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Family rule in Uganda

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Family rule in Uganda
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How Museveni’s ‘clan’ runs the government

In his inaugural address as professor of history at Makerere University on June 18, 1986, the highly respected Ugandan historian, Samwiri Karugire, spelt out the problems of Africa. In a lecture titled “Wind of Change or Merely Change in the Wind? African Polities since Independence,” Karugire said the biggest ills of our continent are “numbing corruption and nepotism.”

“It is because of these gross malfeasances,” Karugire reasoned, “that our rulers become insecure in their sumptuous offices and therefore they must surround themselves with their own relatives with whom, of course, they loot the national treasury.”

Quoting journalist David Lamb, Karugire said: “The slain President William Tolbert of Liberia, when he was president of that country, made his brother Frank, president of the senate; another brother Stephen minister of finance; his sister Lucia was appointed mayor of the city of Bentol; one of his sons Ambassador at Large, his daughter Wilhemina presidential physician; his niece Tula, presidential dietician; his three nephews respectively, assistant minister for presidential affairs, agricultural attaché in Rome and vice governor of the national bank; his four sons in-law respectively, minister of defence, deputy minister of works, commissioner for immigration and board member for Air Liberia. One brother-in-law was appointed to the senate, another as ambassador to Guinea and yet another as mayor of the capital city, Monrovia.”

Tolbert was behaving like African despots of his time like Marshal Mobutu Sese Seko of then Zaire, Daniel arap Moi of Kenya, Omar Bongo of Gabon, Gnasingbe Eyadema of Togo, Obiang Ngwena of Equatorial Guinea, etc. So has Uganda gone through a wind of change or a mere change in the wind in regard to these African political practices? If he were still alive today, what would Karugire say about President Yoweri Museveni’s Uganda especially given that his son, Edwin Karugire, is married to first daughter, Natasha?

Anatomy of family rule

Muhoozi Kainerugaba MuseveniPreviously a critic of political patrimony, there is growing concern even among those closest to him that Museveni is treading the long trodden path that Karugire condemned 23 years ago. For example, Museveni has appointed his wife, Mrs Janet Museveni, as state minister for Karamoja; his brother, Gen. Salim Saleh, formerly a minister of state for micro finance, as Senior Presidential Advisor on defence, a job at the same rank as a cabinet minister; his brother-in-law, Sam Kutesa, minister of foreign affairs; his son, Muhozi Keinerugaba, commander of the Special Forces, his daughter Natasha Karugire, Private Secretary to the president in charge of Household.

Museveni has also appointed his nephew, Joseph Ekwau (son of his younger sister Violet Kajubiri), Private Secretary to the President in charge of Medical Services (HIV//AIDS); his sister Miriam Karugaba as Administrator at State House (she is semi-literate) and her husband (therefore Museveni’s brother-in-law), Jimmy Karugaba, as Officer in Charge (OC) of the Accounts Department at State House. Museveni has also appointed his sister-in-law, Jolly Sabune, Executive Director of Cotton Development Authority, his niece-in-law, Hope Nyakairu, Undersecretary for Administration and Finance at State House, his cousin Bright Rwamirama, State Minister for Animal Husbandry, his other cousin, Faith Katana Mirembe, Assistant Private Secretary in charge of Education and Social Services and Justus Karuhanga, Private Secretary to the President in charge of Legal Affairs who is a nephew to Mrs Museveni.

Salim Saleh AkandwanahoThere is no doubt that people like Saleh and Kutesa merit their positions. Saleh is a war hero who distinguished himself as a brilliant and brave rebel commander while Kutesa is one of the veteran politicians on Uganda’s political scene. But equally Uganda has many competent people who can perform their roles. If the president sought to avoid being accused of nepotism, there was enough talent to choose from to make public appointments.

Many observers say that increasing family influence in government has gone hand in hand with the informalisation of power. Thus, although formal authority is vested in official institutions, effective power is wielded by this informal clique of family and kin. The official structure presents a semblance of national ethno-regional and religious diversity to win the regime legitimacy. The informal but highly powerful structure of the closest of the president’s family and kin is the “real” government.

Replicating Africa’s curse

Natasha Museveni KarugireApparently, this reflects the shift of attention from the promise of “fundamental change” to the slogan of “no change” that has become the rallying cry of regime functionaries. The informalisation of power in Uganda echoes other African countries. One example is Donor Cruise O’Brien’s 1975 book on politics in Senegal: Saints and Politicians. According to O’Brien, politics in Senegal is organised through factions, otherwise called “clans.” But the clan in Senegalese politics is not defined by kinship although that may exist and help reinforce political solidarity within a given political group.

Instead, O’Brien writes, “the clan” is basically a “political faction operating within the institutions of the state and the governing party; it exists above all to promote the interests of its members through political competition, and its first unifying principle is the prospect of material rewards of political success. Political office and the spoils of office are the very definition of success: loot is the clanic totem.” Sounds like Uganda today?

In his 1979 article The Administration of Underdevelopment, David Gould revealed a similar practice in Mobutu’s Zaire. He argued that power was organised at the very top around a “presidential clique.” This was composed mainly of about 50 of the president’s “closest kinsmen” whom Mobutu trusted. They occupied the most sensitive and lucrative positions of state like “head of the Judiciary Council, Secret Police, Interior Ministry, President’s Office and so on.” In his last days, Mobutu’s son Nzanga was a presidential advisor while another, Kongolo, was commander of the dreaded Special Presidential Division (DSP).

Next to the kinsmen/women, Gould revealed, was the “presidential brotherhood”! Though not from the president’s ethnic group, their positions depended on their personal ties with Mobutu and his clique. Is Uganda’s power structure moving towards Mobutu’s Zaire? It already has; our equivalent of the brotherhood would include people like Security Minister, Amama Mbabazi. So much is the level of patrimony in Museveni’s presidency that many Ugandans wonder how a man who publicly despised Mobutu and that generation of African dictators could have so easily gone the same way; the way none of his predecessors Milton Obote or Idi Amin can be accused of having gone.

Why family rule?

Odrek RwabwogoFor Dr Oloka Onyango, a Makerere University lecturer and head of the Human Rights and Peace Centre (HURIPEC), the signs were always there from the very beginning that this is the way it would be. 

“Museveni’s policy has always been to construct personal rule, not institutional rule. He has destroyed all institutions. And you could see this from the very beginning,” Dr Oloka told The Independent, adding; “This is the trajectory he took from 1989 – consolidation and marginalisation. So when you take that course, you have very few options especially in the new international setting i.e. who can best insulate you from the International Criminal Court (ICC) if not family [son and brother].

Oloka said that the problems former Zambian President, Frederick Chiluba has faced at the hands of his successor and presumed protégé, Levy Mwanawasa and problems former Malawian President Bakili Muluzi is facing at the hands of his chosen successor, Bingu wa Mutharika mean you cannot trust your successor except family. “There are very few Moi-like successors,” Oloka said, “So you rely on those who have 150% loyalty and these are blood relatives. For Museveni, there are only two people he can trust – Saleh and his son Muhoozi.”

Indeed this is a view shared more or less by Charles Onyango-Obbo, a senior Ugandan journalist based in Nairobi and probably the country’s foremost political commentator. “One reason Museveni ended up with so many relatives in key security positions, is that fairly early in his presidency he sought to entrench his power by limiting the independent growth of his party, the NRM, and to dismantle the institutions of state (which he had, admittedly, helped rebuild considerably because he needed them for the reconstruction effort in his first 10 years in power). But one can never govern without organised institutions, and a force you can rely on to counter challenges to your authority. That is how, among other reasons, the security forces became the bedrock of Museveni’s power,” Obbo told The Independent in a telephone interview from Nairobi.

Jovia SalehLike his erstwhile colleagues, the military has inevitably been the focus of Museveni’s patrimony. According to a survey carried out by The Independent last year and published in its Issue 4 (Jan. 25 – Feb. 7, 2008), 74 per cent of the 23 top command positions in the “national” army, Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), are held by officers from Museveni’s western region. Other regions like Buganda (central) hold 17 per cent, the north 9 per cent and the east zero per cent! All the five full generals in the UPDF – Yoweri Museveni, David Tinyefuza, Elly Tumwine, Salim Saleh and Aronda Nyakairima are from the president’s sub-ethnic group, the Bahima.

While the president has often attributed this imbalance to historical circumstances of his NRA rebellions that started with mostly his tribesmen, pundits say almost 40 years since he started his struggle in 1971 should have been more than enough to rectify the imbalance. Instead, they point to a systematic attempt to cement a patrimony.

“Once he dismantled state institutions and stifled the party,” says Obbo, “within the security apparatus, he needed a rationale for apportioning power inside it. Since he had turned his back on meritocracy in the public service and politics, he could not run the security services based on meritocracy. Because the security services lacked the diversity of the NRM party, and there was little or no direct disloyalty to Museveni, Kellen Kayongahe could only use a subjective criterion to allocate authority in the security services, and so he went tribal in a general sense, and in very key jobs, he relied on the family. Narrow as these are, they still represent some kind of criteria – blood relationship.”

How has it been possible?

The question many people will ask is how Museveni, without the advantage enjoyed by early African dictators who inherited the colonial machinery amidst illiteracy, poverty, ignorance and lack of institutions, could have successfully built a patrimony in this age of democracy and enlightenment? 

