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You buy the Truth, we pay the Price

I insist, Mwenda is wrong on gays

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Since I moved the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009 on the 14th October 2009, there has been overwhelming support from Ugandans and people who believe in moral values alround the world. There have also been attacks from   the Gay Community and their sympathizers and our donor partners have put a lot of pressure on our government and disrespectfully interfering in our democratic process of law making. Ironically back in their countries and site an example in the USA state of Maine, homosexuality was rejected in a referendum. They have intentionally used the suggested close on aggravated homosexuality which was an import from an already passed Act on defilement to alarm people that the Bill is about killing gays. This is mere distortion of facts.

Unfornately my friend Andrew Mwenda a man in position of influence, whom I hold with high esteem for his contribution in the Ugandan media, writes in defense of homosexuality when he certainly knows it is an absolute perversion. He urges that the Bill seeks to discriminate against the minority (homosexuals). I believe in freedom of speech for all unless the speech causes physical harm and that is why I shall not condemn Andrew but speak about some of the issues he raised. No one knows but whatever transpires from this Bill in Uganda may be the onset of a worldwide battle of values and the defense of traditional heterosexual family.

I appreciate the need to protect the rights and freedoms of the minorities but I have always tried to understand the arguments that pro-gay advance but failed to make meaning out of them. To date some questions remain unanswered; is homosexuality one of the human rights? Is homosexuality an inherent behavior or behavior by conscious choice? The answers to the above questions have generated controversies worldwide. However, In line with this I have examined chapter 4 of our constitution, which is consistent with the UN human bill of rights, over and over again, and I can undoubtedly state that homosexuality is not one of human rights we cherish. I am happy that no single Ugandan or other individuals and organization has come up in clear terms that homosexuality is a right.

Our worries as much as they are for the current generation, are also for the future generation. This battle is about our children who are being lured into this vile and our moral stand as a country. Indeed it true that this bill was driven by our deep fear of God and the e zeal act according to his will but also the need to defend the age old traditional  heterosexual family which is rooted in our  culture as  Ugandans. The vile evil is spreading in schools, churches and NGOs and if we don’t take action now we shall reach a stage whereby it is the homosexuals who shall be tabling bills to criminalize all morals and legalise all manners of perversion.

Let us now look at the “concerns” raised by Andrew Mwenda with reference to his article in the November issue of the Independent “Bahati: Don’t usurp Gods power” .It is key that we note how Mwenda inclined much on the religious aspect of the bill and much of his argument was to justify that the task of judging and consequently punishing sin should be left to God. Societies wouldn’t need law and order if all the tasks of countering sins were to be left for God. I believe that we are doing God’s will who acts through us in instituting some of the corrective measures necessary for harmonious human survival. Theft, murder, adultery, lying and many more are all sins and there are laws that have been made to counter them. It would therefore be absurd if we were to leave it all up to God to work on all these sins like Andrew says. Anarchy and all vile perversions would become the norm and I don’t believe Andrew is advocating for that.

God fearing values teach us how to differiate between right from wrong and I agree with the biblical condemnation of the homosexual lifestyle because homosexuality is not a right, it is not a faith, it is simply wrong. We need to be able to do more than cite Bible or Koran verses. Ugandans let stand up for the values that live in the hearts of all God fearing people and in doing so it does not make us homophobic.

Coming back to the Anti Homosexuality Bill, Mwenda tried to compare the fight against slavery by the abolitionists to that of the homosexuals and their fight for recognition. Here we should be careful since the slavery in America was forced upon the black people who had committed no sin other than being black people, while homosexuality as we have discovered is funded by rich ill intentioned perverts whose sole intention is to spread this  abominable  behavior . The fight for human dignity by the abolitionists should therefore not be compared to the undignified behavior of homosexuality being promoted by perverts.

The other issue Mwenda raised was about similar homosexual tendencies in animals. What Mwenda forgot is that there is a clear distinction between Human beings and animals. Some animals eat their young ones and I wonder whether Mwenda would advocate for child sacrifice or cannibalism .We cannot start comparing our sexuality or any other aspect of Humanity to that of creatures with no morals and I insist that there shouldn’t even be any comparison at all .Human beings are simply Human beings and animals remain animals no matter the scientific arguments. He goes on to compare the wonderful people of God; the Pope and the hierarchy of Catholic Church who sacrificed to serve God and humanity in celibacy with the homosexuals who have chosen to do bad out of their selfish interest of sin. This is an insult to the people of God, Andrew.

Mwenda went ahead to remind us that Homosexuality is as old as life without considering that so are other vile actions in Human existence such as murder, rape and all sorts of abominable crimes which are also as old as life itself. In using age of homosexuality as a justification for its legitimacy would be the same as advocating for Murder or any other age old unlawful behavior as a human right. A wrong cannot be justified by numbers or age.

As the debate rages on, it is important to inform the public; that the Bill is now at the committee stage under the Presidential Affairs Committee and every interested individual or organization is free and welcome to have an input in the bill in order to come up with a fine piece of legislation that sums up the aspirations and values of Ugandans and for Ugandans. The tide is turning for the homosexuals who have tried to black mail people under the guise of minority rights. It is time to resolve this threat to our children and society now before it is too late. I don’t want to imagine a world in which my son will invite me to a wedding where he will be marrying Mwenda’s son. It wouldn’t  get any worse.

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written by Tugumisirize Enos, December 02, 2009
Sound rediculous! Bahati, how do you compare homosexuality with the rotten corruption in Museveni's regime? Which of the two is more of a threat to the future generation? How do you claim to resolve the threat of the society for our children when millions are dying of hunger and diseases. Which children are you refering to? Only yours or all Ugandans?
8th parliament a complete waste of time
written by Clement Lalobo, December 02, 2009
Hon. Bahati, for all my life in Uganda I have never seen a homosexual nor been inconvenienced in any way by their activities. In fact I believe they don't exist. What is it with ghosts that you people in the Movement are so obsessed with them? Uganda is currently facing population explosion. This is sufficient evidence that homosexuality is not a threat at all and therefore your bill is not urgent. In fact homosexuality now becomes a necessary evil if it will help tame population explosion.
If you really want to draft bills, please try something on space exploration, greenhouse gas emissions, uranium enrichment or such other areas. That way we shall be more inspired. We are very, very sick and tired of the simple mindedness in this eighth parliament.
written by Michael Bussee, December 02, 2009
Mr. Bahati: If the real concerns are child abuse and AIDS, why not focus on these issues? What does it matter if the criminal is gay or straight? Why require someone to turn in a suspected homosexual or go to prison themseves?
written by Michael Bussee, December 02, 2009
"I don’t want to imagine a world in which my son will invite me to a wedding where he will be marrying Mwenda’s son. It wouldn’t get any worse."

It seems like it could get worse -- if this law passes. You and I are both fathers. Ask yourself: What would you do if your son told you he was homosexual? Do you think he should be executed or go to prison? And do you think you should go to prison if you don't turn him in? If I understand this law correctly, that's what you would have to do.

