Mpologoma.

According to a statement from Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), all heavy vehicles were Tuesday diverted to the Tirinyi – Pallisa – Kamonkoli route, while safe passage has been created for smaller vehicles along the Nakalama—Tirinyi—Mbale road.

One truck driver did not adhere to the advice and on arrival at the submerged area, the truck over-turned. Police, who are now in charge of the area, was called to the scene for rescue and to avert the usual rush to loot fuel by the locals.

A tanker lies on its side, and a car uses one of the diversions on Tirinyi road. PHOTOS UNRA MEDIA

“In the meantime, the contractor along with our team is working round the clock to ensure the road is reinstated and opened to traffic within 24 hours,” UNRA said.

The heavy downpour on Monday affected several areas on the Nakalama—Tirinyi – Mbale Highway, with three of the diversions previously created by the contractor to enable ongoing rehabilitation works washed away.

The first diversion which had been created at Km53 was completely flooded, the diversion at Km57 was partly washed away and submerged by water and the third diversion at Km77 was completely washed away along with the main culvert.



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