“Historically, family dictatorships largely exist in states that are weak; the elite leaders are not organised and there is lack of a common national consciousness. This is exactly what is in Uganda now and that is why Museveni is able to use family rule without fear,” leading Kampala lawyer David Mpanga told The Independent.

Dr Oloka agrees that there are few institutional checks to hold Museveni accountable because it was not envisaged during the constitutional making process how the extent of abuse could go. “State House is uncontrolled like intelligence; there are no controls on the president so it’s the president’s plaything,” he says.

Alice KaboyoBut for veteran politician Jaberi Bidandi Ssali, who co-founded the Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM) with Museveni in 1980 and served as minister in his NRM government from 1986 to 2003, Museveni has taken this course not simply because of weak institutional safeguards but also because the president lacked political grooming.

“The fundamental problem Museveni has is the fact that he never had an opportunity to associate with elders in politics when he was still in his youth, his formative stage; leaders like Ignatius Musaazi, Engulu and the Bikangagas. He has always looked at politics in terms of him becoming the leader and in the process lost out on the possibility of guidance. Instead of learning from them he has always been trashing them one by one. Museveni is a politician who ran out of school, served in government, learnt how to fire the gun and then shot himself into power. And that is why he is using family rule with impunity. He seems to be the ‘I-know-it-all, solve-it-all, giver of jobs and the fountain of favours’,” Bidandi says.

The uses of family rule

While opinion is divided as to whether President Museveni’s institution of a neo-patrimonial regime was an act of omission or commission, there is unanimity as to how much this system has helped him retain power for so long, writing himself in the books of history as the longest serving leader the country has had. Neo-patrimonial regimes survive because of a combination of factors like patronage, coercion, blackmail, bribery, etc. It is a strategy that was well learned by the Museveni regime.

Jolly Sabune“Apart from his tactic of rewarding the southern middle class, this reliance on family actually helped Museveni,” says Obbo. “In the short term, it reduced the level of discordance in the inner sanctum of power. Secondly, it created a fairly large constituency in the security establishment that had both a subjective and objective interest in Museveni’s survival.”

Thus, the way Maj. Okwiri Rabwoni [late Brig. Noble Mayombo’s renegade brother] was handled in 2001 at Entebbe Airport and the shameless way former presidential candidate Col. Kizza Besigye was treated in 2005/06, that disregarded all law and the image of regime are embedded in this neo-patrimonial system.

“A professional security officer wouldn’t do those things out of partisan reasons,” Obbo has reasoned, “He needs something additional– a primordial fear that a Besigye regime would punish you and all your family because you are blood relatives of Museveni – to provoke that extreme response in defence of the man. The best way to understand this is that while Amin killed far more people than the Museveni regime, we never saw people like Chief Justice Ben Kiwanuka, Archbishop Janan Luwum, Vice Chancellor Frank Kalimuzo, etc brutalised publicly. They were taken to Namanve or the Nakasero State Research Bureau dungeons and brutally murdered out of public sight.”

According to Obbo, the reason is that Amin had many tribesmen in his service, but not relatives. The irrational fear of loss of privileges that drives Museveni loyalists to be excessive in public because they feel the whole family is threatened is one that didn’t afflict the Amin regime. That cohesiveness, Obbo believes, has allowed Museveni to hold things longer than all Uganda’s previous post-independence regimes combined.

Obviously, the military alone cannot guarantee survival of the regime so it is imperative to build a patrimony in business and in politics, especially in light of the increasing need to use money to buy political support. Thus the president has many of his relatives and in-laws well placed in legitimate business.

Bright RwamiramaSome of the most prominent include Hannington Karuhanga, chairman UGACOF, a leading coffee exporting company and chairman of Stanbic Bank. He is a cousin to Mrs Museveni and is also married to a sister to the Chief of Defence Forces Gen. Aronda Nyakairima. Although Karuhanga has made his mark on the business scene through personal hard work, his connections to the first family and the likely benefits it offers have not gone unnoticed.

Mrs Jovia Saleh: A wealthy business lady who is into real estate and a host of other businesses is wife of the younger brother to President Museveni, Gen. Saleh. Her sister Kellen Kayonga, is an accomplished business lady in this country; she recently won the lucrative deal of exporting security guards to the troubled Iraq through a security company Askar. She is the young sister to Jovia Saleh and therefore a sister-in-law to Gen. Saleh.

Odrek Rwabwogo: The proprietor of Terp Consults, a public relations company that has handled some of the government’s biggest events and programmes, the most notable being the $1 million ‘Gifted by Nature’ campaign on CNN and the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). He marries Museveni’s daughter Patience. Of course other relatives like Kutesa, who owns Entebbe Handling Services (ENHAS) straddle the space between business and politics.

Museveni’s relatives’ pre-eminence in business, says Dr Oloka, is not only “an attempt to distance himself from personal corruption i.e. that it is those around him that are corrupt,” but has also been dictated by the current economic trends. Thus whereas in the past generation regimes used state corporations to build their patronage network, liberalisation has left the current generation of patriarchs with limited options. “Now Museveni must employ them directly in government and in State House, or let them play a big role in business,” he says.

Be that as it may, the president’s relatives can still be traced in the few remaining parastatals and public statutory bodies. For instance, Don Nyakairu, the Corporation Secretary of Uganda Telecom Ltd (UTL), is husband to Mrs Museveni’s cousin Hope Nyakairu at State House. 

Where will it all end?

Edwin Karugire“No regime of patronage except perhaps Togo’s Eyadema has survived to the next generation. But Togo did not have a history of conflict like Uganda has had. Museveni may therefore try to survive but he may not succeed,” says Dr Oloka.

Bidandi too is pessimistic about Museveni’s patrimony: “It’s a nasty practice and I pity his lineage on the basis of what history can give as lessons in different countries.”     

So while it is certain that Museveni is patrimony will collapse tomorrow or the other day, the extent of its collapse is perhaps best illustrated by Onyango-Obbo. “The disadvantage of this creation of and reliance on a family akazu [rule] is that you do not create a buffer between your family and your enemies, because there aren’t enough non-relatives in the inner eating circle. Thus a Museveni regime’s collapse will affect more members of his family more quickly and directly than it did Obote’s or Amin’s. Also, because you have no buffer, very few of them will help your relatives escape in the event of a coup, for example, because you have not cultivated a large enough constituency of ‘subjective loyalty’ for people to take high risks to aid your flight.”

Interestingly of all Ugandan presidents, none of them has been as obsessed about legacy as Museveni. And he will rule longer than any other president probably ever will again. Yet, ironically, because of his irrational dependence on family, his legacy will disappear faster than those of presidents who ruled for fewer years.

Again, if his family-rule structure has the risk of decimating more of his family in the event of his coming to an abrupt end, it means there shall not be too many people out there to keep his story alive, to cling on to his good works, and to insist on an accurate recording of the history of his rule. For that, one needs to have inner, outer, far outer, and farther out layers of people who feel they are included in the intimate workings of your government, to carry on your memory. If these people are not there, you will be forgotten more quickly. Thus the irony is that Milton Obote – and people like DP’s Ben Kiwanuka – will live longer in history as positive mentions, than Museveni.

