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You buy the Truth, we pay the Price

Eritrea’s entry changes face of Somalia conflict

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Why does America expect 4,000 AU troops to do what 38,000 UN troops failed to do?

An AU armoured vehicle patrols the streets of Mogadishu.Sometime in late February 1995, 2,400 Pakistani and Bangladeshi peacekeepers made the now famous amphibian retreat from the Somali capital, Mogadishu.

They were the last of 38,000-strong UN peacekeeping force from 21 countries sent in to save Somalia from war and famine in 1992.

As they retreated three years later, there was no peace to keep as Somali warring faction continued to battle for control of Mogadishu.

In fact, to provide cover for the retreating peacekeepers, the United States, Italy, France, Britain and Malaysia assembled a force of 14,000 troops.

The force arrived on 32 ships and camped off the Somalia coast for at least a week before moving in.

The Americans had retreated earlier in 1993, after 18 Americans were killed in fighting with Somali-warlord Gen. Mohamed Farrah Aidid that October, and the body of a dead American soldier was dragged through the streets of Mogadishu.

America turned over the Somalia mission to the UN and emphasis shifted from humanitarian work to reconstruction as a way of helping restore a government in Somalia. That effort failed and the UN also ended its mission.

Somalia has been racked by violence since dictator Mohamed Siad Barre was overthrown in 1991.

Almost two decades later, the government of Uganda forces (UPDF) under the auspices of the African Union has sent in 3,500 peacekeepers. They have been joined by forces from Burundi. Africa’s biggest peacekeeper, Nigeria promised 850 forces but reneged.

Flagging off the Ugandan forces, President Yoweri Museveni sounded realistic.

President Yoweri Museveni“We will not go to Somalia to impose peace on the Somalis, because we shouldn’t do that and we can’t do it,” President Museveni said to his troops, “What we are going to do in Somalia is to empower our Somali brothers to rebuild their state.”

But by mid-this July, reports from Mogadishu were indicating that the AU peacekeepers were floundering in their mission - to defend Mogadishu port, the airport, key government buildings, and Sharif Ahmed, the Somalia president, who is struggling to take control over the Horn of Africa nation from the fighters bent on overthrowing his western-backed government.

Media reports claimed that the Al-Shabaab fighters and other anti-government groups control swathes of southern and central Somalia and have cornered and restricted the AU and government troops in just a few blocks of Mogadishu.

The AU denies it, but Somali government officials and witnesses say the AU has finally relinquished its neutral, defensive mandate and is becoming more offensive.

“Amisom [the peacekeeping force] backed us up in this latest operation because the rebels were only one kilometre to the presidential palace,” a Somali official said.

But AMISOM Spokesman, UPDF Maj. Barigye Bahoku denies it. He is quoted by Al Jazeera: ““We have not been engaged [in fighting]. (So) we moved in, we showed force and we went back to the base and the government forces are continuing with their work.”

All these developments raise the question: can Uganda and the AU, do with 3,500 soldiers, what the UN failed to do with 38,000?

Troop numbers matter.

Eritrean President Isaias AfewerkiThat is why Somali President Sharif has shuttled from Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, and Ethiopia begging for more troops.

The AU pledged 8,000 troops but there are only about 3,500 in Mogadishu. They are too few and too over-stretched.

Initial indications were that no countries were offering any new forces. But that could change soon. America has joined the hunt for more troops for Somalia and has reportedly offered to pay for the deployment.

So Somalia Prime Minister Abdirashid Ali’s claim last week, that troops from Nigeria, Djibouti, Rwanda, Malawi, Sierra Leone and Ghana could enter Mogadishu soon might not be too far-fetched.

Indeed, UPDF Chief of Staff Brig. Robert Rusoke told The Independent on July 14 that AU is reviewing means of sending more troops to Somalia.

“We have no scheduled time to leave Somalia. We shall leave when we are convinced that there is total peace and a sound government in place,” said Brig. Rusoke.

But forces opposed to the Somali government are also marshalling more support. The Somali government claims the fighting has been joined by Islamic fundamentalist fighters from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.

AU troops patrol the streets of Mogadishu. After a bout of recent fighting, the government showed the body of a fighter it said was an Afghan national fighting with Hizbul Islam, an umbrella opposition group led by Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys.

They claimed to have captured other fighters from Pakistan and Yemen.

Highly placed security sources told The independent that Eritrean prisoners of war who are now in the custody of AU forces confessed that they belonged to a big force which was sent by the Eritrean government to assist Al Shabaab to rid Somalia of all foreign forces.

Be that as it may, Brig. Rusoke says the United Nations would soon take over the mandate of the Somalia peace mission. The UN was supposed to take over the AMISOM after six months in operation but it has not.

On July 14, the AU begged for international support for the transitional federal government of Somalia (TFG). AU Special Representative to Somalia Nicolas Bwakira, made the impassioned appeal at the two-day Joint AU, IGAD and UN Political Office for Somalia Technical/Experts Meeting on Capacity Building Support to Somalia in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. The UPDF Commander of the Land Forces, Lt. Gen. Katumba Wamala, who oversees the Somalia operation, was in Nairobi for this meeting.

Ammunition captured from the insurgents.Before that, the UN Security Council on July 9 slapped sanctions on the government of Eritrea for her alleged involvement in the Somalia conflict.

Eritrea, which is said to support insurgents in the Ogden region against the government of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, is allegedly bolstering Al-Shabaab’s firepower and inflicting a heavy price on the AU forces.

On July 11, the UPDF contingent in Mogadishu lost three soldiers during the intensive fighting when the insurgents shelled the presidential palace with mortars. Sources in Mogadishu also said 15 UPDF troops had been critically wounded in the fighting although the Ugandan army spokesman Maj. Felix Kulayigye last week acknowledged only one wounded.

In another incident, an AMISOM source in Mogadishu told The Independent from Mogadishu that a few weeks back, two UPDF soldiers died instantly when insurgents lobbed a grenade into their vehicle at Shakala detach, injuring 13 others.

As if to show that they rule Mogadishu, the Al Shabaab showed mode of justice when they held a ceremony in the capital, in which they chopped off a hand and foot from each of four men convicted of stealing mobile phones and other items.

They are said to be just 2 kilometers from capturing the Presidential Villa.

Enter America

The AU Burundi contingent arrives in Mogadishu.That is why a ceremony held at the Kasenyi military training school in Entebbe on June 16 is significant.

At the ceremony, 134 UPDF soldiers completed the sixth military-to-military counter terrorism course conducted by the United States of America Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA).

“This training is an excellent example of how Uganda and the United States government work together to promote peace and stability,” said US Army Colonel Matthew Grays, CJTF-HOA joint civil-military operations director.

The US has been training the Ugandan army for years and although his star may be fading, President Museveni has for years been an important US ally.

As a result, Uganda has thrived on American aid. In return, Uganda has provided America with critical military support, especially intelligence on the Great Lakes region.

Museveni’s latest assignment on behalf of America might be to provide more boots on the ground in Somalia. The Kasenyi ceremony is important because those UPDF graduates could be headed to Somalia.

