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Land Cruiser vs Nissan Patrol

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Toyota Land CruiserWhen deciding to buy a motor vehicle, there are several factors we consider before taking a final decision. Among them are; initial cost, fuel consumption/ efficiency, serviceability, brand name, etc.

We shall look at a number of vehicles in the same class and point out a few issues that you may as well consider to take a guided decision.

Today we look at the Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol, but using the 4.2 litre engine in either case. Remember these are brand names that come in different capacities but we shall use the standard features for purposes of a fair comparison.

The Land Cruiser using this engine has a long history.

This engine (1HZ) has been on road on different designs since late 1989. That time it was in the 80s series. This was later upgraded to the 100 series. Basically the major changes were on the body/chassis. The most common today in Uganda is the 105 series.

Nissan PatrolDepending on your favorite name brand, the Nissan Patrol and the Land Cruiser have several things in common. Like I said, they are both 4.2 liter engines. The Nissan, will not require the renewal of the timing belt because it uses a timing gear, while the Toyota will require a timing belt every 150,000 kms for newer models while the older ones it is changed at every 100,000 kms.

In terms of maintenance, the Nissan uses two oil filters while it uses one fuel filter. The Land Cruiser on the other hand, uses one oil filter and two fuel filters on the newer designs, but originally it had one fuel filter.

One thing that you will find satisfying about both these vehicles is that if serviced on schedule, even after 400,000 km it will be on road with no problem in the engine.

Because of our poor roads, the bushes in both vehicles will require replacement at more or less the same time intervals. However, given that there are more Toyotas than Nissans on the Ugandan roads, the cost of replacing the bushes in the Nissan will be higher because there are fewer stockist of the Nissan parts. One other thing that is quite common when the Nissan ages is that it tends to break the rear stabilizer bar, which is not very cheap.

When you talk of comfort, there seems to be more leg room in the Nissan than the Toyota. If you are going long distance there will be more comfort in the Nissan.

These vehicles come on a standard rim of diameter 16 inch, with variations of 235/85, 275/70. The difference in the ratio will determine its ground clearance. In all those designs, they are very remarkable off road capabilities.

Well serviced, they both give an average of 9.5 kms to the liter on the highway. There will be poor performance if you fail to service them. Both these vehicles have authorised dealers in town, where you are not sure of the prices out there, you can go to the dealers.

The argument then comes; which of the two has a higher overall cost of ownership. I can not answer this one. It depends on whether it is cheaper for you to periodically replace the timing belt or the frequency of replacing the oil filter. I earlier mentioned that one has two oil filters while the other has one. At the same time one has two fuel filters while the other has one. What is important to remember is that the fuel filter is changed at intervals that are longer than the oil filters.

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The Patrol is more Capable off-road.
written by Mohamed, February 05, 2009
First of all thanks for the article.
Bothe are great cars and both are widely been used in harsh places such as Africa and The Middle East.
But in my opinion the Patrol is more capable off-road than the Land Cruiser and the Land Cruiser is more comfortable than the Patrol due to it's Independent suspension in the front but the patrol is fully solid suspension truly live axle in front which make it more capable in the Off-road places.

written by Kagubiri, February 09, 2009
The idea of comparing these MVs is good but you've failed to satisfy the reader coz you show fear to discredit this or the other. Do more research so as to give us better/more data. Thanks anyway!
4.2 litre?
written by Trev, May 25, 2009
Nissan no longer make a 4.2 litre for the Patrol the only diesel offered now is a 3 litre.
4.2 was finished in 2007.
If just comparing older models then the patrol is king, but sad to say not with the 3 litre.
written by mr blank, July 31, 2009
The toyota landcruiser is far better build quality, and has a much more suitible engine for its size. The v8 turbo landcruiser is perfect for towing and is great in the bush, were as the nissan is a bit gutless for towing. In the bush the are very similar and are both proven to be reliable but the toyota has the better reputation. The 70 series landcurisers are much better of road than both of these. :lol: smilies/smiley.gif smilies/smiley.gif
written by ABDUL, August 09, 2009
The king of the desert is definitely the NISSAN PATROL , 4.8 L with max power of 280/4800 and max torque of 46/3600 as the only one giving the angle of 37 degrees on front making it the unique 4x4, cheaper than the land cruiser a funny shape egg like.
written by Rockstarbabu, September 01, 2009
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Used Landcruiser--Used Landcruiser
written by yousef, October 12, 2009
Land Cruiser
(( king of the road ))
ok mr :ABDUL
land cruiser a funny shape egg like
but don't forget nissan like shoes smilies/grin.gif
toyota is king
written by off road king, February 19, 2010
try to sell a Patrol and a land cruiser ,and you'll see how hands down The land Cruiser sells faster than the Patrol !
toyota is king
written by off road king, February 19, 2010
try to sell a Patrol and a land cruiser ,and you'll see how hands down The land Cruiser sells faster than the Patrol !
written by abbood, May 31, 2010
nissan patrol...arabs all time favorite...smilies/smiley.gif
Nissan Patrol's are better for many reasons.
written by Andy, June 29, 2010
Hi guys, Nissan Patrol's are better for many reasons.

