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UGANDA TALKS EXCLUSIVE: Rolling Stone newspaper to appeal High Court ruling

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Giles Muhame, the managing editor of the Rolling Stone that published an article identifying a group of Ugandans as homosexuals, is set to appeal against today’s High Court ruling against the newspaper.

The article indicated addresses and pictures of the individuals whom it described as "Uganda's top homos" under the title “Hang them”.

The High Court ruled that the newspaper violated the constitutional rights to privacy and safety of these individuals. The Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law in Uganda announced that the court had awarded the three plaintiffs in whose names the case was launched damages of shs4.5m.

However, Muhame who says Rolling Stone is “exposing the evil in our society” told The Independent that the newspaper’s lawyers were already preparing an affidavit to set foot in the court of appeal. “We are also going to get signatures from Ugandans,” he added.

Human rights groups warned that the article in October put the lives of gay people in danger, saying that at least one women named in the story had been forced to leave her home after neighbours pelted it with stones.

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brian you're a sorry waste of skin
written by shane, January 04, 2011
Enough said. The man who wrote this article has no say in the appeal you idiot. He's COVERING the story. And it should be appealed. Killing people for who they love ? LOL If they can get away with this we should be able to walk into every christian home, rip your children from your arms, and hang them for you to see. Why? Because they are the future generations of religious corruption, raised by bible banging hands. Only people like you and raised by you breed hate. YOU people deserve the noose way more than these people do. PERIOD.
Homosexuality is a crime under Uganda's penal code, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Brian, January 04, 2011
Che, read the law, and find out what the law actually says not what you think it says or else leave it to the professionals. Shane you are so twisted you dont even know what you are trying to say, better a padded cell in butabika for you
written by Sarah, January 09, 2011
These types of stories just make me sad. I will never understand why people feel they have the right to judge anyone. Unfortunately, I do not believe that there is ever going to be a time when this type of harassment/persecution will end. People have free will and unfortunately, that free will is sometimes used for "not so nice" actions poker sites
stupid ugandans
written by nanyumba, January 11, 2011
ugandans are really stupid and ensane were in the law do they say that some one should be hanged because of his or her nature mind you no one can controll nature unless you want to destroy it being a gay is not a crime its God given you fool if people should be hanged i think we should start with you because you masterbate in your bed now tell me isnt that being homo since you are not having sex with your opposite partner but with your hands man style up i think we need a change because m7 has dumped porridge in your heads so no one can think so on 18 vote k besigye for God and my country
Homosexuality is an irrational sexual behavior
written by Lakwena, January 12, 2011
nanyumba, don't expose your ignorance. Get informed before you open thy mouth. The death sentence for homosexuals is not yet a law. It was a proposed bill by Hon David Bahati; due for debate in the 8th parliament. What do you mean by saying no one can control nature, and what is nature to you? Don't over-generalize issues. Homosexuality is an irrational sexual behavior and a disaster. It is a sexual deficiency, if not stupidity of the highest order. How for example does a sane man plunge his dick into the oblivion of s**t? That is where all the sexually transmitted diseases come from. That is consequence number one. How do such idiots and fools replace themselves. That is consequence number two.
written by Fire, May 28, 2011
Homosexuality is a personality disorder that involves various, often dangerous sexual addictions and aggressive, anti-social impulses.
Homosexual men are known to be sexual abusers than heterosexuals, on the grounds that a third of abusers target boys rather than mature adults.
Homosexuality leads to Proctitis and Proctocolitis, inflammations of the rectum and colon that cause pain, bloody rectal discharge and rectal spasms.
It causes Enteritis which leads to abdominal pain, severe cramping, intense diarrhea(the reason u s**t head homos tend to 'pad' yourselves), fever, malabsorption of nutrients & weight loss.
And u think all that is right s**theads?? U must be real crackheads!!

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