Already, as the Washington Post and the Voice of America reported on June 27, the US government had in the previous six weeks provided about 40 tons of weapons and ammunition to shore up the besieged government of Somalia and has sent funding to train Somali soldiers.

The report was attributed to a senior State Department official who briefed reporters on the condition of anonymity and said the military aid, worth about $10 million (approx. Shs 20 billion), had been approved by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the US National Security Council.

“We do not want to see Somalia become a safe haven for foreign terrorists,” the official said.

The story said the US government has asked the UPDF to give Somali soldiers small arms and ammunition. The US government is then resupplying the Uganda.

The US government will also help pay for the Kenyan, Burundi and Ugandan militaries to train Somali soldiers, and is providing logistical support for the AU troops.

Lt. Gen. Katumba addresses Ugandan AU troops in Somalia. It added that Clinton calls Somalia’s president to consult on the crisis.

Such high profile intervention by the US has renewed speculation about motives beyond merely humanitarian.

The Somalia fighting has killed 250 civilians and forced more than 160,000 people to flee their homes in June alone.

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Somalia are estimated at over one million in a country of eight million. They lack food, emergency relief supplies, and essential health, shelter, and water, sanitation and hygiene services.

The US has been a leading donor of humanitarian assistance to Somalia, with more than US$156 million in FY 2006 - 2007, and US$74 million in FY 2008.

Somalia oil

However, a statement attributed to the Association of American Petroleum Geologists claims that based on published and unpublished data, the geology of Somalia, “proves that oil and gas have been generated with favorable reservoirs, as well as structural and stratigraphic traps. Moreover, continuation of these basins across the gulf, matching the hydrocarbon-producing Marib-Hajar and Say’un-Al Masila basins of Yemen, raises the hydrocarbon prospect of northern Somalia.”

A 1993 story in the Los Angeles Times claimed that four major US oil companies; Conoco, Amoco, Chevron and Phillips, had been allocated nearly two-thirds of Somalia in the final years before Somalia’s pro-US President Mohamed Siad Barre was overthrown and the nation plunged into chaos in January, 1991.

Significantly, when the US government in February 2007 announced a presidential directive to establish a unified combatant command called African Command (AFRICOM), analysts immediately zeroed on the growing interest in protecting for itself the newly found Africa oil and gas fields as the motive.

War on Terror

But America also worries about Somalia breeding the next Al-Qaeda terrorists.

At the height of the early 2009 attacks on ships by Somali pirates, a story in the Washington Post reported that defense officials had recommended pre-emptive strikes against Al Shabaab training camps “based on the potential threat the group poses to American interests.”

At the time, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates suggested to “improve governance and economic stability”.

Before AFRICOM in 2002, CENTCOM’s Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) began establishing a permanent 1,500 troops forward operating base at Camp Lemonier, an old French Foreign Legion base in Djibouti, using the pretext of the War on Terror.

Its mission is to detect, disrupt, raid, and defeat transnational Al-Qaeda groups suspected to be operating in the region, especially in Somalia.

Such bases give the US strategic control of the maritime zone through which a quarter of the world’s oil production passes and is in proximity to the Sudanese oil pipeline.

In addition to Djibouti, there are prominent forward-operating bases located in Kenya, Ethiopia (two of the nations identified as regional anchors in the NSS), and Uganda, geographically situated near both the southern edge of Sudan (the part where most of the oil is) and the resource-rich, highly-prized Great Lakes region.

Great expectations

Analysts say that although, Ethiopia’s Zenawi and President Museveni have accepted top be America’s footmen in Somalia, they need to pay attention to a December 2006 Report to Members of the US Committee on Foreign Relations that read: “One Central African country in particular illustrates the need for State Department perspective and guidance to temper Defense Department enthusiasm. The country is unstable, desperately poor, and run by a repressive government that is being challenged by a persistent armed resistance. Desperate for a military strong enough to protect it from the rebels, the government has signed an Article 98 agreement, exempting US military personnel from International Criminal Court procedures and thus enabling it to receive military assistance. It has also signed a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with the United States. With extensive “under-governed spaces” as potential terrorist havens and bordering countries with equally uncertain futures, the country was termed “a model country for security assistance” by the regional combatant command. Civilian embassy officials, however, are demonstrably less keen. They question the rate at which military programs are rapidly escalating and the sizable and still growing presence of U.S. military personnel in-country. A US-labeled backpack, observed on a government soldier undergoing US training, underscored for SFRC staff the potential complications of a too-close association with the country’s military. It would be a major setback if the United States were to be implicated in support of operations shoring up the repressive regime, regardless of the stated intent of such training.

 The “central African country” was not named. It could be Ethiopia or Uganda.

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written by Faarax, July 22, 2009
somalis know very well the evil intentions of the US and they have thrown their full-hearted support behind the mujaahidiin.

no american (whether under the disguise of ethiopia or otherwise forces) is going to be tolerated, they will be fought as our forefathers did with the british, italians, and the french.

no whiteman , no negroes

the oil in somalis is for the somalis or else its over our dead bodies. there is no such thing as free-lunch

you destroyed somalia and suddenly you expect to be welcomed with red rosses?????
written by Somalian, July 22, 2009
The Proxy war between Ethiopia and Eritrea will not end unless the Somali's understand the hostility from the world comunity and the so called Somali Mujahidins those are not fighting for our beloved religion but playing it's dignity..I am saying that Somalia must understand what is going on in our home land....
written by Mohammed Salih, July 22, 2009
What is wrong with the Somalis. It is understandable that they react foreign occupation. But why do they fight each other over nothing , I guess Somalis are the most ridicules people in the world . They are crazy man .... Your fight with Ethiopians/Ugandans ..... ok, fighting the AU forces ....... still ok with me . But fighting endlessly with your own fellow Somalis since 1991??? That is really crazy man , this are dumb people. That is arrogance and short sightedness.

There is a saying " When Somalis give birth , they not only give birth to a baby but also an AK47 with it , hahaha!!" They are even proud of fighting with each other like animals ..... funny people.
Nuke them
written by Dammesh Sherrif Omar, July 22, 2009
Since are are being told there can be no solution i ask the west to drop a nuclear bomb on somalia i see no harm in that as the people there would die anyway from disease,hunger now is the time to drop one of those bad things we may end getting a new Japan out of somalia
the problem is Hawiye barbarian tribe
written by ahmed, July 22, 2009
not all the somalis are fighting each other in fact the intire nothern somalia is peaceful and there two local government Puntland & somaliland. the barbarian hawiye tribe live in southern somalia around the capital city. they very stupid poeple they ar holdind back somalia for almost two decades.
these savages are ****ing them among them selves and every body else they met including somalis peackeepers, aid workers , deplomates itc
we don't need the west
written by faarax, July 22, 2009
you want Somalis to hit a drum and start dancing whenever a white man sets in a foot into the country??

for over 9000 years, Somalis democratically settled their disputes and did managed to put down the flames of tribal-conflicts, and they are capable of re-building the country within 5 years once the AMISOM forces are chased out + the so called humanitarian agencies (a network of spies and thieves spreading diseases and homosexuality).