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Museveni lost the plt ages ago
written by Michael Kayongo, March 11, 2009
Museveni seems to be living a Utopia but ha! wait a minute its a dystopia only applicable to Harrison Ford's Blade Runner
written by alex Munanura, March 11, 2009
:X President Museveni is a human being like any other person.Where were in Uganda when Dr.MIlton Obote chose his relatives and clansmen in sensitive and juice positions?Akena Adoko,Adoko Nekyon, Gen.David Oyite ojok,Nathan Engena,Henry Makmot,Big.Smith Opon Achak,Capt.Ageta,Col Ogole to mention but a few.Atleast there is a fundamental change.PERIOD.
written by moses, March 11, 2009
guys who authored this article better prepare for some stint in prison, because i see emperor museveni puffing in his chair, plotting to have you in kaihura's hands!
written by Yegga, March 11, 2009
You analysis would have be only for two things: Are all thes fellows not qulaified for the jobs they do? Who is not?.Get the relations correct. H.Karuhanga's wife is not related to Aronda. Should M7'S relatives never get a job at all for fear of calling it nepotism? Does M7 have only these you have sited? I know not less that 20 relatives well qualified and without jobs!!! Is it a crime to mary or become a relative of a man who finally becomes a head of state? Your brother is a big officer in CMI, are you related to M7? Susan M is a big woman and closelly related to M7, why didnt you mention her? Who is feeding you with this venom? what was your story about? Lstly Janet is a member of paliament who is enttiled to any job like any Uganda. What she does of course will be a subject of scrutiny as it should! Yawa!
written by Kaguta, March 11, 2009
What fundamental change when the president does not use the very services he pretends to care about.I wonder if he has ever been treated in Mulago ?and to make it worse her daughter flew to German to deliver a f**kin baby at the taxpayers expense.
written by Kaguta, March 11, 2009
I don't think you get the point.The man has ruled for f**kin 23yrs years and as his balls get old everyday he has still thinks he is the only "brain from Tanzania university" that knows how to have things done in the country. I bet there many brilliant young people that can sweat his balls in a televised political debate. Thanks for killing my relatives in Luwero and swelling his fat belly through corruption.
musevens' nepotism
written by elias, March 12, 2009
he is wrong
my Bro what a s**t.
written by elias, March 12, 2009
what do u mean do u hold any partriotism in u & do u weigh where uganda was,is & where its' going?
Do u 've any administrative skill in u? tell our citzens the method of desciplinary that will be used in this structure. Should we deforestate our nature forests collecting cains to whip the asses a'nt its son- daughter- father. Ugandans forgive our country it has no criminal offence. why should u make citzens shade tears. Indetify the need.
hey brother
written by elias, March 12, 2009
Ugandans are too qualified!!........ but be sincere & inform citzens Hon.Natashas'(permanent secretary to president in charge house hold) qualification a'nt people aren't informed.
help us man.
thank u
written by Masereka John, March 12, 2009
Thats Africa! In africa thats how african governments end,museveni end days are coming his way.The only thing he want to do is to put his family in government so that they can enrich them self becouse they are going.But he fail to understand that the wealth his enriching from is our wealth we shall demand for that wealth even if he dies today.
Masereka John
North korea.
musoke's website
written by rodgers, March 12, 2009
its a pity to our future kids. But am very sure every dictator goes as ash! he will soon go and leave his region friends in trouble.
written by hasahy tony, March 12, 2009
museveni definately has many postives and i admire him. but he has failed to reign in on the rampant corruption and ignored his born again wife's advise not to apply double standards in dealining with it. my regime will certainly do better
written by Katsigazi, March 12, 2009
What goes round comes round. Am certainly sure that Museveni will go the same way he came. Unfortunately for him, he may go with all his kin & kith. Ugandans am sure we do not forget. we have a black book where we record Museveni's excessess. if he does not live to pay for them, we shall not spare his grand children
neo-Patrimonialism can kill astate
written by Elamu Denis at MUK, March 12, 2009
President m7 is implementing what the likes of indonesia's suharto,estrada's srilanka, augustino pinochete's chile is regime insecurity that leads to existence, of rational and illegal administrative political the typical colonial state where the central power was in place as well as chiefs who practced political clientelism, misused power and so swollen in corruption is what this nrm is doing, what Max weber called the ''lame leviathan'' meaning weak state, where institutions loose legitimacy in favour of retaining power and continue with the patronizing of the state.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely!
written by Nobert, March 12, 2009
Andrew this is so well analysed and presented. You have stuck to the issue and avoided the insults. Please keep on highlighting the ills this man is committing. Asbolute Power corrupts absolutely!
Mixed picture: Truths and Lies
written by Tony the tiger, March 12, 2009
Your account has some truths and some untruths. For instance, it is not true that Milton Obote will be mentioned positively by history. I lived under Obote, he was a monster!

Secondly, both Obote and Amin depended on their kinsmen. They just did not rule long enough to get as many of them into positions of influence and power.

It is true that lack of tribal diversity and balancing in appointments has been one of M7's mistakes. THE SAD FACT IS THAT, IN SPITE OF ALL THIS, HE IS STILL THE BEST LEADER WE HAVE HAD!!
written by Bwoya., March 12, 2009
Not Obote was the Monster but those operating under him.I really pity "the clan" sweet as they might appear,Ugandans are very angry that at any spark of fire..everything
is bound to go up in warning to all the Rwabogos,and Karugires of this world start looking for sanctuary.....every dog has
its day..Saddam never dreamed to end up
on a hangman´s noose..
written by John B, March 12, 2009
Ladies and gentlemen,lets get this clear, Emperor M7 is one of those people who still posses ideas of the 20th century way of rule,that a president in Africa has to have an army,has to be a soldier,has to put his relateves around him. M7 didnt fight to liberate Uganda,NO,he fought to meet his selfish ends,he is now even afraid of his own shadow bcoz he understands how ba he is,he will then have Muhoozi,Janet,Saleh,Kuteesa and the Rwakitura lads around him for safety. He will prioritize political Sycophants bcoz men and women of intellect will out reason him. Lets wait for his death,period
written by Gakiire, March 12, 2009
Guys, Guys, Guys, Enough is enough and remember freedom is not a commodity.
written by andy, March 12, 2009
All I can say that evil thrives when the good people do Nothing.
u don't kno wat u hav..till wat u hav is gone!!
written by Krystal, March 12, 2009
some one mentioned sevo leaving in ash..who won't???? no one can tell u wat 2mrw will bring..we all jus have to hope for the best...besides don't we just feel safe walking down kla roads at night...try doin it bak in the day n see where u'd end up!
im not saying the man is right but we need to appreciate wat we have cos u just don't know wat u hav..till wat u hav is gone!
written by fred, March 13, 2009
Now here is a group of people with the same thinking as mine. i've haboured the views expressed in this article for ages and the frustration of not being able to express them eats at the very core of my bones. One thing our 'Dear' ruler has succeded in doing is terifying people like me from coming back home to this chaos.
its just as well, he's banned all people with dual citizenships form running for office. You've got to give him credit for cunning.
Private business
written by Kagoro, March 13, 2009
I guess the Ugandans are fed up of deepening Poverty,rigged elections and a failed Emperor.
written by Sebagala Kimuli, March 13, 2009
Article eno nungi
written by Rwangoga, March 13, 2009
This guy somztimes uses proverbs that refer to him and his blind cronies. NDIWULIRA is a maize pest which is said to keep enjoying the maize with the intention of only jumping off the cob at the time it feels the warmth of the fire. But of course it is always late. One thing about some people is that the word SHAME does not exist in there dictioneries
written by aron shillingi, March 13, 2009
Museveni is lke any other human being, he has achivement & weakeness so let him rule.
written by hamlet, March 13, 2009
Av not vomited in the last 12 years but Munanura, ur havn my puke run on ur dull face
Family rule in Uganda.
written by Mukwaya Jimson, March 13, 2009
It should be known that we have no government in Uganda. As one gentleman said, they are mafias in power. What do you expect of such crooks or goons?
Its business as usual...corrupion,theft,torture and massive killings, suppression of the poor, non tribesman,etc.
It is pilferage all over Uganda all to the same family if not region!!
Kitalo nyo BUT one time they will go and will never be able to enjoy their loot, not even their grand children.
God bless Uganda.
MUKWAYA. smilies/sad.gif
Lets be objective
written by Polpot, March 13, 2009
It is clear from this analysis that the author has done his research and put it to the readers. Let use his efforts for objective discussions. When you start abusing/using bad language the discussion looses meaning and impact. Abusing Museveni will not remove him from power. Its only puting things objectively to others to judge. Look how this article his appealing to public because it is well research. There is a saying that "Even the bird that flies at the highest altitude still has to come to the ground" Cheers and I wish you a fruitful discussions.

written by ronnie, March 13, 2009
So Mr Katsigazi wants to revenge on the generations of the M7s bcoz the man is eating...right..i suppose we shd do the same for our fore fathers that sold our brothers into slavery..& the generations of their relatives! africans never cease to amaze u!
Granted M7 has cocked up, but we have to thing of better ways to kick him out, or support causes that make the next presidents accountable!! We cant all be all emotional with anger, bcoz theres no where that takes u esp when the other side has guns.
He isnt the 1st to misuse the office. So what will the next Prez do? of course bloody do the same! We have to think of ways of preventing these things, bcoz they happen all the time in Africa & sadly wherever there are black people - this isnt racist coz am black..i think we as a race are many times guilty of emotional decisions..& use of power!
Keep trying something else till it making institutions stronger than the office of the Prez & others that u brilliant minds have studied elsewhere!
written by IVAN KAGWEZA, March 14, 2009
M7 is agood leader 4 sure thats why few of his relatives are in state house, his is too a human being thats why u like ur kids than ur brothers kids don't credit ex.presidents who killed & buried p'ple are all p'ple in cabinet related to him watch u p'ple.
be proactive
written by Moses, March 14, 2009
Reading the above comments shows that most of us are truly unhappy with the emperor and because of that our emotions are dictating the decisions we are likely to make concerning this matter.
The question is, what should we do so that next governments after M7 don't do the same things because i can assure M7 is still here to stay for quite sometime.
I also think we are to blame too because M7 doesn't see us as being able to hold him accountable. He risked his life to capture power and we are not even close, to holding a peaceful demonstration to show our disgust at his misrule. We are so comfortable being in passive opposition and hope that someone else will change things for us, but remember that someone will also have his agenda.
We should therefore be ready to make sacrifices if we hope to change the course of this country otherwise we shall only stop at wishing him away in newspapers articles. my people have a saying that ''kahendekye teyita mbogo''. God bless Uganda
written by Moses, March 14, 2009
my people have a saying that '' kahendekye teyita mbogo'' literally meaning that wishing a buffalo bad luck may not kill it.
Concerned citizen
written by Ruth, March 14, 2009
Museveni and his henchmen are such an embarrasment to Uganda. He must surely be the foretold beast in the bible. No other past leader has been that power hungry, shameless and that bold to rob the country like this beast. It's unbelievable that such unqualified / incompetent people like Janet and Natasha get appointed to high offices.