Can you imagine a world like that?
a response to bahati
written by solomon, December 02, 2009
Debating the cause of homosexuality is like having a debate on the origins of man. Christians belive that God created man while others belive in evolution. What we know is that some people are indeed homosexual. Christianity is foregin to Africa besides some of us are ethist.
If your son is homosexual there is little you will be able to do to stop him from marrying mwenda's son
Should you son choose to move to europe or the USA. you may not attend this wedding but it can happen.

written by solomon, December 02, 2009
do not know how you can say that you are for freedom of speech when your bill aims to stop all debate on the subject. Any one trying to reason this would almost certainly charged with " promoting"
The basic right here is the right to have sex with a person of ones choice as long as the other person is
a consenting adult too. if you argue this to its logical conclusion you want to pick a wife for your son and determine who he sleeps with. and for others too as our fore fathers did!
The biggest problem you have is that we live in an information age. These "promotions " are on CNN,Aljazeera etc

Looking back
written by Mari, December 02, 2009
in ten, twenty, or thirty years, you will be ashamed of such a full-throated defense of bigotry, Mr Bahati. You will be ashamed, or you will die an angry, cantankerous and tragic bigot, and your children and children's children will try to forget that their forebear once defended intolerance and discrimination.
written by Roland Kamujanduzi, December 02, 2009
I thank you so much Hon. Bahaati for standing by the truth and defending the value, the Bible and your faith. Dear brothers and sisters, acccept me request us start accepting to take full rsponsibility of our actions and stop blaming the people that let us to light. I have come to terms and fully learnt that when i am let to light (exposed), i have two options: One is to take the blame game, and start defending my wrong action which leads to total destruction, and the other is taking full responsibility of my action, pray and request God for forgiveness, let others help me as i recover, which leads to total recovery. i thank you Hon. for taking this Cross, You will be hated and fought for we love sin than truth, and fear to be exposed, but fight on, God will strengthen and reward you. Read 1Kings 3:9) and be courageous
The Bible is clear (read Leviticus 18;22 and 2013; Romans 1:26), But, however far you have fallen, i assure you, God can use yu again
Bahati's article has category mistakes
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, December 02, 2009
That homosexuals are a threat to our children is one of Hon Bahati's gross exaggerations aimed at rousing fear in the population. Our children, especially girls, face far more real threat from heterosexuals than from any homosexual. It is also "a category mistake" to equate homosexuality to murder, rape, or theft, as Bahati does in his article. God is also brought in all too quickly in support of Bahati's position. Remember that God/religion and the Bible were also used to sanction the following: (a) colonialism especially in the Americas; (b) white supremacy (Blacks are the descendants of the accursed Ham in the Bible destined to be "hewers of wood and drawers of water" - meaning manual tasks only; Apartheid in S. Africa (c) discrimination against women.
Bahati's article has category mistakes
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, December 02, 2009
Bahati denies the charge of homophobia. But his language suggests otherwise. He calls homosexuals "vile" and "sinful". He refers to the traditional African heterosexual family as if there is one mode. What about child marriage, polygamy, serial monogamy, and concubinage?
He cites "harmonious human survival". That means the common good. It means reducing social inequalites and avoiding landlessness, which have caused problems in Zimbabwe, Kenya and S. Africa. Corruption and greed cause far more social disruption to our society and African traditional understanding of society than homosexuals.
written by anteros, December 02, 2009
Do you believe masturbation is right or wrong? Do you believe oral sex between consenting adults is right or wrong? Do you believe group sex between consenting adults is right or wrong? Why should the sexual activities of consenting adults, done in private, matter to me or you or anybody else? Whether any individual believes any of these things is right or wrong is merely a matter of personal opinion. Religious leaders should focus on guiding their followers, and recognise that Uganda is not a church or a mosque. Our culture continues to improve in terms of respecting individuals' rights. For centuries our culture taught us to beat women and children, there is still room for improvement. The fact is, government should stay out of people's love lives and instead spend tax payers' shillings on things that really matter.
Hon Bahati
written by gayuganda, December 02, 2009
You know, I came here last time when Mwenda wrote his article, and I was overwhelmed by the frank stones thrown at him.

Now, Bahati writes his defence, which is duly presented, and, instead of being lionised, as he expected, holes are thrown into his defences. It is very refreshing, the fact that his defence of the 'Family'... I mean, the traditional family is seen for what it is. A myth. And, that his defenses that he does not hate is seen for what it is.

I am a Ugandan who happens to be gay. I have looked on in horror as wave upon wave of strikes against us 'evil' gays have come. Discount the fact that none of us can defend ourselves in the country. But, it has also been very clear that some of those wild accusations are only that. Wild.

I am happy, on behalf of Ugandans, that at least these naked lies are challenged.
Hon MP Bahati, at least get your fact straight
written by Ricky, December 02, 2009
There was never a referendum on homosexuality in the US State of Maine (in all of the US, homosexuality between consenting adults is legal according to a decision of the US Supreme Court from 2003, Lawrence v. Texas, based on the view that “no legitimate state interest can justify its intrusion into the personal and private life of the individual”). The referendum in Maine was on whether same-sex marriages should be made public. This was opposed by a majority but Maine still offers same-sex couples many rights under a domestic partnership act.
You right that homosexuality is not a human right. But that is not the issue. Most activities are not human rights per se but that does not give the state the right to interfere in the peaceful enjoyment of such activities in the privacy of their homes (playing cards is not a human rights but would it be constitutional to make an act prohibiting consenting adults to play cards in the privacy of their homes? Probably not.)
written by Kabana, December 03, 2009
Hello my fellow Ugandans. You do realize if this bill doesn't pass and we cave in too outer pressure, we will only be forced into more of this western crap. I live abroad, and in yes Gays are common, but the reception from most straights is they don't like them. They tolerate them, but really deep in their hearts don't like them. I don't want to be in Kampala and see to guys make out. That sick, it's not Ugandan. I know someone is going to say it's none of my business, but it is damn it. It's my country and men do not kiss each other of screw around. We need to keep our culture otherwise the west will always have some of their culture prepared for us to swallow. Pass the bill.
written by Maria, December 03, 2009
Surely, Hon Bahati with due respect, much as i abhor homosexuality, I want to ask you one question. Is Homosexuality a priority when we do not have drugs in hospital, not enough classrooms, civil servants earning starvation wages, brain drain............. My God the list is endless. Take it or leave it, you have got your priorities inside out.
written by anteros, December 03, 2009 bajaj Ugandan? Is soccer Ugandan? Is enjawulo Ugandan? What about exploiting employees, is that Ugandan? Is pissing in the streets Ugandan? What about despising people whose mother tongue is not the same as ours, is that Ugandan? Should we criminalise and ban because "it's not Ugandan", and worship our imperfect culture and cause it to stagnate while other cultures around the world evolve? Should Ugandans continue sacrificing humans, "eating where they worketh", using flying toilets, living between heaps of kasasiro and wasting taxpayers' shillings on hating harmless homosexuals... just because it's our culture today?