Americans came to Somalia in 1992 to distribute weapons, similarly, Amisom is an extension of that same ill-fated project.

no way will you ever de-radicalize the Somalis, even if you elect the house speaker of the parliament to be a gay.

you destroyed Somalia by siding with ethiopia, and pragmatically, we have no choice but to embrace islamists + jihadists, in order to reciprocate the gesture of aiding the perfidious ethiopians.

refer to menelik's circular letter (138 years ago), its a testimony for the western conspiracy against Somalis, well before the Somalis became hardcore jihadists.

at the time there were no al-shabaab, no al-qaeda, yet the language is the same as today's labeling rhetoric (somalia is a heaven for al-qaeda, a pretext to invade, as if this will be enough to subjugate the Somalis)


there is no proxy war between ethiopia and eriteria settled in somalia, all you need to do is read menelik's circular letter (before the birth of eriteria)

this is about putting together Somalia (qualitatively and quantitatively). we want the grazing lands of the OGADEN to be returned as well as NFD and SOCOTRA islands
part 2
written by faarax, July 22, 2009

refer to menelik's circular letter (138 years ago), its a testimony for the western conspiracy against Somalis, well before the Somalis became hardcore jihadists.

at the time there were no al-shabaab, no al-qaeda, yet the language is the same as today's labeling rhetoric (somalia is a heaven for al-qaeda, a pretext to invade, as if this will be enough to subjugate the Somalis)


there is no proxy war between ethiopia and eriteria settled in somalia, all you need to do is read menelik's circular letter (before the birth of eriteria)

this is about putting together Somalia (qualitatively and quantitatively). we want the grazing lands of the OGADEN to be returned as well as NFD and SOCOTRA islands
are you crazy
written by fara aided, July 22, 2009
you people be awake before you tear in to pieces your country is about to wiped out from the world map this is shame of the world we have ever seen.
poor people have been sufring children and elders have been dying,no education,no development ,no future hope what are you fighting for,why don't you make peace
I have one solution for you every somaliya guys don;t blame others if you need to make peac for your country nake up your mind say 'astagfrulah' throw away all your weapons (such as bomb,amunition,etc) with out pre codition then call for the peace lover of the world and turn your face to build your country if you all somalis follow this rul they will be successed and prousprous withn ayear if you miss this advise you will be the first country to,,,,,,,,,,,, any way allah bless you
Wild people
written by Jemal, July 22, 2009
The Somali people are stunning, even if
every external force is out of Somalia, believe me they will keep on fighting like hell. I think they enjoy it, you can easily tell from the videos which show them while *****ing. Too bad that even the children and women have turned into blood spilling machines. What a nation, what a society!! Even a heavely Messiah would go nuts trying to reconciliate these people.
written by Ahmed, July 22, 2009
Saying "fundamentalist fighters from Eritrea"? is like saying "White Supermacists from Uganda". Please spare us your silly, lazy & non sense report.
written by Che, July 22, 2009
Somalia war between external aggressors (USA, Ethiopia & UN) and the Somali people. Pure and Simple. USA and Ethiopia first tried the brutal invasion route. Failing that, the two Arch-enemies of Somali people now keep installing despised puppet warlords one after another. An sadly, we have Zombie African leaders like our own Ugandan leader who are willing to do the dirty job of supplying weapons to both sides just for a pocket change from USA.

In the mean time, Somali people keep saying "leave us alone". “Let us sort out our issues!”. But no, this invasion/intervention in the name of fighting "War on terror", "foreign fighters" and "threats" is a stupid cover-up for neo-colonialism and divide-and-rule of Somali.
Fictional reporting but great theme
written by Fictional, July 22, 2009
38,000 UN troops VS 3,500 Ugandan and brunidi troops - that was a good thoughtful theme of your article - indeed, they are just wasting their time and resources by occupying Somalia.

The other stuff about Eritrean invovlement, that's a joke of a century. Check your facts, they used to say "2,000 Eritrean soldiers are in Somalia" and all of these reports were found to be fake. Stop supporting fictional sources and using them to write your article. There's an interest of conflict when your "sources" have an axe to grind against Eritrea. It's really low and waste of time to take their political motivated smear campaign seriously. As it stands, no proof Eritrea supports any group in Somalia outside of political support.

You should report why Ethiopia illegally invaded somalia or why the US allowed Ethiopia to purchase North Korean weapons. You should report the double standards of invasion of an independent nation and the lack of UN response this invasion. You should also report why are American and Ethiopians sending weapons to somali faction, when their has been a clear arms band entering Somalia by the UN....why would u tarnish Eritrea with no facts and let these criminals in day light do as they choose? Is because Eritrea is an African nation refusing to be a condom of US imperialism? Is it because the US is a white nation, therefore they can do as they choose? Is it because accusing African nations of something with no evidence is easy to get away with than say accusing AMerica, which has already been proven?

Anyways, read up on the double standards in Somalia and you'll see who's at fault for the Somali mess. It's America and their condoms in Ethiopia that have created this mess. Somalis started this mess on their own, but it's the US and Ethiopia fanning the flames.
US and Ethiopia are to blame
written by muluman, July 22, 2009
Any country can have internal problems and conflicts. External interference makes the problems worse. Somalia had already solved its problem and ICU had establised peace that was never seen in the last 15 years. but guess what, the Americans and Ethiopians destroyed the peace by invading the country and removing the ICU from power. Any self respecting society would never accept a government installed by invaders after removal of a power that was on the right track. Admit this, america and Ethiopia are the once need that have to change for Somala to have peace. Leave Eritrea and other small guys alone.
Somaliz are known to defeat any enemy whether fori
written by Somali Mujahideen Supporter, July 22, 2009
Our enemies should knw,,we defeat any1 who comes 2 our country 2 **** us, rape our women, and insult our religion...Americans were taught a lesson in 1993 and so they are angry and want revenge and so they armed ethiopia our enemy and we defeated them and now the We r almost takin over somalia and america is out of ideas..all they have left is throwing missiles from the sea or *****in us from the sky and running again....cowardly act...if they r so brave and powerful then let them come into somalia...we would love 2 teach them lessons again...we all knw america has agenda...they want that OIL, Uranium and other important Resources....but they have 2 **** us all b4 they can get that..and Allah supports us and we will b victorious...we just need patience my people...Eritrea are our brothers and we dnt have problem wit them and never will i inshallah...they dnt arm us or fund us or train us...we natural fighters america should know that already....Murtad Sharif and his TFG puppet government will be cleaned from somalia and these African Slaves Union will be ****ed just like the other slaves from ethiopia...Allah willing we will bring hell 2 all our enemies werever they are inshallah....Leave our country alone...
let them do what they want to be
written by amlog, July 22, 2009
let the Somalis do what they want to **** each other or amputate their own starved dudes. the funny but stupid reasoning of the Somalis is that, they blame Ethiopia and USA for all their messes. For Somalia to have peace1- the extremists has to be in power so that they can ruthlessly punish them or 2- they should be wiped-out by their own civil war. OMG, when is the time to have news without the barbaric war of Somalis???
written by getaw, July 22, 2009
It is good you recognize that Eritrea is small. What you may need to add is Eritrea should not go thoursands of miles to support somali slamist in the hope of inflicting damage on Ethiopia. That kind of thing comes from small minds, as witnessed by the successive defeats it entertained. All the armies and teams Eritrea sided with apparently loose - ask the tamil tigers.
written by a guest, July 22, 2009
Need to revise your elementary school geography? Ethiopia is not a centeral African country.
written by mohamed fereg, July 22, 2009
this is new era men your shouldn't have to fight like animal era pls use your gift from Alah stop kiling each other
Leave Eritrea Alone
written by Simon, July 22, 2009
Ethiopia invaded Somalia and caused havoc. It is a proven fact that AU 'peace keepers' and the Ethiopians have sold arms to a somalian factions. Even the Americans admitted of passing weapons to warlords. Eritrea has no common borders with Somalia and With the French and American armies in Djibouti and the Red Sea, it is practically impossible for Eritrea to supply arms to Somalia for over 3 years without being caught once. All accusations labelled against Eritrea in the past proved to be false. So leave ERITREA alone.
written by Paulo, July 22, 2009
I can't wait to see the white elephants from Eritrea B)
Eritrea - Issayas Afewarki an Absurd War-Monger
written by Abrham Berhe, July 23, 2009
In his recent interview message, Issayas Afewarki makes it clear that he is unhappy with the current leader of Somalia, the moderate Islamist President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, and urges Al Shebab - the radical Islamists, and the people of Somalia to overthrow him because he “changed to partner up with the infidels – the hypocrites of the Western World”. Why is Issayas Afeworki so worried by the turn of events in Somalia? First, understandably, he is unhappy that the radical Islamists - Al Shabab are no longer going to make deeper roots in Somalia – a hope that could only materialize under the leadership of Al Shebab. But his major worry is that, if Sheikh Ahmed succeeds in uniting and stabilizing Somalia, then the Islamist revolution will remain confined within Somalia’s borders only, and that there will be no further interest or incentive for the Islamist revolution to spread outside of it into neighbouring nations. Under Sheikh Ahmed, the nationalist cause would trump the regional and global cause (that of Islamist Jihad). Issayas Afeworki realizes that if Somalia is stabilized as a nation, the first thing that it has to do is normalize its relations with Ethiopia and Kenya. And that means, at minimum, reigning over the militant groups that want to destabilize Ethiopia - and that would be the worst nightmare scenario for Issayas Afeworki. Instead he foresees that the anarchy in Somalia is essential to his contemporary designs both on the international and regional arena, where he is dead set to derail any prospects of Somali nationhood under the rule of Sheikh Ahmed where the Islamist cause would remain confined to the nation.