Fellow Ugandans, please wake up, its time to act, down with this bastards!
written by ojok gazi, March 14, 2009
the problem with ugandans, is that they like o copy
family rule in uganda
written by james magembe, March 14, 2009
Alright ladies and gentle men, in my opinion museveni is good enough.
WHY is because he has been in power for over 20yrs. The wise relatives exploited the opportunity and went for qualifications and competed with the world before museveni making them what they are now, where then can some one derive family rule on the basis of competence.
written by Richie- UK, March 14, 2009
If only the Museveni of the early 1980s was to meet the current president of Uganda, I wonder what could happen! The Mother of All Bush Wars. :shock:
written by Fatuma, Uganda, March 14, 2009
please try To understand that there are no rebel activities operating in and around Kla city this days, this explains why there are no panda gari. If the political climate that prevailed during the reign of Obote and Amin had prevailed today, would Kla be what it is today? THINK!
written by Pato, March 14, 2009
Thanks for enlighting fellow Ugandans on the endless list of people close to the first family. It therefore beats my understanding when our Great leader complains about the British giving big chucks of land to a few Baganda during the colonial era. Why then should this Great leader push for land reforms yet he is doing exactly the same, by offering jobs to those close to him. How much money have the citizens lost through corruption to his close allies.
written by Nuwabine Enock, March 15, 2009
B) :0 smilies/smiley.gif People just take things for granted without realising the reality,when you look at the posts headed by the relatives of President Museveni,its not all that way impulsive, other Presidents chose their people whom they trust, forinstance the post of his daughter Natasha, whom do you think can do it better than his own son?
written by Brian, March 15, 2009
Realy we``Ugandans`` we are dying i don`t think Museveni also can readthat! it`s better if you can tell him that we can also be ok and he becomes ill as he is calling his fellows.````we are abt to do it```` the way is still open!.Thanx.
Well done
written by Henry D Gombya, March 15, 2009
I greatly admire the type of journalism exhibited in this article. It seems to be well researched and right to the point. The writer brings into focus the real problems affecting the country and the worries Ugandans have about where the states machinery is being led.

I hope that many journalism students in Uganda look at this article and learn how to write meangful articles. I was spellbound by it and stopped doing anything else until I had read it all and all articles that appeared in the magazine. Well done!
written by kato, March 16, 2009
people we can all do something, I can pray, others can vote, others can demonstrate and lastly we can all go where kagu came from
written by VINCENT NUWAGABA, March 16, 2009
It is clear that Museveni equates this country with his family. I wonder why these days he has been on a country-wide tour teaching patriotism when he does things that are antithetical to patriotism. How can a patriot embrace sectarianism to this wierd magnitude. Does the President think his relatives and friends monopolise the brains? This is outrageous. Someone outside there should confirm to me whether it is true that the President said in West Nile that those who don't support him will not partake on the national cake. Does the president know that these people also pay taxes? The president must rethink his modus operandi.
No rebels in K'la is not by accident !
written by Tony the tiger, March 16, 2009
Dear Fatuma,

That there are no rebels in K'a is no mere accident ! M7 has managed security better than Obote. Attempts to tame the army were unheard of under Milton. Remember Oyite Ojok's impunity??

Evaluated on his own promises, M7 seems an average prez with good and bad. Evaluated in the context of Uganda's history, he ranks best so far. This, for me, is sad. Sadder even is my hunch that Besigye or Ssebaana would be worse!! Cry the beloved country!!!
written by debunkys, March 17, 2009
Guys please proof read your posts. these are just a few lines it doesnt take that long some of these posts one cant even make out what they are trying to say let alone if it is chimp language.
written by debunkys, March 17, 2009
Yegga i have one word for you
written by Admirer, March 17, 2009
:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: I have just admired the piece of work presented. If those guys contest your information, let them dare close down the independent. We shall go for them.
written by debunkys, March 17, 2009
Tony the Tiger, I am sure you are the Disney Tiger right? In primary I hated Obote. I was so depressed and never imagined that guy would go. The kiliings etc but Museveni has made me realise how good Obote was and brought back that same depression. Obote knew he was a president of all ugandans wether you liked him, voted for him or not. He never threatened any region with remarks like no vote no development or stated jobs will only be for NRM cadres I am talking about Bugagali casual labour jobs etc. Obote built healthcare centres at the minimum in all regions. Obote through coop unions strived to promote agriculture in ALL REGIONS. Museveni killed the coop unions or societies. Regions like Busoga have become a shadow of themselves(their past). Basoga kids of 23 and less have perhaps never eaten a mango or orange grown in Busoga to say the least. Obote believed in institutions of government and yes the northerners dominated government but other tribes held key positions with real power(unlike Bukenya, Atubo, Nsibambi Katumba Wamala that are there for window dressing or regional appeasement), like the recently released Rwakasisi a munyankoreor Luwuliriza Kirunda a musoga. Museveni has made Ugandans realise how not so so bad after all Amin and Obote were. Amin never pretended to be democratric. He saved the country money needed to hold sham elections. To promise a fundamnetal change then give us buls**t is being worse than Amin who abolished the constitution and declared to rule by decree right from the onset. So my dear Tiger I dont know about Museveni being the BEST LEADER WE HAVE EVER HAD but lets disagree agreeably something museveni doesnt know.Comrades who disagree instantly become enemies, lazy like Kategaya, or contributed nothing in the bush for Besigye etc
For the record I am not a Musoga
Be objective
written by Arthur Komire, March 17, 2009
I think Uganda`s media has aproblem in analysing the inefficiences within Government. People like Andrew can`t blame their kinsmen who are eating in this regime,Iam not attacking personalities the way Andrew does his thing. Stop being biased otherwise good job man.
written by Vincent Nuwagaba, March 17, 2009
The president's family members may be qualified for the jobs. But, they do not at all hold a monopoly of the qualifications. Uganda has thirty million people and out of these the most brilliant are rendered jobless deliberately so that they can be kept in abject poverty so as to effectively cow them into submission.

All of us have qualifications and can as well sacrifice. In fact, some of us could be more qualified than those family members but we have no opportunity to serve. Clearly, what the president does is utterly antithetical to his reasons for waging a protracted war against the Obote 11 regime. I think with all the due respect the president needs to put his money where his mouth is. It is not enough to preach patriotism when one is perfecting the art of unpatriotic practices.
written by base, March 17, 2009
please Andrew pubilsh their qualifications to shame them more.
written by UTODA, March 17, 2009
your black book will end like Kayiras
written by Ochen Richie-Glasgow, March 17, 2009

Andrew this is a well authored article, you clearly used the allegory properly. . . M7 is likened to many African heads of state that we know and the history professor enlightened you I guess? However, your style is very academic least to say the article reads like an article in the Journal.
written by a guest, March 17, 2009
Museveni and his family should be ashamed of themselves. Janet, take heed, the Aides of March is coming and you and you children will have nowhere to hide. You bastards!
written by a guest, March 17, 2009
We are tired and fed-up of people lile you Andrew who keep on highlighting the ills and disgusting behaviour of King Museveni. It is high time someone pushed a bullet through that mans head or his wife or children just to teach them a lesson. Disgusted indeed!!!
written by aron shillingi, March 17, 2009
i wish museveni 2 have arecord on issue of retairment, that is 2 say handing over power 2 next presindent in 2016.
congratulations to every contributor !
written by floma, March 17, 2009
am glad that everyone here just talks while seated on his/her butt and takes no step to what is happening. " YOU ARE ALL COWARDS" let me tell you, this man thinks YOU are just fearing him, that is why YOU can't confront him on what he does...he is taking advantage of granpa had a saying that, " action proves man's power"

am also glad that people know all what the former presidents did while they where still in power, so don't get surprised if ruling a country and putting relatives on top posts becomes something inheritable...even the next president to come will still be the same story...even YOU yourself if you happened to be one, you would automatically do the same...

therefore, just take it easy, the God who put His. exc. m7 to power, will be the same God who will remove him from power...just believe that "there is time for everything" God is in contral. his time will definitely come.

written by floma, March 17, 2009
However, we need PURE JUSTICE here.
Get saved
written by Mulokoke, March 19, 2009
Ugandans you need to turn to the lord and stop sacrifising women and children you are bringing a curse to this nation.

As for M7 i cant loose sleep bse he has appointed his wife a minister there is no law that stops him thus he has a right to do what he pleases and rule for life if he so wishes.

Our relatives sacrifised their youth and lives for the sake of Uganda but the ophans they left have no fees, have no access to jobs, they have to change their names to survive but its not M7's problem bse he has not issued a decree that recruite 80% from this region.

