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US accused of aiding ‘ethnic cleansing’ against blacks by Libya’s NTC rebels

An African group fast tracking integration of the continent into The United States of Africa has asked the US to explain what they are doing in the wake of ethnic cleansing against the black immigrant workers by the transitional government forces.

In a letter to the US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Hon. Johnnie Carson, The United States of Africa 2017 Project Task force said they hold the US and other sponsors of the NTC for the ethnic cleansing since the Euro-American imperialists supplied to the NTC have been used to slaughter innocent immigrant workers from sub-Saharan Africa.

Several hundred dark-skinned sub-Saharan immigrants have been reportedly targeted and executed by the NTC rebels since rebels ousted Muammar Gaddafi currently in hiding. The letter by the task force also cites the many black bodies that have been found decomposing in abandoned hospitals.

“Doctors have publicly confirmed that the dead bodies of sub-Saharan immigrants bore evidence of torture,” the letter reads. “Other black Africans in Libya have been shot from behind.”

In June, Wall Street Journal wrote: a group of men sipping tea in the courtyard on a recent afternoon say that the “traitors” are those who hail from Tawergha, a small town 25 miles to the south inhabited mostly by black Libyans… Many Misratans are convinced that Tawerghans were responsible for some of the worst atrocities committed.

The letter adds that concerned African Scholars have petitioned the International Criminal Court to investigate NATO and the NTC for war crimes in Libya. “We endorse their petition,” the Task force adds. “If, at the end of the day, the NTC turns out to be North African Al Qaeda and Taliban, you will be shocked as to kind of criminals the US and Europe have armed and bankrolled.”

The task force also says that it just makes no sense that the NTC that claiming to defend civilians are now committing ethnic cleansing against dark-skinned sub-Saharan immigrants using American- and European-supplied weapons.

“We consider the NTC to be an imperialist-sponsored white supremacist and terrorist organization that has declared war on all the black people of sub-Saharan Africa,” the later adds.

Meanwhile representatives from 60 countries including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon are set for a meeting in Paris , hosted by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to discuss Libya’s future.

US Accused of Aiding Ethnic Cleansing Agaisnt Blacks by Libya’s NTC Rebels

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4 Responses to US accused of aiding ‘ethnic cleansing’ against blacks by Libya’s NTC rebels

  1. Kapipo says:

    It is unfortunate that NATO is at the moment led by young inexperienced,amateurish leaders in the names of Obama,Cameroon and Sarkozy. The 3 are very unpopular in their countries and I highly doubt whether any of them will be re-elected when they complete their terms in office.
    Using vast resources at their disposal,their actions are making the world less safe. Their naivety can not allow them know that the western europeans are no longer monopolists on technology. Technological advancement has significantly slowed down in the entire western world. Their era of bullying other countries will soon come to an end. If they did not succeed to trick Gaddafi into dismantling nuclear weapons,would they have gone there easily as they have done?!! I highly doubt.
    Why have they not attacked North Korea,Syria or Iran? There are many other countries who are watching the unfolding events in Libya with disbelief. Such bullish acts make the world less safe and my point will  soon or later be proved.

  2. Ocheto says:

    Where have these people been? They are busy defending Gadhafi, when Libyans have moved on. When Gadhafi wanted to take immediate command and the leadership of the Africa and forming a United States of Africa, many dictators in AU, including Museveni protested that black Africans would be ruled and dominated by more powerful Arabs. In one of the more revealing incidents about how conflicted Museveni is over Gadhafi it was alluded in Wiki leaks cables releases that Museveni asked Jendaye Frazier, the then Under Secretary in the State Department, for a radar to protect his aircraft against possible attack by Gadhafi as he flew over Libya. The Libyans have always been who they are whether under Gadhafi or not. You get the thinking that “black” Africa are just pawns used by parties to advance their self-serving interests. Just because Gadhafi showed interest in Africa after being rebuffed by fellow Arabs didn’t the reality. Most of these arguments by the protagonists have no merit. The US is not as simple as an African country that is simply ran run by the dictates of autocrat. A skeptical view would have it that is Gadhafi apologia masquerading as concern for “black” Africans, whatever that means. Nobody has time for these silly Gadhafi apologists who need to come to their senses and move on. Did these really think Gadhafi would be there forever? It is time to work with NTC and insist that the TNC continue with whatever projects and programs Gadhafi left behind. The smart thing is to work with and demand accountability from permanent institutions rather than being dependent on individuals. Just spare “black” Africans this pathetically phony pity party nonsense.

  3. kabayekka says:

    It is very bad indeed. But why should good African leaders wait until a violent end to leave power. Is there no other way to leave African rule other than by gun battles. Well then who is to blame if the bullet strikes the innocents in a situation of war? If black people since ages have suffered inhumanity at the largest scale, why on their self rule continent they still continue to suffer tremendously? Indeed the ICC must work hard this time round to stop such inhumanity from happening. Because bringing the culprits to its courts of international law only cleans up the culprits and their misdeeds. Gaddaffi might just be walking alive the grounds of Libya 20 years to come if he accepts to go to the ICC for probably a 15 year imprisonment!

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