Thursday 11th of February 2016 06:26:05 AM

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Kampala woman MP Nabila arrested over walk-to-work protests

Police today morning arrested Kampala Woman MP Nabila Ssempala in Kampala for participating walk-to-work protests launched by the opposition last month against sky high fuel and food prices.

Nabila walked from her home in Kansanga before she was arrested by the area police authorities.A witness said that police manhandled the MP during the arrest. “Her trousers got torn and she was almost naked as policemen dragged her to their station,” Kampala Metropolitan FDC chairman, Livingston Kizito, who was walking with Ms Ssempala told Daily Monitor.

Meanwhile the three aides arrested with Kizza Besigye are before Nabweru court for bail application.

FDC’s Salaam Musumba on April. 30 said that Sam Mugumya, James Mwijukye and his driver, Ibrahim Kato had been detained at the Kireka-based Rapid Response Unit (RRU) and later taken to an unkown location all along without being charged.

Following FDC’s call for fresh protests today Rukungiri town was a bee hive of activity as hundreds combed the town calling for the resignation of President Museveni and his Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura.

Reports indicate that the army and police deployed heavily but there has not been any confrontation between the protesters and the security.

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4 Responses to Kampala woman MP Nabila arrested over walk-to-work protests

  1. kenneth says:

    police had other intentions of undressing the Mp , this is  the second time police is try to undress this beautiful woman,this means they have lost the real agenda. there are many women(prostitutes) around speak hotel who are almost naked if they are interested in such.

  2. Grace says:

    If I were to advise ugandans, the solution to Museveni’s dictatorship is to stay at home for the next three weeks. let all schools and all public offices close. What to do if the president says arrogantly that  there is nothing he can do. Has he ever told janet this when  the little muwhozi and natasha were yawning and hungry? Too much arrogance!

  3. Grace says:

    Nabila is a victim of her beauty…each time  police give excuses to undress the Hon MP. I wont be surprised when I hear that these idiots have attempted to or have raped her. Nabila, be strong, any harm on you will mark Museveni’s departure…people’s power is more powerfull than the jets he is looking for.

  4. Ketty says:

    Nabila, leave that walk to work to men. Uganda is a gendered society. If you wear pants and participate in such a male dominated walk to work, you miss the point. Even those hooligans walking with you will laugh at you when you are undressed in public. At least most of them are against you wearing pants like them. You challenge their masculinity in pants. In the police cells, you might be sexually assaulted by some of those in charge of you. Women should stay out of physical confrontations where rowdy crowds are involved.

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