So Ugandans get to know who your enemies are and get saved and believe in God almighty them your future will be bright bse no one can reap this world.
God bless u
History will judge them
written by aarons, March 20, 2009
thanx...Hero Andrew . ilearnt that they studieded history to pass exams not to compare the past thus history will judge them harshly, pliz however much strong they take themselves to be time will come the dynasty will collapse like the encient strong empires and great leaders pliz be reminded that history repeats itself dont end up like past leaders after 23 years rule
written by Eric, March 20, 2009
what would you do mwenda if you were museveni??? let your former rebel brother be on katebe?
written by jero, March 21, 2009
:evil: Too unfortunate to use such language,it shows how low the country has sunk in morals.God forbid if this is the brilliance you are talking about i pity MOTHER UGANDA!!!!!!!!
Be decent
written by jero, March 21, 2009
:evil: God should save your life,i can see our society is stinking with moral decay.Pliz get to a mirrow see your face and mention that word then you will know what am talking about.
written by jero, March 21, 2009
Guy try it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the language people use here.
written by james magembe, March 21, 2009
Thank you the independent leadership...i request you to edit publications on the net because the language used by some readers is very dirty AND would not be good to use. The president of a country is the highest executive who deserves honor even if he makes mistakes here and there. Let's be polite as we deliberate our views.
I come from luwero and i think museveni is good enough for another term despite the mistakes you pointed out, they are human.
"it is a matter of working hard for ones family and you will make it like me and other hard working persons"
Thank you every body bye.
Please understand
written by kak Juatice, March 21, 2009
AS much as i agree with u on the issue of money wasting, I have to say i kind of support the whole insight behind the trip. The president is only trying to do for his family what any one of us would do for their family. If, say, he's off the sit tomorrow, he's made it sure to secure a future for the grand kid. This child will be entitled to a duo citizenship (Ugandan and German), and therefore easy access to the rest of Europe. U can also see it this way, if this child sees it fit to remain in Germany, which I'm sure it'll most certainly do, then that's a load off the pockets of a Ugandan tax-payer. Maybe it's money-wasting now, but I'm confident that can be paid off sooner than we all think. There is also a chance this child will see things differently and therefore do something to help the country instead of raking it. I know it's quite too much to hope for but lets not forget that these kids are the new generation and therefore bring with them more ideas different from our own. All we need is to hold our hope.
written by kak Juatice, March 21, 2009
And u blame Museveni for leading you for 23yrs? You can't even show some morals and make a valuable point other than be abusive towards someone who is not afraid to give their view towards the topic. I for one think that if you were to, one day, become president (which I'm most certainly sure will never be), you would make a worse leader than all have ever seen. so please allow Museveni to lead you since he's obviously got more brains than you.
Do you care that much?
written by kak justice, March 21, 2009
:shock: Hey, if you care that much and really wanna help, then be the one to try to take the shot.
written by MUNYAMI SSALI, March 21, 2009
written by Akhenaten, March 22, 2009
It's regretable that you had a bad experience under Obote but I think more Ugandans had a better experience from Obote than M7.
Obote's cabinet was the most representative of the crossection the Ugandan population compared to M7 who appoints mainly people from his area.
Obote was a statesman not a militarist like M7 who depended on his diverse cabinet to govern so I don't know why you come up with utterly a baseless statement that he depened solely on his kith and kin only.
Obote shared the national cake equally between all regions of Uganda unlike M7 who prefers certain areas only.
Obote was more of a nationalist compared to M7.
Bit of a praise really....
written by kak justice, March 22, 2009

As much as i side with you concerning the general problem in Uganda, I'm rather shocked that u dared to mention 'mafias' in your comment. Well if the Musevenis are mafias, then they don't make good ones.
I've been to Italy, Russia, Mongolia, China, etc...and that's where u can see natural-born mafias.
In Italy, the prime minister is the richest man while garbage is seen on the streets of cities; In Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, Vladmir Putin, Roman Abromovich, and a few allies run the country. They control all the oil and natural gas (major natural resources), and dispose of any enemy anywhere in the world. (e.g, Aleksander Letvinienko was killed by radiation poisoning in a London bar). In China, the Use of the internet is restricted to government goons while people in Tibet have got no rights. Therefore most of the comments about the Musevenis are kind of praises. He is an amateur at all the things we are saying here. He is just a bad leader that's all.

I'm kind of hoping that the next leader ain't like him at all. That's all I'm hoping for and I hope it's not much.
:unsure: :unsure:
written by kak justice, March 22, 2009

That is one of the best insights i've seen here. Tony the tiger...keep up the good work
written by Akhenaten, March 22, 2009
It was Museveni and the National Resistance Army/Movement (NRA/M) who were responsible for insecurity in the 1980's in central Uganda. Obote's army was infiltrated by Museveni's insurgents who engaged in terrorism while in goverment army uniforms in order to discredit Obote and turn the population againist him. Those in the bush also aquired government army uniforms and did the same thing.

Ofcourse there was no need to continue with this kind strategy once Museveni had assumed power.

There are always tell tale signs Musveni's army leaves behind everywhere they go. The enemies will be different but there are always massive sufferings inflicted on civilians. Consider Luwero, northern Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
written by Lugie, March 24, 2009
"Tony the Tiger";we have heard enough of your crap!!!
Kindly give others an opportunity to discuss issues than talk Rubbish.
You are filling the space with crap!!
If u have a thing with M7,go put it in the new vision.
I will post a request to A M asking him to include one's age before their comments are posted.
N'azina obulungi ava mu diiro
written by Lugie, March 24, 2009
Gwe Magembe what on eart do u have??
You could even passing yourself as a born of luwero yet you are the one fleecing us.
Do you know what pain the people in that triangle went thru under the pretext of FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE?
Do u know the currency in which they are paying?
Would the roads in that triangle be full of dust 20 years after the bastard came to power?
Would there only be one hospital(Nakaseke built by obote)serving the districts of Wakiso,Luwero,Nakasongola when this man run down all that the people of luwero had put up with their meagre resources then?????
I appreciate the fact that people are using foul language but the fact of the matter is that peolpe are sick and tired of this whole thing.
Let people express their feelings the way they want.Maybe this will ease their mind.
History is the best teacher!
written by Tony the tiger, March 24, 2009
Many people either forget history or selectively remember only parts of it.

Obote was the ultimate militarist. He introduced the military in politics by using it to settle his political argument with Mutesa II. He never held political rallies to argue his case. No! He simply sent in the guns.

Milton wanted the army to settle his political scores, so he repeatedly promoted an illiterate officer called Idi Amin... and arranged for the death of the professional Opolot.

In his 2nd coming he despised politicians with no militias like Binaisa and Ssemo whom he asked "Where are your generals?"

Obote's philosophy of "a good Muganda is only a dead one" was bone chilling even to non-Baganda.

Obote blew his chance to build a prosperous Uganda, when he practised militarism and tribalism. OBOTE'S MONSTROUS FAILURE SET US UP FOR AMIN'S CRUELTY AND M7'S MEDIOCRITY!!

Obote planted the seed that Amin watered and M7 is harvesting. Amin and M7 studied Obote and created their own versions of Oboteism.
Domazo, analyze issues. Insults not helpful!
written by Tony the tiger, March 24, 2009
Dear Domazo,

I have not seen any analysis from you... Only insults. Is this your approach to all problems? To hurl insults at the views of others seems to be like a magic wand you wave, hoping all your pain will disappear. Better dig into the issues. Show me what was wrong about my points.
written by Aknenaten, March 24, 2009
Obote never believed a good muganda is a dead on, othewise why would he marry a muganda or have them in his cabinet or have them in postitions of trust in government. This is malicious rumour that was planted by his political enemies.
This also proves he was not a tribalist.

Whatever Obote was he now belongs to the past. Museveni and the NRM have their own record for people to judge. They will be judged on their own records and not the records of Obote.
I don't know whether being illiterate or litterate is an advantage as far as being an African leader is concerned at the moment in the context of Uganda becasue if you look at the NRM there are people who are supposed to be learned and yet they act illiterate and cannot solve even the simple problems facing the country. Are they any different from Amin? I dont know under what circumstances or criteria Obote promoted Amin but he must have possed other qualities to merit such a promotion.
Obote never had the military sit in parliament making political decisions something which conflicts with their constitutional role unlike under the NRM so its really unfair to accuse the civilian president of militarism. The NRM appointing and recruiting the army to the police thereby blurring the roles of the two? Encouraging civilians to undergo military training and indcotrination at places such as Kyankwanzi? To dymistify the gun?!? Uganda has never been more militarised than it is today.
written by Aknenaten, March 24, 2009
Obote never had the military sit in paliament something which conflicts with their constitutional role. Obote never recruited or appointed the army into the police there by blurring the role of the two? Obote never set up military training camps or indoctrination centres for civilians such as Kyankwanzi. Dymistifying the gun ?!?
Uganda has never been more militarized than it is today.
written by Mesach, March 24, 2009
Some people should stop their nugu in this business. It is well known that charity begins at home in fact that is why the majority will continue voting our beloved M7 to rule us until he gets tired. Long live the son of Kaguta.
written by mujuni, March 24, 2009
i am made to belive or even think that all of us discussing this issue are most probably intellectuals,i therefore think that this fora should be used to express our fundermental greviences and possibily using the same fora to unanimousily come to a common understanding on how to go about this facist disguised rule.Well those who are debating with out asense of direction and arrogance should know this nation is in urgent need of rational debates to quickly tame the evil that may befall the beloved nation,remember that not every opinion is publically palatable.Asuggestion what if we always use such topics to generete meaningful but rational action to show how patriotic we are to our country other than throwing insults and exposing our ignorance.
written by man, March 24, 2009
In the Bibble God punishes up to the fourth generation.
written by man, March 24, 2009
In the same way as you don't know what is in store until you bring it out.
Get Real!!
written by real, March 24, 2009
This is a ground of not praeching the gospel man,its a place for people with issues that hurt them and not those who pretend like they are in heaven yet they still forget that they are on earth Worse still in Uganda where emperor M7 is ruling.