If homosexuality is legalised, will everybody in Uganda including yourself become gay? Nobody's sexuality is going to change just because of legislation. Homosexuality does not "spread", but intolerance spreads. Today it's gay people suffering intolerance, tomorrow it will be you.
On the question of "culture"
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, December 03, 2009
Anteros' rhetorical questions (above) are instructive about culture. Today in Uganda we do not so much have what some dub a "western" culture of homosexuality as we have a culture of impunity, a culture of corruption, a culture of recklessness, a culture of amassing wealth at the expense of the poor and peasants, a culture of lying and breaking promises (even at the political level), a culture of mwana wani in the offer of jobs, a culture of violence (e.g. mob violence, police violence, domestic violence, violence visited on pupils by teachers), and the Umbwa Kali or Umbwa Mkali culture, although in Uganda it is armed guards/securicor, cattle rustling culture, a culture of arson, a culture of teenage pregnancy, a culture of garbage (kasasiro), a culture of child sacrifice, a culture of religious fundamentalism. If one wants a moral revolution - the list to choose from is that long.
Execute legislators
written by Mark, December 03, 2009
Do we really want to make Uganda a better place? If that is the goal, let the gays be, instead lets pass a law in which any legislator caught stealing gets executed. Now THAT will make Uganda a much better place.
Bahati you are driven by personal ego!
written by Muzito, December 03, 2009
Bahati, should be reminded that greed, corruption & impunity which are the pillars of the NRM are the threat to the Ugandan society not homosexuality. he also needs to know that Uganda is not a secular state so as parliament it has no role in formulating a law that has its roots under the guise of fear of god. He better be advised to quit parliament & join the clergy’ Bahati can you give us just 5 kids who have been lured into homosexuality? i can give you 100 names of people in your govt who have stolen public funds and endangered the survival of thousands of Uganda generation. Take the example of CHOGM fiasco - a project to loot public coffers.
5m bribe MP's should face death penality
written by Muzito, December 03, 2009
This bill belongs to the Stone Age! Parliament is not an avenue to extend personnel wishes. Laws must be made to benefit society not to garner cheap popularity by taking advantage of ignorance and emotions of the uninformed masses.
And yeah the Honorable is very proud of tabling such a bill. its only in Uganda that such rubbish can be entertained on the floor of parliament! so whatever is deemed wrong should be punished by death! then majority fo MP's should take the death sentence for having taken 5milion to sell their souls against the will of the people.
written by anteros, December 03, 2009
Homosexuality itself cannot be exported, imported or imposed on a culture. What can, and should be adopted from western cultures, is a culture of tolerance, even towards homosexuals. In fact, Ugandan society would really flourish if anti-discrimination laws were passed, to protect Ugandans from all forms of discrimination - whether based on gender identity, race, ethnicity, religion, age, economic status, nationality, health status, or sexual orientation. We must adopt a culture of embracing diversity, so that all can freely participate in the growth and development of Uganda. Just because the west came up with something (like gay rights), does not mean we would be selling out by adopting it... it doesnt make our culture inferior or superior. Some of our ancestors rejected reading and writing as "western crap".
Homosexuality is evil and must be stopped
written by Worshippa, December 03, 2009
I know all you folks on kyeyo love the Mzungu so much. But we are not bazungu. We are Ugandans and Africans. Historically, culturally, socially and spiritually we consider homosexuality filthy and evil. Even in the referendum of the state of California, it's mostly people of African descent who voted against the gay agenda. The Europeans try to pretend that homosexuality is normal. We Africans know that it is not. We know this from the very fibre of our being. Listen Africans, just coz Europeans have money doesn't mean we should copy everything they do. Wake up Africans. Be discerning!! Hon Bahati continue your brave work. After your bill, we'll ask for a referendum on the issue to settle it for good in Uganda. STOP THE GAY AGENDA NOW!!
written by anteros, December 03, 2009
Oh, now I get it! We are straight, poor, uneducated Africans, proud Ugandans... therefore we should be free to hold in contempt and spew disparaging attitudes towards random groups of people... homosexuals, europeans, kyeyo, the educated, the wealthy etc... we hate unity, we hate tolerance and it's our right to hate so we must use that right and just hate. How will that make you a better person? How will that improve your life or anybody else's life?

Would a referendum have helped Tutsis or Jews in their time of need? This is where our leadership fails us. They abuse our ignorance instead of teaching us new things. We need to humbly accept that we are not so perfect that we cannot change or learn anything new from anybody else.

