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Standards in the maize value chain

13-point farmers plan to attain high product quality, wealth creation, trade harmony in EAC region COMMENT | DICK NUWAMANYA KAMUGANGA | The East African Community (EAC) regional maize trade is approximately 1.5 million Metric Tons per annum valued at US$ 260 million. Uganda is a leading net maize exporter in …

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ARTS: Wamala Tombs

A site of Buganda’s rich cultural heritage reflected in the diverse material culture | THE INDEPENDENT | A top a sprawling hill located in Nasanna- Wakiso district, in a small village  called Katooke, about 12km from Kampala, is the Wamala tombs.  This cultural site is burial ground of Buganda’s 29thKing, …

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Maize trade tension

Why maize is causing trade tensions between Kenya and its neighbours | THE INDEPENDENT | There was confusion in the East African grain market recently after Kenya banned maize imports from Tanzania and Uganda. The Agriculture and Food Authority said the reason for the ban was that levels of mycotoxins …

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COVID-19 fueled innovations

The 3 medical ones that will outlast the pandemic A number of technologies and tools got a chance to prove themselves for the first time in the context of COVID-19. Three researchers working in gene-based vaccines, wearable diagnostics and drug discovery explain how their work rose to the challenge of …

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Three vaccine assumptions for 2021

Realistic assumptions for policymakers to build into their vaccination planning | SWEE KHENG KHOR | Vaccinating the world against COVID-19 is one of mankind’s most critical non-wartime efforts ever. Many countries have developed ambitious, politically sensitive, and carefully sequenced vaccination plans, but executing them successfully will be a challenge. To …

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Bad minibus drivers

Why fines and jail time don’t change their behavior | Festival Godwin Boateng | Millions of people in Africa’s cities rely on public transport to get around. Minibuses are especially common, whether you’re in Kampala, Accra, Dar es Salaam, Lagos or Nairobi. In Accra, the ubiquitous minibuses are known as …

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