What are the likely reasons for this line of thinking by Issayas Afeworki? What is in there for him? The strategic location of Somalia, very close to Middle East and other African nations that are considered to be in the “infidel” camp (Ethiopia and Kenya), makes it ideal to his efforts to destabilize few neighbouring nations and internationalize his support to Islamic revolution. While training, and materially and financially supporting Islamist fundamentalist groups in Somalia, the last thing Afeworki strives these days is on ‘how to destabilize Ethiopia through Somalia’. So it is not surprising that when Ethiopia pulled out of Somalia earlier, Afewarki couldn’t hide his unhappiness. To him, the Somalia insurrection was relevant so far as it bogs down Ethiopia in an endless quagmire from which it would be unable to extricate itself; the last thing he wanted to see was for these two forces to disengage from fighting permanently. Moreover, he was hoping that this Islamist insurrection would spread not only to the Ogaden region, but throughout the South Eastern parts of Ethiopia (Balie, Harar, Arssi and Sidamo) where the majority of the population is made up of Oromo and other ethnic Muslims. Thus Issayas Afeworki has put all his hopes mainly on Al-Shebab militant Islamist group that has, self-admittedly, a close connection with Al Qaida and, consequently, has been listed as a terrorist organization by the US.

In fact, at this particular moment, Issayas Afeworki is quite dangerous to the region. Issayas Afeworki’s help to opposition groups coming to Eritrea from all direction is more handy and potent: First, given the geographic proximity of Eritrea, the country has become a hub of armed groups that, at one time or another, have been deployed in Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. Second, Issayas Afeworki is footing the bill for the training, arming and transporting these armed groups. In the latest UN report on Somalia, Eritrea was identified as the main financier of the armed groups in Somalia. And third, the latest footprint of Iran in Eritrea tells us that it has become a conduit of arms smuggling to militant groups all over the area, one that reaches as far as Hamas in Ghaza. This is what WIC had to say on an interview with the Israeli Ambassador to Ethiopia (on March 19, 2009): “In an interview he held with WIC, Ambassador Ben-Haim said the Eritrean government is providing military training, and supplying military logistics for a number of terrorist groups. Ambassador Ben-Haim said that the Eritrea government, in addition to its attempts of destabilizing the Horn of Africa region, is also working to subvert the peace process in Somalia by supporting and arming Al-Shebab, a terrorist group in Somalia. The Ambassador said the Eritrea government, which has put its hands in smuggling weapons, is an arm supplier of Al-Shebab in Somalia and other internationally recognized terrorist groups including Hamas.”

With all the evidence built-up thus far, there is not the slightest bit of doubt that Eritrea has established itself as a terror-sponsoring nation. Given this fact, it is unfortunate that the Bush Administration left the White House without designating it as such. And it is even more unfortunate that Eritrean in the opposition waffled on this issue and missed a great opportunity to unseat the tyrant. But that doesn’t mean all is lost. Now, the same kind of momentum is building up against the Issayas regime, and we should make the most of it. An alliance is in the making, and we shouldn’t miss this boat. Already the US, Israel and Ethiopia are in this boat and France might join soon if the Djibouti case remains unresolved.

The African Union (AU) has taken the unprecedented step of calling on the UN to impose heavy sanctions on one of its own members. It wants to punish Eritrea for helping Jihad’s fighters in Somalia with arms and training which it says have caused the deaths of many civilians and AU peacekeepers. The union has also called for a no-fly zone over Somalia and a blockade of its ports. Neither is likely to happen. Air patrols by America and others might win the Jihad’s more support; a blockade of the long coastline is almost impossible. But the AU may have better luck with sanctions. The UN Security Council has already expressed “concern” that Eritrea may have breached an arms embargo on Somalia.

Some say Eritrea’s arms shipments to Somalia have been paid for partly by Iran and individual rich Arabs. Maybe it is so. But Eritrean support for the Islamist insurgency in Somalia is long-standing. And the AU is fed up with it.

More than any other foreign entity, it is the Eritrean people that have been daily experiencing the terror unleashed under this totalitarian regime. Not a single population group has been spared: students, merchants, farmers, parents, minority religions, ethnic groups, etc. The whole nation has been turned into a huge prison. And lately, with the mass exodus picking up speed, with the ****ings and massacres at border crossings and prisons, with a full blown famine raging all over the country and with the plan to dislodge entire villages and to dismantle centuries-old monasteries, there is a Khmer Rouge like apocalypse looming over the nation. If we are to save our people from a catastrophe of Khmer Rouge like proportions, the time to act is NOW. And the urgency of the matter gives us no luxury to pick and choose the means by which to finish off this regime. We should be able to grab this opportunity and join this alliance, and do whatever we can to convince this alliance-in-the-making to finish off the Issayas regime by whatever means necessary.