Come have a look here and find out.
written by Land 200, July 28, 2010
Land is all time bestsmilies/wink.gif
Eat my
written by jaZzFAte!!!, August 01, 2010
guys. Let me tell you something did you know that my nissan patrol left land cruiser when were in a express way even in a stiff mountain...................... smilies/grin.gif look like land cruiser eat the dust of my patrol hahahahahahahahasmilies/cheesy.gif ......... _ GO DO AND DRIVE NISSAN PATROL smilies/wink.gif
written by undiscovered, August 15, 2010
after the long reading,still one cant conclude whether to buy nissan or land cruiser.the article is very useful but to those who arleady have one of these particular vehicle
Patrol For Sale
written by Patrol For Sale , August 18, 2010
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needs to be appreciated by everyone.
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written by AlexandraFigueroa, October 16, 2010
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written by Ali Mansoor, December 23, 2010
It is extremely difficult to say that one is better than the other, both are wonderful machines.I am a member of an offroad club here and we have all sorts of 4x4 in the group. What I have noticed that the car performance is mainly dependant on the driver the the vehicle when it comes to offroading. I have seen drivers driving landcruiser getting stuck at basic mud patch whereas suzuki jeep going through the same terrrain easily because of the drivers skills. I personally like patrols better due to their masculin looks and also own a 1995 two door safari wih an auto transmission and a 4.2 diesel. I have taken it to extreme terrains of Baluchistan where once Alexander surrendered, also drive it everyday. Its just amazing and I hope it last till I last.
vtc 5600
written by hamdan bin mohamed bin rashid aal maktoom (faza3), January 10, 2011
Nissan patrol hero of all terrains is better it is 5.6 v8 400 horsepower 5800 torque and 260 kmh. in the other hand is the land cruiser which is 5.7 v8 381 horsepower 4700 torque and 220 kmh . the land cruiser is very bad off road because the cars centroid is low and that makes get stuck in 10 cm sand and it is very slow. the nissan patrol has a higher centroid and wont get stuck even in 35 cm sand. land cruiser is ugly and egg like shipe and in the inside there is no luxury and no place to fit stuff. the worst land cruiser ever buit is 2006 and the even worst is the 1970 and under the new one is a change for the land cruiser because it dosnt suck that much. the nissan patrol is better in the interior it has cherry wood and it has place inside.
written by Ricky, January 30, 2011
can't just add my comment here, why??
written by Ricky, January 30, 2011
Thanks to ya all, I think the writer is scared to mention his preference. He's failed to tell us that the landcruiser has a VX and GX!! It's only the GX that you could compare with the patrol. Both trucks should be having something copied from Landrover the 'king.' As for sale of both, this depends on gov't (the biggest buyer) today they order this and t'row the other, depending on who'll supply (enjawulo), then the spares will also be available.
written by Ricky, January 30, 2011
Could you mention something to do with the GR engine specifically used in patrol, as opposed to GX and VX. As for space, different version have diff. space availabilty, but overall the landcruiser appears big from out, not inside. Boss the 2 pics u have used don't match, bring a 2010 Patrol GR5700 besides that Landcruiser and the readers shall understand. I think Toyota is more into money than performance, of late!!! Out of respect for Patrol please refer to only the GX, the VX is more of luxury than an off- roader.
nissan patrol or land cruiser
written by franco, February 10, 2011
As one who has been around the international humanitarian institutions like the UNHCR, WFP etc, it's clear why nissan patrol is indeed the Real McCoy. Besides its superb performance on both smooth and rough roads, I'm impressed even more by its capabilities on desert sand. The truck almost behaves like an intelligent machine.
written by micheal, May 03, 2011
Thanks guys, i luv your arguments but let's shift driving a NISSAN is the car to go for!