Please discuss some things also but you can still preach the gospel 2.
thnx :shock:
written by Abantu, March 24, 2009




written by RZL, March 24, 2009
3. Amin declared himself president for life. Uganda became highly militarized, with 'Military tribunals placed above the system of civil law, soldiers appointed to top government posts, and civilian cabinet
4. Barre seized power in Somalia in a military coup in 1969 and remained its leader until 1991. He played Somalia's clans off against each other in a 'divide and rule ' campaign and in particular he singled out the Majerteen tribe.
5. Biya of Cameroon used special powers of presidential decree to appropriate vast sums from the profits of state enterprises. In 1997, a French newspaper estimated his personal fortune at just under half a Billion French Francs.
6. Doe banned political parties in Liberia until 1984. The next year elections were held, however they were rigged and Doe remained in power until he was overthrown and executed in an uprising led by Charles Taylor in 1990.
7. Mobutu seized power in a CIA backed military and named himself head of state, head of government, commander in chief of the armed forces, and head of the only political party allowed,
8. Mugabe who started of well like M7 was a hero in the struggle for majority rule in the former British colony of Rhodesia, however over time he has lost popularity as his regime has become increasingly dictatorial and the list goes on Charles Taylor, etc
----You be the judge ---
written by a guest, March 24, 2009
:evil: :angry:
Yes, we can! BOYCOT!!!
written by AK, March 25, 2009
You should have started long ago. I'm talking of economic boycot. On your own, you can identify companies owned by M7 anc cronies and don't have anything to do with it. Do that, and talk as many people as you can into doing the same. If there is one thing that is closest to the hearts of these thugs, it is profit. Don't let them make it. At least not with your money. If you use mango, for instance, abandon it right away.
written by AK, March 25, 2009
Damn right narrow-minded. Dear reader, ignore this Mulokole. There are a lot of good stuff to be read in this chain!!!
written by nariah florence, March 25, 2009
Well, people have talked,abused, argued, quoted, refered to history, whatever....BUT, they all 4get that, GOD is the ruler. did U know that, everything that happens, it's all from GOD's plan..? M7 is not ruling the country, its GOD ruling it thru him....and it's the same GOD who will replace him....come on guys....just RELAX, GOD IS IN CONTRAL...just believe me, " there's time for everything"
written by Nariah flo., March 25, 2009
jesus said: listen en listen carefully, my brothers en sisters, "the effect of righteousness will be peace, and the result of righteousness, is quietness and trust forever"

isaiah; 32:17
running ex presidents!
written by Fatuma, March 26, 2009
I wonder why ugandas are so surprised as to why M7 is still holding on to power. Talk of history, all past presidents aren't used to handing over power peacefully. They are used to running into exile. Look at the OBOTE ,Amin, etc. When M7s time comes, he will do his marathon!. Only time will tell where the starting and finishing line will be.
written by FRED, March 27, 2009
Boycots, suicide, drowning, ropes, watch batteries and falling off of cliffs wont shame a family hell-bent on spreading its tentackles into the lives of ugandans stil in thier mothers' wombs. Gandi used civil disobidience effectively but this is only because the masses recognised who their enemy was- the british. The problem at home seems to be that some people still treasure the 'SLEEP' M7 brought with him,,,,,,,,,well,,,,,,,let sleeping dogs lie!
written by FRED, March 27, 2009
Fatuma? if king M7's starting line was somewhere west in Rakitura, then his finishing line will definitly be down south with the help of Ratkiller.
who's this mesach?
written by FRED, March 27, 2009
Now! take me along to this mesach's christening and i will make sure that his clan name is not semakula but rather, SEMAFU.
Nyabo Nariah flo'
written by FRED, March 27, 2009
if this 'GOD' has been and still is directing King M7's hand, they should both be removed. AMEN
written by Abantu, March 30, 2009




written by EAGLEEYE, March 31, 2009
Wait let's come back frm Iraq
Abantu !!!!!!!!!!
written by fred, March 31, 2009
Sebo Abantu,
if the masses could feed and cloth themselves as a result of the fact that they can debate unimpeded on websites such as this one where we enjoy relative anonimity, then there would be no one complaining.
Le me educate you on one of the most impotrtant rules of social dynamics,,,,,content people dont complain,,,and,,,,,the mouth or language was developed so that people can each find their place in society- just by reminding one-another when one is iin another's way.
written by Another Angle, April 05, 2009
Im very disappointed to hear that their are many fellow Uganda's that believe in many bad decisions made by our president. Don't you see that this man has been in power since 1986, he's entire family is seated in high positions, spends money like a playboy, and it is the PEOPLE OF THE DEMOCRATIC UGANDA that are fooled into failed promises. Musevni is drunk with power: For those of you that are educated should start getting familiar with the term: "POWER TENDS TO CORRUPT, AND ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY" (John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton - 1834–1902)
written by Another Angle, April 05, 2009
Another Angle - Mr |129.143.140.Xxx |2009-04-05 10:08:59
Im very disappointed to hear that their are many fellow Uganda's that believe in
many bad decisions made by our president. Don't you see that this man has been
in power since 1986, he's entire family is seated in high positions, spends
money like a playboy, and it is the PEOPLE OF THE DEMOCRATIC UGANDA that are
fooled into failed promises. Musevni is drunk with power: For those of you that
are educated should start getting familiar with the term: "POWER TENDS TO
Dalberg Acton - 1834–1902)
written by akech, April 11, 2009
Kaguta Museveni is loyal to his family and the the foreign powers exploiting Uganda. Thesse are the only two group of people he is looking out for.

I am horrified that the family is in the business of taking poor Ugandans youths as guards in Iraq. Many foreigners from poor families have been executed in Iraq and the people who took them there have not been revealed!
Understand the state, Appreciate Society.
written by kookies, April 16, 2009
Iam offering free audio dvds on Liberty, basic political theory,
causal-realistic introduction to economic theory; these resources r free here in kampala! Send
mail to for arrangements of getting your own copies.
The lectures r by d best, the logic is clear, its rendering is simple; I've
downloaded 6gb of audio from Visit this libertarian site for these
and more resources. U will see wat goes on here in Uganda differently, U will
want everyone around u equipped with this basic understanding of things in the
political and economic sphere, U will wish u'd known earlier, U will love our
society Uganda but hate d state.
written by Nuwagaba The Giraffe, April 16, 2009
Get serious guys! If m7 doesn't appoint his family members to public offices, how else will they account for the hefty monies they have in swiss banks and the luxury they overtly enjoy in Uganda?
written by Rwakubunyata, April 18, 2009
Words alone do not make achange,if u could use the same efforts to act, perhaps Museven would be in last presidents of Ug.
Let us participate and denounce the autocratic regime of Museven where we are subjected to torture and in human treatment in so called safe houses. Atugonza Francis we are with u in pain and we are still praying for u so that u can heal quickly.
None of Our Hands are Clean ... all Ugandans Must
written by Kalule Mbowa, April 19, 2009
Allow me, first of all say thanks to Andrew Mwenda for his service to our country...Thank you ever so much. Thank you.

If I were a M7 man - as they are called today - I would be forced to agreed with Alex Munanura's 'inference' BUT because I am a Ugandan I chose to disagree with vehemence. I chose to agree because deep down I carry the pain that millions of other Ugandans have had to endure because those in power feel that because Obote did it then Museveni can.

I am talking of the pain of the communities like the one in which I I live. In one of those places that the president never visits, among the many wanainchis that can't read and write not because it is their fault BUT because their government has let them down badly. Big numbers of children here die before they are born and those that are lucky enough to be born rarely make it beyond their 6th birthday. The president tells us more often than not that Uganda is growing so fast. From his glittering palaces, YES HE IS RIGHT. BUT for us here, we know this: MUSEVENI IS DEAD WRONG. So is our friend Andrew Mwenda who relied on government statistics - as he always does - in his article: Uganda’s opposition must speak to our aspirations.
I have never seen a statistician here, our dispensaries, roads, houses and schools are a death trap. Accept my cynicism about the validity of the statistics Mwenda quotes and indeed M7's assertions about growth.

The negative mentality (if Obote did it So M7 can do) that lurks in so many Ugandans because of our ethnic differences has brought us where we are today...millions of our people live with the humiliation that comes with the dehumanising poverty so rampant in this country.

I know for sure that none of our hands are clean. we have all somehow, somewhere been responsible for allowing Museveni to pull strings unabatedly at the helm of government. YES, none of our hands are clean not even my father's who gave all the support he could to M7's 'homecoming' onslaught on Obote and Lutwa without questioning what vision this so-called freedom fighter had for our country. Many of us have voted in M7's phony elections just to legitimise his rule.The media have not asked this government the tough questions - on behalf of us lot, the public - as the should have done.The tough questions about what happened to the public amenities that were ounce the core of our country?...who swindles what?...about the patriotism of this 'patriotic' lot telling us crap about patriotism?...about the background, integrity and competence of the opposition? - don't dare tell me that Besigye, if he had a chance, would do any better than his frail former master!! How about Mao?? May be and just may be. What about that 'parliament' of ours?

In fact, the media in this country is almost non-existent...if it does exist it is pandering with M7 - with due respect to Andrew Mwenda and a few troops of his nature.

Who has not bribed a police officer, a tax collector, a hall warden, a student's leader, a headmaster/teacher, a cook, a hotel manager, you name it...Who, apart from that new born baby whose nurses have bribed for its safe delivery in a maternity ward or something??? WHO.

None of our hands are clean, yet we dread to admit and come together to rebuild this country.


IT IS NOT GONNA BE EASY BUT IT IS WORTH GIVING IT OUR BEST SHOT. FIRST STEP: We must all shun tribalism, nepotism, corruption in our own 'yards' and rediscover the true genius of true Ugandans - Feeling each other's pain and never compromising in the fight for a descent life.

My problems - dusty roads, no electricity, no idea where the next meal is going come from, corruption, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, poor schools, poor teachers, etc., in Mukono South are your problems in Kampala Central, Mbarara or in Karamoja...that is what being Ugandan was all about.

