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What causes wobbling?

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Is that sensation you feel in the hands when you are driving. Different vehicle designs require different replacements to rectify the problem. Wobbling damages other car parts. It also makes the ride very dangerous, not only for the rider but also other road users.

Wobbling at slow speed normally is because of a faulty tyre. The remedy is to wheel balance and then rotate the tyres. One of the tyres could also be having a bulge in most cases caused by hitting a pavement or pothole. A tyre with a bulge is dangerous. It would be recommended for immediate change.

When the vehicle shakes when you apply the brakes, the problem could most likely be the rotors. When you delay to change your brake pads, chances are you will experience metal to metal contact which will spoil the system.

If there is wobbling at high speeds, the major suspect is wheel alignment. The other suspect is the axles or tie rod ends. I know of colleagues who will advise to press the tie rod end and continue driving. That is not a solution. The vehicle has become even more dangerous. It is advisable to change the faulty parts. It is actually advisable to change the whole set, not only the side that was causing you discomfort.

Other causes of wobbling may be the suspension. This involves quite a number of items and you would really need an honest person not to fleece you. There is the stabilizer bar. Over time, even the stabilizer bar becomes tired it may end up in pieces. Definitely you would need a new one. Just the bushes on this stabilizer can cause discomfort when they are worn out and one takes long to replace them.

The shock absorbers after some time wear out. When they are worn out, shock absorbers can make a vehicle to wobble.  While shock absorbers are on the high side when replacing them, it would be prudent to ascertain that it is the shock absorbers. In some cases the rubber bushes in the shock absorbers might be the problem. Before you pay a lot of money, know the source of the problem.

Generally wobbling does not need a lot of money to rectify. But if you delay, other problems will develop in the system, raising the cost for repair.

Another cause of wobbling that is not easy to detect is a faulty wheel bearing. This also manifests at certain speeds and not others. Because you try to indentify faults on vehicles that are parked, this problem may elude you.

Resolving wobbling problems should start with a test ride and after repairs, end with a test ride. It is also good practice to always carry out a wheel alignment after any repairs connected to wobbling.

The steering system can also cause a rough ride due to wobbling. The pitman arm or the idle arm will over time require replacement. Unless you identify and rectify the problem, the ride will be rough. Hence there are several reasons why a vehicle will wobble, take the time to identify what could be the actual cause or you may waste money on a part that’s not faulty at all.  

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written by josh, October 15, 2014
i have a friend that own a 1999 landcruiser ute, he has a really bad wheel wobble but the steering wheel dont move. what could be the issue ??
written by Juan , January 28, 2015
written by Elsie, January 07, 2016
My Honda CRV RD2 back right wheel os wobbling. So this information is! very helpful. Thank you!

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