All past actions and reactions of Issayas Afewarki have proven beyond doubt - to the world at large - the sheer irrationality of the man. His associations and diplomatic relations cannot be expected to have any logic. The 95-page report, “Service for Life: State Repression and Indefinite Conscription in Eritrea,” documents serious human rights violations by Issayas Afewarki regime including prolonged military conscription, arbitrary arrest, torture, appalling detention conditions, forced labour, and severe restrictions on freedom of movement, expression, and worship. It also analyzes the difficult situation faced by Eritrean youth who succeed in escaping to other countries such as Libya, Sudan, Egypt, and Italy.

Nothing could be more diversionary than Afewark’s perceived actions in the service of Iranian and Al-Shabaab’s designs. The interim Somali government recently accused Afewarki of sending two plane-loads of weapons to Somalia in violation of UN arms embargo on that war-ravaged country. The Somali government alleged that two planes from Eritrea landed at an Al-Shabab controlled airstrip in Lower Shebelle Region in Southern Somalia on April 28 and May 1. Voice of America says the accusation is a repeat of events in 2007, when the United Nations said Eritrea was secretly sending arms and missiles to Al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab.

Hell on Earth

It is an open secret that Eritrea is not only a grand prison but also hell on Earth. The only Eritrean people who are doing fairly well are those who live in Diaspora or outside Eritrea. Those inside Eritrea are helpless and voiceless held in military and labor camps. Especially those people who live in Soba Debub of the Senafie area; Seraye in Gohaine Eritrea, in Barentu and Tesenei areas are suffering much by Afewarki’s authoritarian regime and its labor camps. For them the road to success and prosperity has become through Wodi Afom’s arrogance and belligerence.

Because of his stubborn attitude and consistent mistakes committed there of, Issayas Afewarki never sees problems that Eritrea is facing; he never ever apologizes; rather he diverts both the problem and the blame to someone else. A case in point is what has happened to Haile Derue. While on a visit to Europe Issayas Afewarki (Telamat Ugum) told many Eritrean residents there about the 1998-2000 war stating that we were beaten by Woyane and decided to retreat. A month later when Haile Derue told the same statement to journalists he was critically considered as “Temberkaki” for leaking the issue to external journalists and thrown to jail; while Telamat Ugum Issu remains as a hero telling us all throughout his motto: “Hade Lib Hade Hizbi”.

Holly Molly there is no rule of law; no justice; and no liberty for Hizbi Eritrea. Issayas Afewarki is the jury; Wodi Afom is the judge and the executor. Regular citizens find themselves in hell locked by Ugum Issu Wedi Medhine Berad of Abashawel. Eritrea and Issayas Afewarki are behaving in the same way as Hitler was behaving just before WWII. Issayas is building his military might and will soon be noticed by the international community. Issayas conscripts the youth into armed forces far more than Eritrea needs; and is eventually planning to carry out his nuclear ambitions. Likewise Wodi Afom exports instability by backing rebels in Chad, Ethiopia and Sudan, and now in Somalia.

What a bunch of communist retards that we are forced to face in Eritrea. May God bless the brave Hizbi Eritrea and the so-called “Gang of-15”? We consider them all as our heroes; and all these hardships shall soon pass just like the earlier ones; it will not be long when true Wedibat holds the power in Asmara.
written by Ismail, July 23, 2009
Somalis have one language but they can't communicate with it. They should stop pointing fingers at others. Their problems lie within. If they understand each other, there should not be a room for outsiders to meddle. As long as their confusion is a threat to neighboring countries, it is understandable why those countries act to safeguard their interest.
written by Abrham Berhe, July 23, 2009
Some people try to dismiss the accusations of the IGAD, AU, UN, USA, and other organizations or countries against Eritrea’s distractive role in Somalia, for supplying armaments, training, and other support to Al-Shebab and Tahir Aweys group to dismantle the internationally recognized TFG and AMISOM. The main argument of these individuals is that Eritrea’s economy is going down the drain, where let alone to finance such forces in Somalia, it cannot even feed its oversized army of perpetual “National Service” recruits. Eritrea’s currency (the Nakfa) is valued at 40 to $1 and there is hardly anything to export from Eritrea because the government has gone to the extent of confiscating cereals from its peasant population to ration it to its civil servants and the security operatives. These people can be called as naïve or the simpletons who only read what is given to them by some quarters.

To really understand how the Eritrean government operates to get money, one needs to look into its systems that Shaebia has followed and perfected since its inception in 1977. The first principle it follows is to work as a “commission agent” to earn an income, with no qualms to any principles. This system can be demonstrated by stating only one example which the Eritrean government openly used on DR Congo’s government during the late President Kabila’s time. Eritrea had appointed Ambassador Andebirhan to both Brussels and Kinshasa then for good reason. Here, one may think there is no logic to such an appointment because Brussels and Kinshasa are worlds apart to be covered by a single ambassador. But, the logic of the Eritrean government at the time was that its army and other cadres, which were in DRC in the name of assisting the Kinshasa government, were assigned to collect diamonds and other precious metals from the black market agents as much as it can and send it direct to Ambassador Andebirhan via diplomatic valise to Brussels to be sold in the Antwerp and Amsterdam markets. This scheme earned the Eritrean government a hefty income which enabled the government finances its invasion of Ethiopia and the Ambassador to pay in cash for the embassy premises in Brussels.

This kind of scheme can only be conceived by the Eritrean government which has no scruples about diplomatic ethic ate. Similarly, as the IGAD Communiqué of 20 May 2009 indicated, the Eritrean government is working as a commission agent for Al-Sheba, Hizbu-al Islam, etc. to provide the necessary training, armaments of all types and their transportation to various airfields in Somalia, fast boats to the pirates, etc. In addition to this, countries like Qatar, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt (each for a different reason), and other movements like Hezbollah transfer their financial and armament support under the cover of Eritrea. The history of the Eritrean government to engage in such dealings can be traced to its relationship with the Darfur and Beja rebels of the Sudan, the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka, and other opposition groups in the region which is well documented within the UN reports and specific country/government documents. Last year, the Sri Lankan government was forced to appeal to the UN Security Council to stop Eritrea’s meddling in its internal affairs.

