Thursday 11th of February 2016 11:33:48 AM

You buy the Truth, we pay the Price

IPU did only what it was supposed to do- Kadaga

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Speaker of parliament Rabecca Kadaga has scoffed at people who are saying that she used the recently concluded Inter-Parliamentary Union to market herself for presidency.

She assured those who are worried about what happened during the assembly that the sole objective of the assembly was to bridge the gap between parliament and the people and not to market herself for anything.


She said anyone who wishes to stand for presidency should not be scared of her because she is only concerned with parliamentary work as speaker.

“It should not scare people that I am moving around the country,” Kadaga said, “I only go on parliamentary activities as speaker.”

She added that she is only taking parliament to the people and to get their views on the issues they would like parliament to handle.

While addressing journalists in a post IPU press briefing, Kadaga also rubbished allegations that the organizers of the assembly were paid money besides their usual salaries. She described the accusations as baseless and scandalous because all they did was for the people of Uganda and parliament and therefore needed no pay.

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