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‘Rwanda’ a family again’

President Kagame sees hope, 25 years after genocide Kigali, Rwanda | AFP | President Paul Kagame said April 07 that Rwandans had become a family again; 25 years after more than 800,000 people were slaughtered in a genocide that shocked the world. Kagame lit a remembrance flame at the Kigali …

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How ‘unity’ died in Uganda

Remembering the Moshi Spirit of the 1979 liberation war Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | This week marked 40 years since a combined force of armed groups of Ugandan exiles under the Uganda National Liberation Front/Army (UNLF/A) and the Tanzania Peoples Defence Forces (TPDF) toppled the government of then-president of …

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Engineer gets Ugandans walking on egg shells

Sengonzi Godfrey creates niche with egg-spiced concrete floor tiles Kampala, Uganda | PATRICIA AKANKWATSA | With Chinese tiles, Italian tiles, Turkish tile, Egyptian tiles and recently Ugandan tiles flooding the market, what chances would a budding entrepreneur have of finding success with a local tile? For Godfrey Sengonzi, the answer …

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Tyres of the future

They will be smart and communicate A recent article in Autocar noted how tyre manufacturers sometimes come up with wacky-sounding concepts. But, it said, one idea consistently touted has been the value of smart tyres that can communicate their condition and wear status. It described a Smart Tire; with treads …

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Understanding Uganda’s economic stagnation

A comparative look at Museveni’s economic performance against other long-serving leaders in the region COMMENT | Alan M. Collins | The word “stagnation” often follows the word “economic”, followed by period, decline, and unemployment according the British National Corpus, which collects samples of spoken and written English. In the same …

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The good jobs challenge

Every economy today has patterns of inequality, exclusion, and polarisation due to labour force segmentation Project Syndicate | Dani Rodrik | Around the world today, the central challenge for achieving inclusive economic prosperity is the creation of sufficient numbers of “good jobs.” Without productive and dependable employment for the vast …

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