In conclusion, there is nothing that the Eritrean government will not do to earn foreign currency, especially these days. Some of its investments mainly in the Middle East, though not in the name of the State of Eritrea, have been greatly affected by the current financial crisis. Similarly, the 2% forced tax collected from its diasporas as a requirement to visit or even to support their families in Eritrea is drying up due to the strengthening movement and communication by the opposition. Another ill advised source of support is of course the recent financial aid from the European Commission, more than 120 million Euros with no conditionality of the Cotonou Agreement, three times the per capita allocation to Ethiopia (population 80 million) from the same source. The irony of the EU assistance to Eritrea, in the name of “engagement” to use Commissioner Luis Michel’s terms, is that it has also pledged to give 60 million Euros to the TFG of Somalia

which is being required to secure the whole country first before it is able to access the funds. It looks like the EU is determined to finance both warring sides in Somalia despite its public pronouncements to support the internationally recognized TFG.
Supporting tyrrants will never be a solution
written by Sol, July 23, 2009
Supporting a terrorist regime like Ethiopia to fight against terrorism will backfire at the end. I don't care whether it is Eritria or a devil state; anyone who works to weaken the Tigre regime in Ethiopia should be supported. Ethiopian government is the biggest evil in the horn
written by Bihon, July 23, 2009
The report is flawed in many ways. But the fact still remains, no matter how much the outside world wants to help Somalia, nothing will happen until the Somalis themselves finally realize that they are their worst enemy. All Ethiopia wanted from Somalia is a peaceful neighbor to coexist with. But the Somalis and their primitive outlook against Ethiopia and Ethiopians had prevented the only chance they had for peace by abusing the Ethiopian good gesture. That gesture from Ethiopia may never come again. And from the look of it, the Somalis are doomed to endless wars for many years to come.
written by Agame rider, July 23, 2009
Leave Eritrea alone. The Ethiopian tribal Tigryan leader is doing all this mess. The Somalian people are capable of solving their own affair. No country should involve in Somalians affair. Somalia for Somalians. The racist Ethiopian Junta leader should stop dirty job to appease their white masters in the west.
when will it stop
written by sad sad sad, July 23, 2009
how long can you fight each other?
do you care about the future Somali generation at all?
written by jackson, July 23, 2009
I think if Eritrea iss destroyed somalia will be peace
Abrham Berhe " Agame"
written by Jimmy, July 23, 2009
The brave somali people will show you what the galant Eritrean fighters did to you in Assab and Tsorena front in 1998 just send your AGAME troops into somalia again you will see.
written by stuart, July 23, 2009
For some time i have tried to follow the invents in Somalia and i have come to a conculsion that they will never be a peaceful Somalia even with the help of other countries there will never be peace in Somalia truth be told because even without peace keeping forces in Somalia the Somalis just keep on fighting against each.What makes me laugh is that the Somalis speak the same language but they never understand each other and it seems that these people are warlike and primitive it's only God who can show the light God save Somalia.
For How Long are You planned to fight each other?
written by ------, July 23, 2009
I think the brain of Somalians is the Brain of Chicken because for How long are you going to fight each other. Do you know that you made tow generations absolutly aimless?
all we need is peace
written by SELAM, July 23, 2009
I´m dreaming "of that day" to see my people in the horn live in peace and harmony. unite my people from karthum to mogadisho and from Asmara to nairobi. My God help us
Tit For Tat
written by faarax, July 23, 2009
'ethiopian gesture" smilies/smiley.gif

extend that gesture to your AIDS infested ethiopian people.

for centuries ethiopia was shedding crocodile tears (we are sorrounded by mohamedians), now the entire horn of afrik is a hot for hardcore jihadists and the second coming of ahmed gurey is more conceivable than any time in the past.

with a religious war (such as that of ethiopia), only another religious war spearheaded by the Shabaab is the best way to counter it.

ethiopia receives silver coins (of millions of dollars each month) from the vatican, so, under such circumstances not only will it spread but certainly it will destroy ethiopia in the end. Somalis have got nothing to loose by supporting the Mujaahidiin Fighters. WE DON'T NEED GOVERNMENT, only ISLAM (especially the wahabi/salafi doctrine)
My country Ethiopia's view on somalia issues
written by Berhane M. Tekeste, July 23, 2009
First of all I am an Ethiopian and allow me to give you the Ethiopia side of the story. Ethiopia under the current administration of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is the only stabilizing force in the region and we should be credited for the present peace in the horn region.
Second, we did not invade Somalia. We were in Somalia for peace keeping mission and we have managed to achieve peace in the country. Mission accomplished !
Third, Eritrea is illegally occupying our Assab port and we have no choice but to use the ports in Somalia to bring in foreign-aid to Ethiopia.
Thank you. God bless Ethiopia.
written by Berhane M. Tekeste, July 23, 2009
According to my sources in Ethiopia, there are over 20,000 Eritrean soldiers in somalia which explains why my country Ethiopia was unable to create the promised peace in Somalia. Eritrea should stay away from Somalia because it has become a problem for both Ethiopia and Somalia.

Eritrea must withdraw its forces from Somalia and the Assab port immediately ! The only way to bring peace in the Horn region is to make Eritrea a landlocked country. That is the only solution. The Assab port belongs to Ethiopia historically and we will get the port back very soon by any means necessary ! Assab is an Ethiopian property !!
God bless Ethiopia
menelik's circular letter
written by faarax, July 23, 2009
my friend

read menelik's circular letter (the blue print for ethiopia's intentions in the horn)

bad luck if eriteria controls "assab", soon you will be chased out from boosaaso and berbera (not by the Shabaab) , but by the common man on the street.

GOD is not on your side
written by Sara, July 23, 2009
I thought Somalis are the dumbest people on earth. They have no direction for their own country future. Fighting anyone in their way is a day to day life. The population is reducing in each conflict. Hopefully human evolution will take place quicker than biology tells us. I could only wonder about these people who have a pleasure out of human suffrage, and cruelty. Are they really human being like us? How savage!
In Defense of Berhane M. Tekeste!
written by Michael Abraha, July 23, 2009
Berhane M. Tekeste,

It’s not your fault that you were born to an Ethiopian day worker in Eritrea. My ancestors are Ethiopians too (Agames).

But that’s not why I oppose the Eritrean government. I just like so-called President Issayas who thinks he can play tough with the West and thinks he can stand-up to the West pressure get a way with it.
written by Dani, July 23, 2009
the reason Ethiopia invaded Somalia was because the Khat chewing trigger happy extremist declared Jihad on Ethiopia by MERKANA...the whole world knows Eritrea was and is still involved in the conflict with the hope of hurting good evidence is the capture of the ERI TV reporter by Ethiopians in Somalia...not to mentions the many Eritrean soldiers dressed in traditional Somali womens dude it might be difficult for the rest of the world to understand why Eritrea would be involved in the conflict but we Ethiopians and you guys know each other very couldn't face the Ethiopian army on your border so you went all the way to Somalia and used those poor people to inflict damage on Ethiopia...but you failed big time.....and soon the UN is going to impose sanctions on your so called government wich is nothing but a gangsters possing as leaders.
Somalian Independence: Is It Worth All the Sacrifi
written by Yosief Ghebrehiwet, July 23, 2009
I find the Somali so-called resistance struggle against control (by the USA) or expansion/domination (from my mother country Ethiopia) doomed to failure. It’s has been 18 years now and no Somali “resistance” group has been successful to topple whatever force/warlord Ethiopia or USA keep installing in Mogadishu or Baidoa. Resistance is futile.

Don’t be fooled by the so-called Eritrean resistance movement that resulted in false sense of “independence.” That too will be reversed in due time.
written by Simon, July 23, 2009

For you information, the two Eri TV reporters were hijacked in Kenya and not Somalia. They had Camera with them and not guns. No Eritrean was caught dead or alive. Yes, Eritreans are invincible but not invisible. You can not present any factual evidence that Eritrea is supplying arms to Somalia. Eritrea has faced Ethiopia, not only now but when it had the biggest Army in black Africa. And guess know the result well.