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about toyota and nissan vtc
written by abdulrhman, January 02, 2012
first the toyota land cruiser is halirious in sand and it's fast on road sometimes the land cruiser be stuck in sand but the nice nice thing about land cruiser is its big the interior is about nissan patrol the nissan patrol is hairious and 2 doors and nice interior. smilies/smiley.gif they two are the same speed.
written by sanitary napkin , January 09, 2012
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written by 3bood, January 11, 2012
ilove nissan vtc
written by wheel balancer, January 13, 2012
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written by Saad Almoqbil, February 03, 2012
Please I need Help as soon as possible I,am planing in the next two weeks to buy 2012 4X4 but I,am confuse between Nissan Patrol and Land cruser , cost is no problem I,am looking for comfort and less mechanical electrical problems , please give me am honest advice thank you to you all.
written by tyre changer, February 07, 2012
Thank you for share with us,I like especially
written by Chizzar, March 26, 2012
nothing breaks frequently like Nissans...the worst of all SUVs in the world...nothing is like Land Cruiser the Legendary poor design, weaker engine...but big up for the interior....V8 Landcruiser the Best of the Best
the off road legeng TOYOTA LAND CRUISER
written by arsalan toyota lover, March 26, 2012
Hey guys the LAND CRUISER is far better then the nissan patrol because its more powerfull and moreover it has got an unbelievable off road performance whether the road is rocky sandy and muddy . the off road lovers have tried both the vehicles for many years driving them both in tough roads and extreme conditions but they all concluded on one suv that is the one and only the king of all SUVS THE legendary LAND CRUISER .here in gilgit baltistan and afghanistan the road conditions are very tough and all the drivers have only one choice that is the LAND CRUISER . and last but not the least nothing beats the LAND CRUISER even HUMMER IS NOTHING in front of the mighty LAND CRUISER.
written by arsalan toyota lover, March 27, 2012
written by arsalan toyota lover, March 27, 2012
lc vs nissan patrol
written by bilal, September 12, 2012
the 20o series LC has certainly gone soft, but i think an LC 80 will beat the patrol hands down in off road performance.
Also, Ive personally experienced driving both on mountains, an LC 80 takes the cake with better torque to weight ratio . However i havent driven them on sand so cant make a comparison there.
I have talked to UN drivers who drive the Kashmir and Northeren areas of Pakistan and they definetly prefer the LC with second choice being the patrol and pajero not figuring in the debate
so in conclusion it depends on where you are driving for us to judge the
off roading capabilities of the two vehicles however the reliability of the LC for me makes it the better machine!
written by John Golden, June 09, 2013
Dear Sir / Or Mam
I Am A 71 yr Old Living In The Remote Philippines .. I Used To Be A Trucker So Used To Large Vehicles, I Am Not Going To Do Off Roading At My Age, But What I`d Like To Ask Is Would The Toyota Landcruiser Suit Me For My Purpose, Earth Roads Getting Flooded Out,Fallen Trees And Such .. Sorry If This Seems Strange .. But I`d Only Be A Novice Driving In This Sort Of Terrain .. Thank You .
written by ali, April 07, 2014
landcruiser is the best car in the word then patrol has so much problem such as ac and shoe and not good for offroad but desert it is very good
written by syed ghaus ali, May 10, 2014
dont buy nissan patrol never there is several problems in the car and not good and have banana shape always buy toyata landcruiser the king of desert or fj
written by Agaba, June 01, 2014
People, the preferred vehicle totally depends on what the person wants to use it for. In Uganda people who can afford these vehicles don't even go to places with very bad roads but are looking for prestige and comfort. In this case the Land Cruiser is the perfect choice. For rugged conditions where beauty doesn't matter so much Nissan is the way to go.

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