Friday 12th of February 2016 04:15:54 AM

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Developing news; Museveni softens on anti gay bill

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President Museveni has told members of his National Resistance Movement party in a meeting at State House, Entebbe that cabinet will talk to Member of Parliament David Bahati who tabled the Anti Homosexuality Bill 2009, in order to reach a position that will leave both the local and international community satisfied.

The president’s pronouncement attracted wild murmurs from the audience prompting him to repeat his statement. He said ever since the bill was tabled in the last quarter of last year; he has been receiving calls from various international figures including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to find out updates on the proposed law. Museveni observed that the bill is affecting Uganda’s image abroad. He said although there’s need to protect Uganda’s values, it also necessary to take care of concerns of the international community.



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They will reap what they sow
written by Steve Leong, January 12, 2010
Bahati and the rest of the anti-Gay Africans will someday become enlightened that Gays were born and created the way they are by GOD. Hopefully then, they will have been held accountable for all the "wrong and hurt" they have promoted. No one can escape: WHAT ONE SOWS SO SHALL THEY REAP!
Steve Leong
Re: No yet! don't smile
written by Andrew Wasswa, January 12, 2010
By Museveni' stating that the NRM party nor the Government Uganda has nothing to do with the Bahati's anti-homosexuality Bill 2009. Yet still puting it that it will have to be presented to the Cabinet for discussion, there's a cause to worry! My smile has gone off, there is a game here. There is double standards. During his speach, most of his party members were not impressed by the President's remarks and statements. Some even had the guts to move away. Nsaba Buturo wore this bad face and of course Ssempa the mad man, jumped onto the media to speak all he want against the President's softening
related story from Reuters
written by Andrew Wasswa, January 12, 2010
By Jack Kimball
KAMPALA (Reuters) - Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said on Tuesday that an anti-gay bill tabled in parliament had become a foreign policy issue and stressed the need for more discussions.
East Africa's third largest economy has been under pressure from rights groups and Western nations over a bill authored by lawmaker David Bahati that would impose stringent punishments on homosexuality, including the death penalty.
Museveni told ruling party members at a conference that his cabinet would meet with Bahati and the parliamentary sub-committee for more talks on the bill.
Bahati not just a threat to LGBT
written by Dennis Hambridge, January 12, 2010
The David Bahati bill as shown what an amataurish politition he is-a threat to Ugandas good citezens as a whole and not just LGBTI people. The whole impression is that Bahati is in the pockets of religious extremists from the USA, i suspect this may be true--
Museveni's risk re-election over anti-homo bill
written by Kirunda, January 15, 2010
President Museveni and his Investment Minister risk re-election if they fail to show leadership in a trying time like now and instead leave Ugandan laws to be made and determined by the International hate community. The President's comments were saddening, no wonder the MPs present disapproved of his statements, he is willing to sell the country to homosexuality because they were able to gather some 300,00o people to protest the bill, how ridiculous...

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