Why dont we also have a referendum on family planning?
written by anteros, December 03, 2009
gwe, worshippa... have you ever heard african americans using terms like "spear chucker" or "fresh off the boat"? in california, those people of african descent you mentioned are just like us... we like looking for new reasons to hate and kill each other... whether it's because the next person is from another gang, clan, political party, tribe, country, and now sexual orientation... us africans never get tired of exploring new reasons to hate and kill each other. What was happening in Uganda and the rest of independent Africa while south east asian economies were developing? At this rate, will we ever be able to make up for, or even at least account for the wasted decades of state sponsored hatred and murder?
Donors and Gay bill
written by sheba, December 03, 2009
Sweden cutting aid coz uganda does not support Gay bill thats really selfish..that means we can accept all bad things in the names of donors gosh ..
why aint they cutting their aid coz of corruption..I guess they support ugandan corruption..I hope 2010 Uganda will make it to number one the sweden will add more money...God bless Dr Nsaba Butoro..
shawe Dr Buturo komeza Imana izaguhemba protect our Kids let those donors keep their money after all we have our oil and minerals....Dont bend coz of donors aid...smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifFor God and Uganda
written by gay..straight..whatever, December 04, 2009
All men are created equal before God. The principle of discrimination against anyone is wrong and can not be celebrated. We may not all agree with whatever one does in their privacy nor shall we support it but no one deserves to be discriminated or marginalized. THE PRINCIPLE OF DISCRIMINATION IS WRONG. One has to be discriminated against to fully understand that it's unacceptable. Everyone in "kyeyo" will be very aware of the injustices of racial discrimination. We really have more serious issues to sort out, Our quality of life in Uganda is just plain rubbish and please don't be deceived about that fact. Hon Bahati knows what he will have for dinner tomorrow, a vast majority of us don't have that assurance. If any politician wants my vote, they have got to show me that they deserve it and focus on what really matters. I want food, healthcare and a quality of life. "Show me the money " Honorable, don't waste our time with this nonsense.
written by anteros, December 04, 2009
sheba, when you read, dont just read tabloid headlines on kampala road. the bahati's and buturo's are feasting on your ignorance. your pastor must also be feasting on your ignorance by making you sow shillings and reap empty promises... using bible stories to make you think that by hating gay people, Uganda will be saved from poverty, disease, corruption and wholesale destruction - "the wrath of god". you must be pitifully ignorant, or bursting with stolen taxpayer/donor money. how is cutting donor aid "selfish"? we are not entitled to swedish taxpayers' money. buturo even told donors to cut aid, just so that Ugandans are not coerced into tolerating each other. parliament keeps probing corruption without results... how many probes? this anti-gay bill is just to make us blind... isnt our oil money already being stolen behind bahati's bill? let them cut aid, that's what bahati and buturo want so that they can blame those evil european donors for everything.
written by Maria, December 04, 2009
I am not a tax payer but nature of my employment but a rational human being who feels bad when tax payers money is going to be spent debating laws that will only reamin in the statute books without being implemented. Does anyone remember the much hyped anti sectarian law? What happened to it? Has anyone been prosecuted or convicted of sectarianism since it was passed? The problem is that there is a lot of mediocricy in our parliament that the MPs look for any flimsiest thing to remain relevant yet in the actual sense many of them do not measure up to the task.
written by Maria, December 04, 2009
l have often argued that while in the developed world, people join politics to protect their wealth, in Uganda and other banana republics, people join politics to look for jobs. So Hon. Bahati, this homosexuality bill is not a magic wand that is going to improve your competence. It only serves to show how trivial you are. Do not mistake me. I am a straight person and do not have any sympathy for gays, but I hate time wasting. There so many things at stake that we need to address which would improve the lot of Ugandans
Every one is a taxpayer.
written by Watcher, December 04, 2009
Maria, whatever you buy has tax on it. You like it or not, you are a taxpayer.
How relevant is uganda education system?
written by Muzito, December 04, 2009
the more i read about Bahati's bill proposal and many similar debates in uganda parliament, the more i question the uganda education system. it seems like it lacks that ingredient that develop people to be creative and think out of the box. because Bahati's thinking about gays is no different from an Illiterate!
he is meant to know better that more likely than not gayism has a genetical connotation & is not about people playing mischief. definetly the act is offensive to society since its out of the norm. however vthe actors or call them victims of this abornomality need help & counselling rather than being treated as criminals.
written by Muzito, December 04, 2009
When are people going to learn that research is the core to establishing facts!
Bahati & co needs to do some research to establish exactly why people practice homosexual/gay.
since he claims there are may around, i am sure he should be able to get many willing to open to him if he declares that his intention is learn and understnad rather than ridicule.
by the way i am not gay. but i am concerned about the level of igonarance & of our learned legislators.
Gays are vermin.
written by Imhotep, December 04, 2009
Mr Bahati, despite the fact that your government is a rotten one, i would like to add my voice to this base debate of trying to foist upon the Black peoples of this World such a heinous sexual anomaly. The reason why the White man wants to turn us into sexual deviants is because he is going to die out in the future, since they cannot reproduce themselves. Their numbers are slated to dwindle as the Sun's power increases, that is why they have things such as sperm banks. One must remember that White people are not indigenous to the Earth, having mutated during the Ice Age. Actually one of the main reasons they go into space is that they are trying to find an Earth-like planet to protect them from the Sun in years to come.
written by Imhotep, December 04, 2009
Such things cannot be revealed to a people that is still under spiritual enslavement. Many of us especially these gay people are non the wiser. They think it is civilisation to them, but actually this is a sick act, being acted out by the white man on an unsuspecting superior race. The white man's psyche is starting to be unravelled by the Black man today. The Mwendas of this world look educated but actually many of them are indeed the opposite. They sound it but are not it. They are similar to a wheat harvester in the field. Put in a different setting and they are useless. These people do not speak for anyone but themselves. He mentioned Aristotle in one of his articles as a father of Philosophy, actually even myself this is what i knew, but i would advise him to read this book, "Stolen Legacy", by George GM James. He will come to realise that the philosophy these Greek pretenders speak of was in fact African.
written by Imhotep, December 04, 2009
Kemet (Egypt) had an advanced civilisation, and it took almost 5-thousand years of trying for the northern tribes to be allowed in. It had a mystery system of religious secret societies, that studied Medicine, Science, the Universe etc. Do groups like the Illuminati, Free-Masons, etc, sound a bell? People like Galileo, Socrates and many more were part of them in their day. If one reads that book above, you would know exactly what i am saying. But as it were the sacred knowledge they stole from us is bound to come back to us. I would not worry so much about the Mwendas, it is the unsuspecting, uneducated Black man that is my worry. Black people have since lost the skill to read, many think that attaining a degree or diploma is all there is to say that one is educated. This is why we are being taken for fools even when we hold European PhDs. We need to raise our game for the battle is soon to be won. Hotep.
written by anteros, December 04, 2009
Imhotep... you must have been overtortured and brainwashed at Kololo, mchaka mchaka or Kyankwanzi.

You forget to mention the part where a big UFO lands on top of crested towers and the antichrist manifested as Obama, comes out of the UFO and turns all Ugandans into flaming homosexuals.

...dont watch the blank channel.