We want our country back. We cannot afford to say we love our country YET we fear our government. We must stand up to this wretched 'family rule'. We are the majority. WE, the People, We Ugandans.
written by Julius Kambarage, April 24, 2009
Guys let me end this argument. Please be informed that these people struggled to get their families into things and not for their families to suffer. They put their lives on line. Who of you has tried it successfully? Let them eat what they sacrificed for. They wanted to eat peacefully in an atmosphere where everyone else is capable of eating if they work hard. Have you opened a business and failed because someone is eating elsewhere? If you cant beat them, join them in the eating by showing that you vote for them regularly. Ask Kinobe for whom an embassy had to be sought 'by all means' or Gilbert Baalibaseka who keeps in office despite all his scandals. If you cant join them in politics, open your business, consultancy etc and eat peacefully since they have given you the 'conducive atmosphere'. OK? Now debate ends here. Read another article. And, a reminder, Andrew benefits from these guys and is bitter with Rwabwogo because he took the babe he had hopes on. Mwenda was rejected by the babe and her brother. They preferred humble Rwabwogo to loud mouthed, mannerless Mwenda. Although he is a friend to Muhoozi the latter told him to back off or else...And now Mwenda hates this Rwabwogo boy so bad and always jumps at any opportunity to smear him. Remember their personal fights in the press?? Now you know where it came from
understand continued
written by Julius Kambarage, April 24, 2009
Read another article. And, a reminder, Andrew benefits from these guys and is bitter with Rwabwogo because he took the babe he had hopes on. Mwenda was rejected by the babe and her brother. They preferred humble Rwabwogo to loud mouthed, mannerless Mwenda. Although he is a friend to Muhoozi the latter told him to back off or else...And now Mwenda hates this Rwabwogo boy so bad and always jumps at any opportunity to smear him. Remember their personal fights in the press?? Now you know where it came from
Kabagambe, that it is Deplorable...
written by Kalule Mbowa, April 24, 2009
Hey Julius, it is deplorable that you see it right when government is reduced to a family affair or when it is grossly corrupt as it is or both. This your crap mentality that they put their lives on the line thus they should 'eat coz that is what they fought for' is utter nonsense and must be dismissed as stinking and uninformed as it should be. We all love our country, pay allegiance to the national flag and the emblem and must share the 'national cake' at all times. Those (like the M7s) who slurp whilst eating the cake must be told of their bad manners and checked or punished if they don't refrain from it. Period!
Also, Mr Kabagambe, this forum has tremendous respect for quality; so you throwing a kitchen sink at Andrew Mwenda by getting into his private territory, is simply not one of those passions we are here. I don't think so. That said though your suggestion about starting business is a Good one. BUT I don't think where one is taxed to the hill and dosh is nicked by the 'clan' or where all roads - from here to Timbuktu - are full of pot-holes business survival stands a chance. Nop! Forgive me if I am wrong.
written by muzira jemas, April 24, 2009
Look at them,they are very well educated,very beutyfull,even they are not too old,they a tru leadars.remembar they fought 4 that pl's befriend them & hv a cake with them.You will not fight abacweezi.Find ankole history 2 no much about that.thanks
written by David Timbiti, April 26, 2009
Ladies and Gentlemen, Museveni knows something all of you do not! Government is not about you the governed but a company for the governors!
Check this link out for details:
written by Julius Kambarage, April 27, 2009
Gentlemen!!!!!!!!! All focused people in Uganda are eating including the M7
family. For the first time indigenous Ugandans are erecting storeyed structures
in town, Dubai streets have luganda spoken on them coz of Ugandan businessmen
crowding and making lots of travels to 'kusubula', Ugandan streets are crowded
with personal cars, etc. The lazy want to get political jobs and are
concentrating on venting anger to the man who brought this wealth to the
country. Why dont you want him to eat as well? The Oguttus, Obbos, Mwendas have
all amassed unimaginable wealth under and in most cases with the help of M7.
Mwenda is bankrolled by M7, and Oguttu is a known old cadre who ate and got
disgruntled when the cheques reduced. He was mentored by the 3Ks at Katwe.
Everybody is eating and we should not 'nugurise' on one family. It is common
knowledge that in Ug, one can live happily as long as he doesnt attempt to
displace other eaters.
So Mwenda your piece falls in the jealous category since it is well known that
you are eating and not small eating
Family Rule stinks
written by Justin timbearlake, May 07, 2009
: :evi

This regime is totally crazy. Now we have a national patriotic program which is meant to entrench one party rule and foster corruption.

It is obvious this man is no patriot. Would a patriot fill most key positions in the army with his henchmen and relatives?

Would a patriot seek to divide bunyoro and buganda?

Would a patriot seek to punish those who do not vote for him even though they are Ugandans?

End this facade. Vote them massively out of office and force a Zimbabwe episode. Yeah!!!:
written by Asiku Robert, May 10, 2009
I hate the so called Museveni naturally bse, since we didnt vote for him, he hates a tribe called lugbara. We had a reason not for votting for M7, he made sure, he ****ed most of our power young men like colonal Toko, bse he was worried of him, secondly, he ****ed former speaker of parliment Frances Ayume, Lastly, his men ****ed Mp Godis wife and they just wanted to bring him problem. Museveni, bear in mind that, people from Arua are not happy and we shall revenge when u are out of power.
written by Kamondi, May 12, 2009
I have read all the comments people have written but i think we all need emotional maturity that is the ability to cognitiely manage our emotions. we are human beings we all shall die at one time T. why dont we live in harmony? we cant all be presidents and if any of us was in President M7's position we would do the same. who of us in our places of work as leaders have not wished to employ his kinsmen if they are qualified? besides would you feel comfortable to work with a stranger than a fellow tribes man? Empisi yo wanyu ekurya nekurundarunda. Let us not abuse the man time will come he will go like all of us and other people shall take over the presidency. Andrew we know hwy you are bitter but remember that generations, times come and go and als remember you are not an angel either alot is known about you but may not be published please try to be objective in your criticing. Thank you.
Absolutely Gobsmacked by Kamondi
written by Kalule Mbowa, May 13, 2009
I don't know whether I should laugh or cry...really I don't. Kamondi has just pulled out a gun and shot himself in the foot. The fella suggests emotional maturity and I am like, touch wood, it is going to be the touchstone of the rest of his comment. Disappointingly he lungs into some of us, why?..coz our views differ from his. He goes a step further by getting into Andrew Mwenda's territory after telling us that if we were in M7's shoes we wld do the same; also reminding us that we are all human we are going to die one day. Surely, there can't be more emotional immaturity than that. You are off your cake, Kamondi. Of course we know about death BUT we also know that we don't play God in politics. We also know that we have every right to employ family or the so-called Tribesmen if, and only if, we run a family, privately-owned business. Government doesn't suit the afore-mentioned taxonomy - It is far from it, it is actually the opposite. Difference of opinion is no difference of principle. You and I all agree that leaders should be held to account by none other than Ugandans. Listen brother Kamondi, you are glorifying wishful thinking, telling us to be patient coz M7 will die one day and all that crap you are chatting. M7 has served our nation, credit to him..BUT truth be told he makes headlines for all the bad reasons; it is sad and despiccable that his Presidency & Government is dragging us closer and closer to the edge of a failed nation. And get this, Ugandans don't care whether he dies or not, what they care about are the thousands of Ugandans dying from largely preventable diseases, poverty and all that; and if OUR government had a slight change in priorities we wld all be on course for a descent life...We can spend on our military but also be wise enough to spend on our children and the elderly, education, health, roads and all infrastructure. PLEASE DON'T TELL US TO SIT BACK AND WAIT FOR OUR LACK. The true genius of this country lies in its name, a united people, working hard with but also for one another, feeling each other's pain, celebrating success together but also unite in times of crisis. We have crisis brothers and sisters, let us remind the president to lead by example. Get out of the kitchen if you can't stand the heat - if M7quits now he will be a true champion of the patriotism he is dishonestly chatting.
written by S, June 06, 2009
Whatever may be the case and i guess a lot has been discussed here already..i would propse that one shouldn't get mad and just resent, but do what is possible to make a change and yes, often it takes time for things to change and i think: why not prepare urself and others for when a new regime is underway and to make things better? if it wasnt ur time now, it might be then!
ps: using abusive language ain't helping!
written by Imhotep, July 13, 2009
Hooooo...! Omussajja nga akyekoze! Nga naye banaye who's to blame but Ugandans themselves!? One also must realise that having such fora to vent people's anger is to pacify them, to disarm them. So to all of you that come on here, remember that whenever you put something down, it decreases your power to rise up. Better to discuss how we can rid ourselves of these hyenas, than to paper over the cracks they create by jostling over who writes better comments, or who abuses the other more.