As for the UN imposing proves one thing. There is no justice in this world. The lawless Ethiopia, invading neighbours and occupying Eritrean land in violation of the final and binding verdict of the Court of Arbitration is not being panished whilst Eritrea is being targeted for an alleged but not proved accusation. Let me tell you one thing...... As our history clearly shows, Injustice is not rewarded in Eritrea. Eritrea is sure of the end result.
what is wrong with u somalian?
written by a guest, July 23, 2009
:?: :?:
To Yosief Gebrehiwot
written by Tazabi, July 23, 2009
There is a saying goes in my Language "Tsemam Hade Derfu" - "A Deaf has only one music?".

Yesterday, you were asking if Eritrean independence is worth the sacrifice and now you ask the same for Somalis. How many lives and destruction is worth liberation?

Eritrean independence has achieved its goal - to get rid of Ethiopia from the Eritrean soil - and it succeeded. No way to return back. The same will be true for our brothers in Somalia.
Poor Journalistic Excerise by a junior Writer
written by To The Independet, July 23, 2009



MR. WRITER, YOU DON'T NEED TO USE SUCH A TITLE IF ONLY YOU WANT TO INFORM YOUR READER (The Somali government claims the fighting has been joined by Islamic fundamentalist fighters from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.)





written by To The Independet, July 23, 2009
continued ....



written by Musa, July 23, 2009
Is that the reason why you keep on ****ing your selves. Shame Shame.
Keep on Dreaming
written by Wedi Hager, July 23, 2009
Against all odds Eritrea was born, Against all odds Eritrea will live on.
Sorry, I know how much heartache this will give you. On the second though, I just throw this to give you a headache, heartache and all kinds of aches and sleepless nights.
As for the UN. AU, IGAD ganging up to blackmail Eritrea, Shame on you. And, we know who is the driving force behind such evil move to use Eritrea-the peaceful country, as a scapegoat to hide their failures.
Reply to Berhane M. Tekeste (Agame)
written by jimmy, July 23, 2009
Have you been smoking pot or chewing Chaat again? you said "According to my sources???" what sources, first the west said 2000 eritrean figters but they couldn't find any, and now 20000 ? please keep on smoking instead.You want landlock Eritrea how smilies/tongue.gif Take a geography class smilies/cheesy.gif
you are amazing
written by wow, July 24, 2009
You still call people AGAME and such. I am ashamed to be an Eritrean because of people like you. Let me try to make you see my point. Are you hamasane, seraye, akeleguzay,tigre,kunama,baria, or just plain damm?
written by wow, July 24, 2009
amother damm comment
written by wow, July 24, 2009
Please do not come out as if you represent Ethiopian's point of view.
Assab is not Ethiopians. if it was you would be fighting for it today instead of using Somalis port.the day you swallow the fact that Eritrean is a independent nation is the day there will be peace in the region. People like you do not know that maintaining peace is harder than declaring war
written by Soomaali Baan Ahay, July 24, 2009

ethiopia's expansionist adventures did indeed unite Somalis for the first time in 20 years. recently you witnessed the blue flag waved around and carried in the shoulders by thousands of demonstrating SomaliLanders in Awdal, Togdheer and Burco.

believe me somalia is on the path towards greater SOMALIA, all the signs are indicating pumped up SOMALISM spreading like an inferno.

SOMALISM (the blue flag) + SHABAABISM = GREATER SOMALIA (the black flag)

ethiopia is going to be crushed within (mulitple fronts of wars from eriteria, the onlf, the shabaab is surely going to consume your national budget)

don't be flabbergasted the day addis-ababa is leveled to the ground using urban guerrila warfare.

that day is coming and let us see if GOD is going to be your side.
The Democratic Republic of Greater Tigray
written by Berhane M. Tekeste, July 24, 2009
I have noticed some of the comments here were directed at me and I felt the urge to respond in a manner that I see it fit.

First of all, I'm not ashamed of being from Tigray because that's who I am -- a Tigraway -- an agame if you will.

Secondly, Tigray is not a mere province in Ethiopia as many of you think it is. Tigray is a country. The only thing Tigray is lacking now is it's independence and we Tegaru are working hard to achieve that by any means necessary. But in order to achieve Tigray's independence we first have to deal with Eritrea in order to get the Assab port annexed to Tigray, and the way we do it is to have the Eritreans implement their constitution (Quwam) so the people of Afar in Eritrea can legally secede and merge with Tigray along with the Assab port. That is the game we Tegaru are now playing and we are winning !

The Eritrean constitution must be implemented by any means necessary and we all need to pressure the Eritreans to demand their regime to implement it immediately.
Whenever you see an Eritrea remind him/her to implement the constitution, or say "Quwam!" Thank you!

God bless the democratic republic of Tigray!
The Proud Son of Abay Tigray
written by Berhane M. Tekeste, July 24, 2009
The Eritrean constitution must be implemented by any means necessary and all Tegaru need to pressure the Eritreans to demand their Issias regime to implement it immediately. The "quwam" card is all we are now left with and we must play our last card right. If you are Tigraway reading this I urge you to go to the Paltalk rooms and continue to pressure the Eritreans to implement their constitution. If you are an Eritrean reading this, you have to remember that there is no such thing as Eritrea as a country. Eritrea does not exist. It is a colonial state that should/must be brought back to her motherland Tigray A.S.A.P. and by any means necessary including brute force!!

God Bless our Democratic Republic of Tigray!
Retards or Simply Morons
written by bee, July 24, 2009
i know for a fact that some people are born with learning disorders, which is a normal thing.
however the Somalis war mongers have proved that they are clearly above average morons. let them finish off each other if thats what the want. some idiot above claimed that they are good fighters, so why do they run away to seek refuge in kenya and Uganda.
stupid Miira chewing ****s!!!
to wood head
written by wedi tigray, July 24, 2009
TO agame rider , I can call you pure :evil: like your country men,ethiopia lived and living for three thousad years undisrupt antil you guys help the ousiders,but you can`t distablize ethiopia, read books and abible, if you continue doing what doing now you gonna be like somali,wood head.
dumn saying
written by tazabi to tazabi, July 24, 2009
:evil: If a deaf sings only one song what song it would be, the deaf I assume is eritrean and the song is war, jalousie,and by whatever means distrupt ethiopia , evil deed, if deaf can`t hear how he gonna sing ,damn saying
This Ugandian News Reporter needs to be Fired
written by What crap, July 24, 2009
Your whole article is filled with fiction and fake facts. The UN has not Sancationed Eritrea, moreover, after three years since Ethiopia illegally invaded Ethiopia, not a single Eritrean was found. Why is it you (a Ugandian reporter) would state "highly credible information" and not state that credible information? This is poor journalism and you're liable for defamation lawsuit for making up your fiction of Eritrean troops being present in Somalia. Your the only one reporting this crap and you still didn't tell us who or what your sources were. There are no Eritrean troops in SOmalia, the world knows this, yet you want to create fiction in hopes of getting more readers?