The problem, is that none of this is funny... at all.
written by anteros, December 04, 2009
You see! In Uganda, enjaga is a more serious threat than homosexuality. You really want to protect your kids? Keep them far away from enjaga.
To sheba
written by Muzito, December 04, 2009
"why aint they cutting their aid coz of corruption"
Sheba, human rights violation & discrimination is the worst mode of corruption. passing bad laws is part of corruption as much as manipulating peoples ignorance in order to score political points. this is what your idols , bahati, buturo etc are doing. learn to move away from the thinking of your grandfathers.
The issue in uganda today is how do we solve tills such as poverty, unemployment, lack of descent shelter, hunger , corruption, child abuse, domestic violence, population explosiobnepotism & above all dictatorship and authoritarian in order to make all ugandans live a descent life.
written by Muzito, December 04, 2009
I am a bit lost here. can someone help me to understand what Imhotep is attempting to bring forward!
I mean if you suggest Bahati's pronouncements in this bill as "civilised" then i am at a total loss.
Stop wasting your breadth. This law is for Otunnu only!!!!!!
written by mbukuuli ya buganda, December 04, 2009
(Re) read media interviews around Otunnu's return. Also read comments alluding to a sexuality based smear campaigns, made by Otunnu himself. This law is framed solely to prevent him from winning in 2011 if he runs. Otherwise why the silence on Lesbians. NRM knows Ugandans are passionately anti-homosexual and will likely not vote for one "labeled" a homosexual. This strategy is tried and tested methodology as per M7's "Besigye is HIV+ in 2001", and the rape case in 2006. Sexual smears are also extremely difficult to counter. Once smeared always smeared and doubted. This law and these debates only ensure that passions are adequately primed for the desired response of rejection and revulsion.
written by icearc, December 04, 2009
the Bahati's hide behind a banner of religion, preying on the piety of the uninformed. Can someone tell me what Jesus has to do with imprisoning or killing gays. If people are to bring up their political/cultural campaigns, leave Jesus out of it, I beseech thee. It's only 2000 yrs since his resurrection and already very few know what he was about(or want to know for that matter). Makes me wonder what else people will do in his name, incredible(btw, some christians believed Hitler did them a favour with the holocaust, apparently they blamed them for killing Jesus!)
How many other spooks can we go after? Why stop at gays?
written by mbukuuli ya buganda, December 04, 2009
Why not pass laws against the obese, have you ever sat next to one in a taxi? What about those arrogant tall people? Hey and those short men? What about albinos? there is good trade in them in Tanzania. What of Baganda and their Kabaka? As for Northerners, isn't kony one of them. Why let the useless disabled live? The interracial with their good skin and hair. What about the indians always stealing our money. Whilst on the subject of money, what of children who fail and repeat classes?. . Also we'll leave incest alone for obvious (t)-reasons and we won't talk about the corrupt for seditiuos matters.What about nagging women? Ooops that might render us gay, we'll just continue to beat them. WHY NOT JUST BECOME NAZIS!!!!!
written by Richard, December 04, 2009
look what Mr Bahati is advocating for is right, you gay supporting people should better get your own Island and stay their with your faggots.
Modernity in the name of immorality is very absurd and if we are still blacks and more so Africans with roots and cultures, we shall fight homosexuality to our graves.
The Ministry of Ethics & Integrity
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, December 04, 2009
Can anyone educate us about other governments, if any, that have a Ministry of Ethics & Integrity? In Britain recently, they appointed an independent Committee on Standards in Public Life (you can google and read about it), which was concerned with ethical questions such as conflict of interest, MP's allowances, and such like. It has served Britain well. My hunch is that if you create a Ministry of Ethics & Integrity, which has no clout to investigate corruption in high place and whose relation with the IGG OR the Ministry for National Guidance cannot be clearly defined, the Ethics ministry to be (seen to be) relevant will specialise in issues such as sexual behaviour, dress code for women and girls, and other sex-related issues. They should call it the Sex Ministry.
Sweden's aid money can go to hell
written by sheba, December 04, 2009
brother and sisters i dont care what you think about me ..what am talking is why should sweden react on gay bill why not on corruption..smilies/angry.gif why dint they react on Global funds gay bills i know those folks promote bad things in africa thats why when traveling to some countries u have to go hiv tests as if when them coming to africa they do check such uganda should stand strong we dont want donors who are pushing us to do unthinkable things.. can you imagine them saying they cut their aid ..let them enjoy their money by the way who told them uganda needs their money we have more than enough see men sleeping with 900million shs in their bed room cant they see we are fine that way..Bwana Buturo and Bahati i love u God bless you smilies/smiley.gif
Gay bill and Sweden
written by sheba, December 04, 2009
Folks lets think twice ..if all people were gays then you and me would not be around lets not be selfish i know some africans living in the west go for gay things in the name of money.
Am shocked coz even sweden is not very open about gays I wish it was Netherlands talking coz for them gays have same rights...we aint gonna kiss donors ass in the name of money..Rwanda reduced from 70% donors aid to 50% so uganda its high time to do the same ..africans we can do without the west..and am sure the west cant do without who cares if sweden cuts their aid..why dint they do it when Museven stole votes from Besigye or when uganda is going to no one in corruption tired and sick of the west:'smilies/cry.gif
To Rev Amos Kasibante.
written by sheba, December 04, 2009
Bravo Kasibante..please as a man of God am very sure corruption can stop but gay is not a good thing to promote in uganda..
Even in America they are still fighting fof gays rights ..why uganda in countries dont we have things to think about ..let think about how to get hiv and aids vaccine..or guys are being bribed by the west but I support Dr.Nsaba Buturo to fight the gay bill..those donors can go and die with their money they how many out there are free to be gays..Lets say no donors aid and no gay areas in uganda .. I love Dr Buturo..smilies/kiss.gif
Hi Sheba
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, December 04, 2009
Sheba, I do not believe you can successfully "promote" gay in Uganda or in any other country. At best you can protect gay/lesbian people from discrimination and harassment. Gays/lesbians are a minority and have suffered from social stigma. Controversy reigns whether being gay/lesbian is born or acquired. In UK, USA and other Western countries all homosexual behaviour was criminalised. But today they have revised that. Homosexual rape or seducing a minor into sex (homosexual or heterosexual) is a still a crime. Many people still consider gays/lesbians weird. Some religious people consider all such behaviour, including between consenting adults, sinful. But sin and crime are different things.
Arguments for this bill are severely lacking in logic
written by RLS, December 05, 2009
Hon. Bahati, your arguments are severely lacking in logic. Please re-read what you wrote and try to make the same arguments from a secular point of view - not possible. I will not have you forcing your religion, by way of law, on me, that is what it seems you are trying to do to all Ugandans, and that, sir, is not ethical or right. Your talk of "vile" and "evil" "perversions" smacks of bible thumping.

It is also becoming abundantly clear that it is the hatred and bigotry that Bahati is spewing, and not homosexuality itself, that is coming from the West.
severely lacking part II
written by RLS, December 05, 2009
Speeches of supporters of this bill don't even go so far as to disguise the plagerised language: these catch phrases come straight from the lips of the likes of Scott Lively and Doug Coe (who, not surprisingly, idolised Hitler's leadership style).

