Sunday 7th of February 2016 10:22:52 AM

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No bail for rapists and homosexual suspects

President Yoweri Museveni alongside the NRM MPs currently meeting at the National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi have resolved to pass the proposal that seeks to deny bail for rapists, defilers and sodomy suspects.

The MPs who agreed to the new proposals on Feb. 13 during the ongoing NRM party retreat tasked the justice ministry to speed up the process of amending the constitution.

Museveni has always maintained that giving bail to these suspects encourages crime in the country. Interestingly though, corruption is not part of the list of targeted offences and these suspects will still be able to get bail.

According to sources in Kyankwanzi, homosexuality offenders were included on the list at the behest of MPs who told Museveni that it has become such an insidious problem in the country.

Museveni had previously said he would not pass into law the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill which would see convicted gays and lesbians jailed for life.

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4 Responses to No bail for rapists and homosexual suspects

  1. musasizi yusifu says:

    my concern is ; is he finally convinced to sign the bill or not yet?

  2. mahatima says:

    I think the NO bail to Rapist and Homosexuals, i think H.E Museven has made up his minds and this shd be taken serious and to whoever practice in such immoral and disgusting areas should not granted any hearing to the sin they have committed and spread of Go Gay and get money, w/c has been termed as” Men engaging in prostitution” true No bail for them.

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