To Independent
written by Wedi Hager, July 24, 2009
The only thing independent about your journalism is the title you gave to your journal. All the allegations you made against Eritrea are just that. Allegations based on hearsay and a precalculated smear campaign to demonise the country. Spare us from the nonsense and fabricated stories about Eritrea's invovement in Somalia and the presence of its army in Somalia. As one elequently stated it, considering the geographical nature of Eritrea with respect to Somalia and given the fact that the entire Horne of Africa is closely monitored through the military presence of US and France in Djibouti it's imposible for Eritrea to supply Somalia "Islamists" with weapons. Also, as His Excellency PIA of Eritrea stated in many of his interviews, Somalia is in no need of any weapons and ammunitions when it has plenty thanks to US and Ethiopia who to this date are arming several warlords to fulfill their narrow political ambition. The sad thing is to see Uganda been dragged to this unjust war being waged against Somalia people using terrorism as a pretext.
Independent needs to be neutral in its reporting on this and other sociopolitical issues which affect East African states.
To: The Independent.....
written by Wedi Hager, July 24, 2009
The sad thing is to see Uganda gragged to such unjust war been perpetrated against the Somalie people using terrorism as a cover up. It's also shemful to see IGAD, an organisation which was supposed to empower the people of the Horne economically reduced as a mere political tool to the few puppet regimes in the area.
written by Berhane M. Tekeste, July 24, 2009
We the people of the Democratic Republic of Tigray support the author and his well researched article without any reservation.

The Only solution to bring lasting peace and stability in the horn of Africa region is to reverse the Eritrean independence and to divide the country into two parts, and give the northern part of Eritrea to Sudan and give the southern part including both the Massawa and the Assab ports to the Republic of Tigray. That is the only solution.

In regards to Ethiopia, it is a colonial creation and it will seize to exist with the secession of Tigray in the coming years.
Berhane M. Tekeste
written by Jimmy, July 25, 2009
Atayo :whistle: are you still smoking :X get a life
written by khalid omar, July 26, 2009
its sad that every the comment made about this article i do not see any body suggest a way forward for our suffering people in somalia blaming outsiders will not help end the conflict,outsiders have made mistakes but its the primary responsibility of somalias to end this war,am begin to sense from some one suggested that may be blanketing somalia with a nuclear bomb is the last resort the soon we do that the better we need decisive leadership on this matter that why we are begining to miss Bush the man
written by Aron, July 26, 2009
Iseyas and his gang are the main sourse of unstablility in the region.
they forced the majority of our people to live as refugee in neibouring countries . My advice to somalian people don't reconcile with your people and don't belive on Isyas he is cracy person and his agenda is to destroy the whole horn of Africa, be aware of him. Those who support Iseyas they have the same mession and wish
WHY Eritrea Needs a Constitution NOW!
written by Berhane Tekeste/Tsere Milky, July 27, 2009
Eritrea Needs a constitution so that the people of the horn of Africa can have peace. I have authored several articles on this issue and I've received praises from many readers, particularly Tigrean scholars from the soon to be independent democratic republic of the Greater Tigray.
The inclusion of the "self-determination up to and including secession" clause into the Eritrean constitution will give the various ethnic groups in Eritrea to choose between their now fake independence and their historical motherland Greater Tigray, and I'm confident the people in Eritrea will choose to be part of the Greater Tigray Republic.
I urge all the people in the Horn of Africa to demand the Eritrean regime to implement its constitution immediately!
written by Caydiid, July 27, 2009
one thing is for certain

ethiopia will in the end collapse
written by Jim, July 27, 2009
What is good about being a Somali? Arrogance, illiterate, violence, murder, drug abuse, piracy, refugees, stinking poverty, poor hygiene, noisy, greedy...Kila kitu mbaya describes these stupid somali pipo.
A Roman general once brought peace to rebelious province by wipping all her citizens; Yeah, it was graveyard peace but historical calm was realized! This AMISOM mambo jambo will never work. You need to think, behave and act like a somali in order for dem pipo to understand, bye the way anyone who is not somali is Umbwa, takataka, gasiya; equated to a dog and rabbish. Tell me what help Uganda, Burundi can be to such ideots? :evil:
somalis gotta change
written by ivan, August 01, 2009
i have lived with somalis for some time here in north america but everyone of them you speak to will tell you hw evil US is and its allies, they will show u hw the rest of africans are stupid to coperate with the west, but there's only one question no somali will answer; why are they living in america? depending on americans' tax payers' money. They have proved to the whole world that they can't rule them selves.
My brothers an sisters 4m somalia its high time u realised that Africa is moving 4ward and we don't have time 4yr senseless wars, u guys are dispersed all over the world and no place to call home, why are u blinded by a few elements for 2 solid decades? comeon u guys are smarter than that men.
Jah bless u all
written by tedros, August 03, 2009
:angry: you blind ethiopian eritrea had have destroyed ur dum governments and ur solduers are dying every where like chicken sympathy to ur mothers , it is better to constract ur country by begging asu r addicted by begging
written by tedros, August 03, 2009
assab assab assab dream again and again assab eritrean ohh
written by tedros, August 03, 2009
smilies/tongue.gif to talk about eritrea first stabilize the so called ethiopia and make a country of yours not US u r almost somalia why do you need to somalia while you have your own battle field to fight,poor ethiopia , to know eritrea plz ask mengstu hailemariam who had the largest army in africa ,ethiopians need more history course than any other subject
ethiopia's violent diarrhoea
written by Faarax, August 04, 2009
why should the people of Somalia need to change their attitude towards tha xabasha infidels?????

ethiopia is a proclaimed enemy of the people of Somalia and under such circumstances, only war will be the justified means in correcting past injustices against the OGADEN and HAWD inhabitants.

ethiopia is already fighting at multiple fronts and in the end this will be the receipe that shall speed up the fragmentation of ethiopia.

Somalis are pragmatic people who adapt well to the external threats of the outsiders and ethiopia is not an exception of that.

let them insert their noise into the affairs of the Somali people, let them shed crocodile tears (we are christian nation and the peace loving christians should come to our assistance), but one day, their loud cries will be heard from the far corners of planet earth.

ONLF, SHABAAB, and XISBUL-ISLAM are all united against AIDS-ABABA.
written by Aman, August 04, 2009
Somalies independence can only be kept by somalies not by long term enemy Ethiopia, Eritro-Ethiopia war is an excuse of dominating power over east Africa. Somali brothers we as Eritrean love you as brothers and wish you all the best as you wished as before independence. Our contribution to self reliance is based on the past not in our present hosstility or boarder war with Ethiopia
Negotiating is the only way forward!!
written by Amina, August 13, 2009
The war in somalie will never end unless the partnas involve finds a common intresse for themselve and for their people. all the suffering,death and underdevelop society should have open the eyes of somanlian leaders that no one can win the war. The solution is to review negotiating options. By taking arms will never bring long term solution or stability instead you creat more enemies. AU is already doom to fail in somalie has the previous troops that were sent there before.
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written by Mailing Machines, September 16, 2010
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written by C.J. Wilson Jersey, January 12, 2013
Today will not different? Roman abramovich does not think that will be, but she must go to find work to earn money. When abramovich in the past this period of Ming, James Casey Jersey abramovich said: "a lot of life, not because you feel hope will to do something, just because I have to do." This "had to" enough to let people meet despair going forward, this is beside what courage, just instinct.

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