Bahati is nothing but a pawn of powerful, conservative, Christian, American senators and congressmen. this is why he is not concerned with donor money being pulled - while the poor suffer from diminished aid money, Bahati and his friends will continue to be comfortable with the donations given to him personally by "The Family"
written by RLS, December 05, 2009
One last thing. This myth of homosexuals "recruiting" is a total fabrication propagated in order to scare ignorant people into supporting the bill. Were you "recruited" into heterosexuality? That's not how it works the other way either.
written by anteros, December 05, 2009
Imagine you were a Swedish taxpayer. Sweden needs all its taxpayers' money, but shared with Uganda so that Ugandans can get better healthcare, education etc
Then Ugandan MPs use their inflated salaries to debate discriminatory laws concerning Ugandans and their sexual orgasms. As a Swedish taxpayer, why should your money be wasted in Uganda on laws that victimise harmless homosexuals, laws that you wouldnt accept in Sweden? Buturo and Bahati's bravado will fool the ignorant, but poor Ugandans will suffer without donor aid while our corrupt government feasts. They will run the country bankrupt, then conveniently blame donors for everything (like Mugabe), yet Buturo repeatedly told them to cut aid. Lets debate an Anti-Masturbation law using American or Ugandan taxpayers' money!
written by anteros, December 05, 2009
...and then people like Kabarole's woman MP start claiming that this is a case of neo-colonialism. watch out for conspiracy theories from Kyankwanzi... we cant blame everything on europeans forever, especially when it's so clear who the real neo-colonialists are... Africa's corrupt, manipulative and abusive dictatorships. Honestly, so what if we let homosexuals live in peace? If we made laws to protect homosexuals from discrimination, would the sky fall down? Would we suffer more from implementing constitutional anti-discrimination laws, than we would suffer from sanctions brought about by our own unconstitutional intolerance towards fellow Ugandans? ...neo-colonialism, really.
Of neo-colonialism and being gay
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, December 05, 2009
@anteros - those who refer to homosexuality as "neo-colonialism" have not taken the trouble to study in some depth the subject of homosexuality in particular or human sexuality in general. Anyone who knows about prison conditions in Uganda and other African countries knows that homosexual acts - both consensual and non-consensual are rampant there. Have "neo-colonialists" introduced or promoted them there? When the White missionaries came to Buganda they found the practice was routine in the Kabaka's palace. They blamed it on the Arabs. It was the very "colonialists" who passed a law criminalising homosexuality in Uganda based on the knowledge (or lack of it) at the time. Now the politicians are blowing the subject our of all proportion toother moral, social, and economic problems.
Gay people should be counselled & helped. Homosexuality must be fought.
written by muzira, December 05, 2009
OK everyone take a deep breath. Distinguish between gay people, who should be loved and helped out of their habit, and homosexuality itself which must be fought tooth and nail. Gay people should be handled with love and compassion, like all patients or victims. The spread of the gay habit must be fought with every weapon available, especially the weapon of strong anti-homosexual laws. Hon Bahati's law is very correct ! Contrary to the views from you kyeyo people, protecting our kids morality is more precious than any money. No amount of $$$ can pay for a damaged soul. If we lose millions of dollars but successfully prevent even a few kids from being duped into homosexuality, it is worth it !! Life has more value than $$$. Get it?
Hon Bahati's law is urgently needed !!
written by wiseman, December 05, 2009
Fighting against homosexuality is not hatred at all. In fact it is love (albeit "tough" love). Don't let Europeans fool you, Reverend Amos. Just coz they have nice malls and pay for your degree does not mean they know everything. Get out of this "mzungu is always right" prison of your mindset. On social ethics and family matters, Asians are better role models with their low divorce rates and low levels of homosexuality. Don't copy from Europeans in areas where they are more stupid and worse failures than us, e.g. on sexual morality & ethics. No! On sexual morality, Asia is the 1st world, Europe is 4th world. Do not let attempts to mainstream homosexuality affect your mind. Coz of weakminded copycats, we urgently need Bahati's law.
Bahati has got it right
written by opolot, December 05, 2009
For once M7 and Bahati have got it exactly right. Moral and cultural corruption, such as homosexuality, is even a worse evil than financial corruption. If we don't stop those who steal our morals by trying to get us to think that anal sex is OK, how on earth can we stop those who steal public funds?? If you think gay behavior should just be left to spread without strong laws to arrest it, then you have lost your sense of right and wrong. If you do not support the fight against moral corruption such as homosexuality, you should just as well not support the fight against financial corruption. You cannot have it both ways, by fighting financial corruption and abetting the moral corruption of gayism. Evil is evil, period. Let Bahati fight all forms of evil.
Europeans have gone too far
written by lusekera, December 05, 2009
Did I hear right? The Swedes now want to cut their aid to Ugandan orphans just because we have a different culture that says only people of opposite gender should engage in sex! Why are all of you Eurocentric Africans pretending that what Bahati is saying is somehow new? Is it not what your mother taught you? At first I thought that Bahati was stating the obvious and that no new law was required. I even thought it was a diversionary tactic from the NRM play book. But the reaction of all of you gay promoters has shocked me!! I am now supporting Bahati's bill. If we do not pass such bills and entrench them into law, our kids will not even know our values. Judge from the Swedish reaction. We must fight for our identity & sovereignty.
written by Maria, December 05, 2009
I am a christain, but hate fundamentalism in whatever name, let it be Islamic or christian. When Jesus was brought a woman who was caught red handed having sex with a man who was nto her husband, he did not condemn her but only told her to repent. He asked her accusers to throw the first stone if they have never sinned. Recently in the requien service of the fallen Major General, the Bishop asked those who had never sinned to condemn Kazini and not even a hand went up, even that of Honourables Bahati and Nsaba Buturo. Now they are here condemning the homosexuals, calling them all sorts of names. In all my contributions I have said, and will say again that I do not support homosexuality but I hate it when some people start behaving holier than thou.
written by Maria, December 05, 2009
Up to now, I am not convinced that Homosexuality is such a big deal that it requires death penalty, knowing very well that no prudent judge will hand down such a sentence. Why do our politicians get their priorities right. I have not heard NRM politicians criticising their lot that swindled millions of donor funds that were meant for TB, Malaria and HIV patients. Our children are still dying of preventable diseases and what is the politician concerned about? Homosexuality and may be increasing their wages every other day. Can you guys all give us a break?
written by Maria, December 05, 2009
My freind corrected me. Yes I am a tax payer but not a direct one. I do not have to worry about PAYE where the politicians have never found it right to increase the threshold from 130.000 because they want to maintain the civil servants in perpectual poverty. I donot worry about Local Service Tax when the Local Governments offer not services. However, I am worried that even for the indirect tax I pay on goods and services, there is nothing to show for it except mediocicy in almost all institutions. I have not heard politicians supporting the medical fraternity about their poor wages yet they all want to get treatment where there are better services.
Bahati you're a heroic voice in the wilderness
written by mwanawamuntu, December 05, 2009
Be strong, Hon Bahati. We're behind you 110%. Ban this filth of homosexuality from being practised or promoted in our country. Even if they kill you, more heroes shall rise up to replace you in this struggle. Today Europeans will falsely portray you as a hater. But history will judge you kindly. The next generation of Ugandans will have you to thank. Your story will be the subject of folklore. When the empires of Europe & America crumble due to the same immoralities (such as homosexuality) that destroyed the Greek & Roman civilizations, those who vilify you will then praise you. The next generation of Europeans, after much soul searching, will abandon the gay agenda of their parents and return to sanity. Fight the good fight, owekitinisa.
Reply to Wiseman on copycat
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, December 05, 2009
@Wiseman - you write, 'Get out of this "mzungu is always right" prison of your mindset'. If you chanced upon an individual or people that thought that "mzungu is always right" it is mostly likely to be someone in Uganda that any Ugandan living in the West! There is not a single Ugandan I have met in Britain and believe me I know many who could remotely suggest such a thing. Ugandans abroad have formed organisations aimed at promoting their Ugandan-African culture(s).On copycat - just look around you, especially in Kampala and see who's in the copycat game with regard to such things as dress, music and dance, life style (e.g. eating) etc. The Anti-Gay bill is meant to channel society's moral outrage about broken promises and social inequalities into another direction.
according to radio katwe what does
written by daniel, December 05, 2009
Museveni rigs his way to a fifth term --- what Ugandans must do ..... We are supposed to suffer and bear our burdens quietly, content with the .... One example is a claim that Museveni and Besigye are both homosexuals. ...... Museveni refused to hear of this and he sent for vets in South Africa to treat it. ... - Cached - Similar
Poor Jesus!
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, December 05, 2009
Christians in Uganda need to take a fresh look at Jesus - ironical that one should say that. There is the danger of the Gospel being turned into a Pharisaical religion lacking the element of mercy or compassion. Jesus was so compassionate he fed the hungry, healed the sick, ate with sinners and prostitutes, and cast out demons. He would be appalled at the condition of our hospitals and at the fact that the richer are getting richer while Lazarus gets poorer or that Global Fund and Gavi funds aimed at treating AIDS, TB, and malaria have been stolen and that CHOGM monies were used to bolster the building projects of the powerful, thus increasing poverty and desperation leading to criminality and death.
To Anteros
written by Imhotep, December 05, 2009
When Archmides discovered that the weight of his body was equal to the amount of water displaced when he sat in his bath, running out naked in euphoria, many people thought he was mad. But actually he had just worked out a solution that had disturbed many a scientist in his day. This physics law is being taught today as one of the major laws in the subject. Many of our Black folks in the world today are a blinded race. That is why our kind are the door mats of everybody else. It is what you do not see that matters most to how the world works today Anteros. What i had to say above is something that someone of your ilk cannot see even in a million years!
written by Imhotep, December 05, 2009
Ever wondered why nations such as Singapore, China, Brazil and the rest of them seem to develop themselves in a lifetime, while we debate such laws that we are very sure do nothing but see to our retrogress!? And we always yearn for a bickering. This will never get us anywhere , it only ensures our turning into armchair experts, while everybody else moves forward. We are never skeptical when it comes to issues from the West. If only you can get yourself a copy of that book i mentioned, you shall expose yourself to a treasure trove of knowledge that you won't get anywhere on that continent. Africa needs a paradigm shift if we are to reclaim our status in the world.
written by Imhotep, December 05, 2009
We have been enslaved for far too long, we always think in twisted ways, as long as the White man says so, it seems to go with us! The civilisations we are for example taught in School seem to start with the Greeks and not before. We need to ask ourselves where did the Greeks get their civilisation? When at the river bank, you do not say to yourself that this is definitely the source of the river, but you go against its course to discover it. We need to be taught our own history to understand who we are, otherwise we shall forever be the butt of this world. Very soon at this rate, it shall become a norm to have sex with our own mothers and fathers.
written by anteros, December 06, 2009
So, we are victims of neo-colonialism, coz our soverenity is at the mercy of donors who have the potential to interfere with the politics/governance of Uganda? Self-obsession! ...the world doesnt depend on "Ugandan affairs". We discredit donor countries while using their aid, claiming there are strings attached. When they cut aid, we discredit them claiming sabotage. We try to legalise the violation of human rights, so they cut wires. Should they waste taxpayers' money on promoting and legalising discrimination? Buturo told them to cut aid coz they value equality and human rights more than us, mbu "there is a limit to human rights"... neo-colonialism? Animal Farm proper.
written by Maria, December 06, 2009
I do not care whether Donors cut their aid. They ought to have vut it long ago considering that there is no value for money from the millions they pour in our bottomless pit economy. what all Ugandan should appreciate is that the Swedish or any other donor do not owe us anything. we should not start behaving that they owe us anything. The should put more and more strings on their aid, period.
More to the Bill than meets the eye
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, December 06, 2009
Ah, Maria and anteros - so there is the bigger issue (axe to grind) over the donors' renewed efforts at putting pressure on government to fight corruption and to insist on "good governance". Behind and disguised by the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and the moralistic anti-colonialist rhetoric is the need to "return fire" from the donors, to tell them off. They can keep their Aid if they wish. But of course many donors cannot stop giving certain forms of aid. If government calls the donors' bluff, is it expecting to get monies for other friends such as China and Iran? There is more to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill than meets the eye.
written by Omeros, December 06, 2009
When faulty logic, sheer ignorance and an ill-founded sense of self-confidence commit themselves to paper, this piece is how they read. The fallacies of argument are just so legion that it is difficult to know where exactly to start with this sorry piece. We may as well begin with this statement: "[H]omosexuality as we have discovered is funded by rich ill intentioned perverts whose sole intention is to spread this abominable behavior". What precisely is Bahati's evidence for this assertion?
human rights ********
written by francine, December 06, 2009
please write sensible comments i.e daniel who quoted radio katwe that museveni and kizza besigye are gay!!!! we are discussing serious issues here. i think we should all be happy in the communites we live in and that s why the countries that are for or against homosexuality have chosen that. As for those talking about corruption, aids e.t.c that wasn't the topic for today we know about those matters we need to be on point!
radio katwe
written by daniel, December 07, 2009

