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Escalating prices of vegetable oil, soap

Support Small Holder Farmers to grow oil seeds such as sesame, soya bean, and sunflower to increase production of the same COMMENT | WALTER AKENA | As the country grapples with rising prices of essential commodities, in particular prices of cooking oil, and laundry soaps, several factors have been advanced …

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Do algorithms help to reduce crime?

Why predicting individual crimes by using criminals’ habits against them appears to be a good investment COMMENT | GIOVANNI MASTROBUONI | We all tend to follow habits at work and in other aspects of our lives. I generally work best in the morning and hate working after dinner. Our habits …

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HIV and mental Health

Although people with serious mental illness tend to be less sexually active, they have a higher risk of sexual behaviour Kampala, Uganda | PATRICIA AKANKWATSA | People who have or are at a risk of HIV and who are vulnerable to mental health conditions often face other significant individual, structural, …

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Art curatorship dilemma

Are young curators doing enough gate-keeping of art back home? Kampala, Uganda | DOMINIC MUWANGUZI | Art exhibitions in Kampala in recent times have gained a good reputation far from what they were yesterday. They are curated by professionally trained curators who have the confidence to select what is suitably …

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Health system inequalities

They drive antimicrobial resistance in East Africa | THE INDEPENDENT | The COVID pandemic has exposed long-standing structural fault lines in societies – especially in health systems. These same inequalities also drive another major global health concern: antimicrobial resistance. The World Health Organisation defines antimicrobial resistance as the process by …

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Food price shocks

Governments can learn from the food price crises of 2008-2013, when African states put in place insulating policies COMMENT | MARK REDWOOD AND STEVE WIGGINS | In the weeks since Russia invaded Ukraine, commodity markets have been rocked, as both economies have effectively been removed from global trade. Ukrainian exports …

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