Ugandans should organise, educate themselves better in matters that are global in nature, because you shall find that the forces that are keeping M7 in power are else where!
written by ochwo godfrey, July 18, 2009
i think we need prayers for this country uganda
Respect the Prz
written by Ben KK, July 28, 2009
I would like to strongly inform Lugie and his counterparts that somebody they are talking about is the president and is leading them. U cant call a whole president a bustard. Even if you dislike him, Atleast give him the respect he deserves. Besides the positions being held by the "very few" of the president's relatives arent that many to cause such out cry. How many positions can be solicited for in the govt circles and how many are occupied by Museveni's relatives?
written by akuno, July 29, 2009
much as museveni is corrupt we can,t forget how ruthless acholi were to baganda and langi obote neva in my life do langi have a place in ugandan leader a good muganda is a dead muganda kale we shall see am form bunyoro but can,t dare northeners r chance in ugandan leadershi[p
written by chri, July 31, 2009
First, non of these people were obote´s relatives and second museveni went to the bush to build a better corruption free uganda and not to do what past leaders did.In any case this is the most corrupt regime ugandans have ever seen.
written by Paul Summer, August 07, 2009
VP Bukenya mentioned there are mafias in Government. You can as well tell from what these guys are doing. So many agreements have been entered into without knowledge of concerned parties; mention the drilling of oil in Hoima, sale of Shimon land, land grabbing in the country etc. it should be noted also there are Government agents arrested abroad connected with drag trafficking
Call in the Udertakers
written by king, August 14, 2009
Uganda is dead!!!
Call in the /UndertakersReceivers.
M7 has done the bidding of his Masters.
1. Destabilize theGreat Lakes, weaken the Ugandan infrastructure (whites hated Obote as a socialist because of the Parastatals and panafricanism) Now we have so many white associations congregating in secret under the CMI noses (The Irish, the English. the Australians - name them. Just google and you realixe Uganda is ready for the take). There is even a Jew planted and confusing the locals in Gulu)
1. No body asks anymore how Rwandese were in the Uganda Army - Kagame et al? Is this not treasonous to allow aliens to **** and maim and get away with it?
2.When are we getting paid by Rwanda for out Sacrifice for their Liberation. I understand Uganda Paid Tanzania for getting rid of Amin.
3.Pride goes before a fall. Our president openly boasts of being independently wealthy while there is famine in the land. Yje NRM raped Uganda Fishnet etc and used to bring cash by the truckload to be weighed for deposit in the bank.
I suggest all the Investors and Donors should read family rule. Any new government should abscond on debts stollen by the first family. Ugandans should tell the donors to follow thier money in their banks etc. Unfortunately the oil wealth is being spent before it is realised in presidenttial jets etc. Donours we villagers owe you nothing - go after your boy . Investors we will demand our stollen / give away assets with compensation. Investors can go to Rwakitura to demand refund from the NRM (New Rulers of Mengo).
4. Ugandans dont sell your land to so investors/ Let them pay you reny. When you have save enough you can kick them out and take over their business, They dont make land anymore. Chinese, Indians tjese people dont like you. Go to their land and see how you get treated. Hinduism of Madhvani and Mehta is racist against the darker skin/
Call in the udertakers
written by king, August 14, 2009
Uganda is dead!!
Foe 20 plus years we had negative peace= absence of tension instead of positive peace = presence of justice!!
Donours be warned future Ugandans will renage on Aid / Loans given to enrich a clique. You can alway collect from their bank account in your countrirs. Why - No improvements in infrastructure, hospitals education etc. There is general confusion which makes for good stealing. Going to the bush is over-rated. Majority of Ugandans live in the bush without running water etc. All they lack is a gun and they can tell our president to stop romaticing the bush.
Call in the udertakers
written by king, August 14, 2009
Most of my good points got truncated.
One key advice to mr. President,
Spend thousand times to make your enemies your friend. Because your current friends of today re nothing but potentially most dangeroud enemies. They know too much about you and can destroy you in a blink of an eye.
family tree
written by opolot wilfred, August 20, 2009
there is nothing left but we are waiting for history museveni is in the evening of his life. the rest would be history i bet. Ugandans should take heart. let them enjoy.
Talk no action
written by Bunnya Serebe john, September 01, 2009
Interestingly Ugandans are again talking. Divided again shame!!! Why not start up a parallel to the network? People who participated in the struggle will tell you that a Uganda today is truly much better than a Uganda of Obote, Amin & all the Ben Kiwanuka's alike. It is a global trend
written by gensi chapman, September 04, 2009
We appliciated & welcomed the Good news about fundermental change in 1986 but at present lets enjoy the ''fundermental challenge''
if you dont care on your vote ,who do you think cares.FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY
National army?
written by Watcher, October 09, 2009
Will Uganda ever have a national army? We've seen in Kenya and TZ, the president goes and the army remains. A new president comes and finds the army there. That means its the country's army not the president's.
Will this ever happen in the pearl of Africa?
written by AKIIZA , October 16, 2009
Jesus the son of God was also a victim,no one is free fm it.Even those cricising in that angle if they have insruments of power they can do shame to us.Museven`s democracy is too much to people,letting minor issues to be insinuated to that level.i pray one day to get another Amin Dada and you weigh the two,iif not JESUS COME BACK and we rid of this of enviousness.
written by hudson, October 20, 2009
why dont you concetrate on viable project done wasting time talking every body is the same, what m7 is done you can do it too if given chance just take a kin analysis
you dont know the price these people have paid
the best advise to some you with arrogant words just take JESUS as your lord and savior you will have peace even like your country
oh God bless uganda
written by tea, November 03, 2009
Mwine is clearly one of the people benefiting from this state of affairs. While it is true that past regimes also favoured people from their region, it does not make it right. In fact by mentioning this, Mwiine is agreeing that favouritism is indeed taking place. Where I do not agree with the article is the doomsday predictions it makes. Some of the statements border on incitement. While it is true that things are going wrong, it is not helpful for Ugandans to hope for chaos. The article goes as far as predicting an end where the first family will have to hide and run out of the country. It is this kind of thinking that will make the Bahima fight to stay in power.
tea, you can't blind anyone on this.
written by Watcher, November 03, 2009
It is true right now that they are fighting to stay in power forever and ever. Total distruction of this regime is the only solution. Nothing less and nothing more.
No Wonder the guy is still here
written by Omufuruki, November 04, 2009
Reading all these posts I now understand why Museveni has stayed in power for this long! For goodness sake how can You start saying such things (Acholi, Langi never to rule Uganda again), so because some Acholi and Langi made a few mistakes (which by the way are shrouded in controversy) we should hold all their tribesmates accountable? Are they guilty on account of their ethnicity? Good Lord, no wonder the guy is still in power, what with Ugandans still thinking like that! Infact You will be surprised that two of the only viable options for returning sense to Uganda are both Acholi's a certain Nobert Mao and a certain Olara Otunnu, but thanks to how some of you think (if u think at all that is) Museveni will convince you that the 'badookori' and the 'bakooko' (Very Very derogatory terms) will kill You like they 'did in Luweero'. Me am from the so called 'Western Uganda' but I have not seen any good in this so called regime!
Semi illiitrate!!!
written by momo, November 25, 2009
There is this bit where Andrew points out Miriam Karugaba the Presidents little sister and admin to state house as being semi illitrate!!! I believe she still has the time to go back to school!!! dont forget that the whole bunch came into state house including the boss himself when they where either illitrates or semi illitrates! Remember the times Janet, Sale etal where going back to school????

This may Perharps explain the reason for their "Rural Excitement for Urban Facilities"

Roger That!!!
be educated
written by RWAKIRITI tumwine, December 19, 2009
sir mad stop wasting time ,writing abut musevens famiry, uganda is developing day ad night. so we gon left u be heid,doying nathing. if mr museven put his famiry on govermt also put urs on agric or in busines .we have one presdet,but we cant have many ,so let as people do difrent things not politcs.4GOD AND MY COUNTRY OR 4GOD AND MY FAMIRY
written by Watcher, January 05, 2010
2% of the population are developing themselves. What I understand as development of a country is building public infrastructure; roads, schools, hospitals, health insurance system, electricity, water, etc. Someone will not give this, but will tell me to be educated.
Isn't Muhozi ready?
written by Watcher, January 05, 2010
Are Ugandans ready to receive Muhozi as their president?
written by FRED LYAGOBA, June 15, 2010
The big problem in Uganda we need most is to improve on Schools,Hospitals,Roads and create more Jobs
I think every things goes in stages,if done then people will benefit access services freely and fairly
written by FRED LYAGOBA, June 15, 2010
The big problem in Uganda we need most is to improve on Schools,Hospitals,Roads and create more Jobs
I think every things goes in stages,if done then people will benefit access services freely and fairly
Family or clan rule?
written by Bulcanan, July 21, 2010
All Hail Emperor Museveni. Giver of Vision, safety, corruption, jobs and command. Lord of war, spoils and patriarch of Uganda. Let we all kiss your ring and ass...may you see our devotion and reward thee. Hail Emperor...Hail to strike the naught's! (Museveni's "yes men" recital. I hear it works for some. Try it if you want)
read this
written by Chinwe, August 24, 2010
Wayo gal
written by kachuriza herbert, November 03, 2010
It is always easy to say than practical. Prove that you can and find out the plot, adress and house where janet museveni stayed while in exile gothenburg sweden. Then you have my vote.
we the young generation wants the truth
written by NAMISIME, June 06, 2011
Fellow Ugandans, here is a simple message. The NRM government is the goverment of the few, by the few and of the few and thus if others are not included in the administration of every ones country just know that, that is how they run our nation.
But lets not lose hope as one day the sovereign Lord will definitely take them a way from us. Obote was our worst enemy with
his acholi and langi kinsmen, we were told when we were young how comes basing on what we are studying in history, our teachers says he stood for Uganda and Ugandans and built hospitals, schools, Uganda commercial bank, schools etc some of them are even still visible in my home district though am not a northner what does this tells us we the young generation of Uganda a bout him?

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