francine is this really a serious issue ?
I am on point
written by anteros, December 07, 2009
Rev. Amos Kasibante:
Your analysis answers many questions.

Carefully read the bill in full, then read the article above. You will realise that this bill was designed to provoke donors and "justify" to Ugandans the severing of ties with donors who insist on good governance. They want to continue looting without having to put up with donors fighting them about their aid's conditions (fight corruption, respect human rights etc) not being met. This bill's practical use is to facilitate corruption, not to catch homosexuals (impractical).

You will soon realise how serious this is.
written by anteros, December 07, 2009
These kyeyo-bashers remind me of a certain pastor who went to America and came back with a white wife... now the same pastor says that kyeyos have what he calls "Michael Jackson Syndrome" - that they are born black and they die white. Overcompensating for marrying a white woman. The same pastor is pushing for this bill so hard, that gave boys sweets so that they can lie to police that they were sexually abused by another pastor (competitor)... just to tarnish the pastor and create mass hysteria, "gay people want to abuse and recruit our kids". If you google this guy, he is so controversial... I wouldnt be surprised if these kyeyo-bashers are eating his sweets.
Value Check
written by Peter, December 07, 2009
After all is said and done, this is a debate about values. We know the values that Hon Bahati stands for. I happen to stand for similar values. For the rights activists, I believe each one has a right to stand up for their values. I join you Hon Bahati to stand up for what we believe.
I also urge that those who disagree do so respectfully. Some of the responses only expose how intolerant the so called liberals can be to dissenting opinion. I have lived in a society where homosexuality is considered normal, and I have witnessed a citywid parade the gay community held. Those who think that this is only about what 2 people do in public are to be pitied for such naivety.
May we not be counted among those who fall for anything, because we refuse to stand for something!
Back to square one
written by Watcher, December 07, 2009
Uganda has many people with great brains (think tank) but unfortunately they are all prisoners of neo-colonialism which is nepotism and corruption under the supervision of M7 family and cronies.
written by anteros, December 07, 2009
did those parading gay people force you to participate or sexually harass you? if they did, did you report them?

we put up with so much noise pollution - balokoles' crusades, muslims' call to prayer, fight malaria trucks, commercial promotions, political campaigns... we dont believe in the same values as all of these noisemakers, but we appreciate that they are free to be and we are free to ignore them (as far as that's possible). we love watching side mirror on wbs... we've seen men dressed as women entertaining excited crowds in kampala. the fear of gay people parading isnt worth passing this bill. we know that even with police protection, the wanainchi wouldnt allow gay parades. so, we dont need this bill to save our lives from gays parading.
written by anteros, December 07, 2009
Peter: If you are looking for something to stand for, stand for human rights, equality and tolerance... far better than standing for discrimination and intolerance disguised as culture or religion.

Nobody is asking anybody to consider homosexuality as something "normal" or correct. This is where the real meaning of "values" comes in... you are free to be, let others be... no matter how much you disagree with others... the values of equality and tolerance tells us to live and let live no matter how much we disagree or disapprove. Try it, it's good stuff!

By the way, the article above was not polite or respectful.
Tolerance as a value
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, December 07, 2009
Of values - given the raucus about gays/lesbians in Uganda, one would have thought that the comments would all be in support of the Bill. The fact that most comments here are in the opposite direction demonstrates that there are many in Uganda that would not follow the herd instinct. Tolerance of difference is a value that has been in short supply in Uganda in the past and it is about time we promoted it. Otherwise, Uganda acquires a Taliban mentality: anything beyond their understanding or experience must be stopped. I am no reveller. Should I ban discos? I don't drink. Should I ban alcohol?
Love & counsel gays but hate & fight homosexuality to the end
written by henry, December 07, 2009
The relativistic concept of tolerance being discussed by most of you is from a Eurocentric perspective. We can evolve concepts of tolerance from our own African history. We've always had a few gays. We never threw them away. We "tolerated" them as people engaging in deviant behavior. Gays are not new. What is new is the attempt to "normalize" the deviant behavior. That's foreign to African history, traditions, culture, & identity. Tolerating other people is an African concept. African justice (e.g. Gacaca, Mato Oput) puts unity & reconciliation 1st. European justice is more punitive/vengeful. We are different. Homosexuality is abnormal here. We'll tolerate gays but fight the behavior. FIGHT ON BAHATI. ALUTA CONTINUA!!!
my vote..our priorities...
written by gay..straight..whatever, December 07, 2009
Yesterday, i ran out of money to buy anti- diabetic medication for my father. My father's diabetes could have been delayed or prevented if there was a strong national public health awareness programme about obesity. He got chest pain 3 months ago, i took him to see the doctor and he waited 4 hours before he could see a cardiologist. He passed out because his sugar had gotten so low after waiting this long. This is just me and my little headaches, nothing compared to what other less fortunate people go through deep in the village. I haven't even mentioned the mothers that die during child birth, our brothers and sisters that die on the highways due to bad roads, the kids that die of malaria because their parents cant afford the medicines,......
my vote..our priorities ( cont'd )
written by gay..straight..whatever, December 07, 2009
... the list goes on and on.. Honestly my dear Ugandans, how much more lives do we have to lose due to selfish , irresponsible politicians fighting the wrong causes. If we really want to stand for something, then we really have to choose our priorities.
"Hon" Bahati and any other politician, if you want my vote ( which you will need one day ), you have got to "show me the money". Keep it real. Because we all live just once, not twice but once and i have a right to make the most out of my life.
written by anteros, December 07, 2009
Elections are approaching. If we let this bill pass now and we chose to start practising intolerance, and we become more accustomed to intolerance... how can we hope to avoid serious post-election violence? Remember Kenya's post-election violence? Remember South Africa's xenophobic violence? That's what a culture of intolerance promotes. Just because we have differences, and we are passionate about certain things... we can survive our vast differences by adopting simple values... such as tolerance and equality. We are free to be, because we let others be, and others let us be... despite the magnitude and dimensions of our differences. We dont need this bill... it tricks us into believing that intolerance is okay.
If Bahati's law is not passed gays could be lynched by mobs
written by archangel michael, December 07, 2009
I agree with Henry. The ultra-relativism and "anything-goes" whateverism of Europe & America does not define us. That is not who we are at the core as Africans. We cannot just exclaim "whatever" and look the other way as people try to mainstream a deviant behavior. We love gays but their habit is evil. Europeans see deviant behavior and look the other way mbu it's none of their business. Not in Africa. We're communitarian, Europeans individualistic. Bahati's law is crucial since gay promoters will be tried in competent courts. If it isn't passed, gays will be at the mercy of mob justice! Homosexuality offends African sensibilities. Our culture values reproduction. Anal sex crosses that line. We're different, period. Get it, please.
Opposing Bahati's bill plays into the hands of M7 & NRM
written by kisaakye, December 07, 2009
If you want political change in Ug, do not oppose Bahati's bill. Read between the lines. If the bill does not pass, NRM are planning to add this question to the ballot in 2012. Homosexuality is very unpopular among the wanainchi. If M7 makes the election about social issues, even starving & jobless people will vote NRM. They will ignore their economic plight, caused largely by corruption, and vote massively against "Europeans" and "gays". The regime will then have unfettered access to oil wealth without the scrutiny of western donors and the pro-democracy alliance will be set back more than ten years!! Let them pass that bill now & get it out of the way so that the election focuses on real issues. M7 will then surely lose!
written by anteros, December 07, 2009
henry: Love & counsel gays but hate & fight homosexuality to the end... sounds just as impractical as bahati's bill. think about it. attempt to normalise deviant behavior... please elaborate on three things:

"new attempt"?
and "deviant behavior"?

Please leave Europeans out of this. This is not about Africans versus Europeans, that's such an old, cheap and dirty way to sway public opinion and score dubious points.
written by anteros, December 07, 2009
Archangel Michael:

So, why dont we have an Anti-Nightdancer bill to protect nightdancers from mob justice?

Homosexuality offends African sensibilities? ...and just who are you to speak on behalf of all Africans?
Behind the debate over anti-gay bill is a struggle for 21st century African identity
written by Tony the tiger, December 07, 2009
There is indeed more to this issue than meets the eye. Those whose postings are against the bill are promoting one essential argument: 'Let's just be like the wonderful Europeans who accept all sorts of different sexual behavior in the name of "tolerance" '. Those who are in favor of the anti-gay bill also have one consistent argument: 'Let's be different from the Europeans and maintain our historical abhorrence of homosexual behavior'. Those who say that this is a minor issue are missing the point. This is really a fight for African identity. What will Africanness and blackness mean in the 21st-century globalized world? How much will we borrow from other cultures? Where shall we draw the line? That is the core question.
Tolerance of people does not imply tolerance of their behavior
written by seabird, December 07, 2009
I agree with those who distinguish gay & lesbian people from their homosexual behavior. The word "tolerance" is thrown around to kill debate. If you strongly hold a different opinion then you're "intolerant". If you disagree with one's behavior then Europeans label you an "intolerant hater". They want a relativistic dictatorship of ideas where "anything goes" and nothing can be questioned. This tendency has gone too far leading to the backlash of fundamentalism, Christian and Islam. Modern relativist preachers of tolerance & fundamentalist preachers of intolerance are both wrong. There is a middle ground. I love my gays & lesbian friends. But I hate homosexuality & consider their lifestyle evil. It crosses the line of normal behavior!
Be more careful
written by Ronald Ssebunya, December 07, 2009
I morally don't agree with homosexuality and this is my view which i think i share by many. But i think we need to look more into international laws and how the world is moving today. Okay, what would the courts charge an homosexual?. Here in America,some states have legalized it others not. Its all about denying homosexuals a certain degree of legal recognition and i think thats what the Ugandan law makers should maintain. The argument against these people is truly disturbing and i argue law makers to exhaust all options and work around this bill. Its not that western countries support homosexually but you need to understand how they have understood human rights and freedom of choice. The differences in culture are surely disturbing.
This is no mere cup of tea: Opening the door to gayism is opening a can of ugly worms
written by okot, December 07, 2009
Did the good reverend just compare homosexuality to an evening at the disco and taking a sip of wine? I hope that was a joke. This is a crucial issue with deep roots and with emotional links to related issues. No comparison with a drink of malwa or busting a few moves on the dance floor. If Ugandans change our minds about gayism/lesbianism we raise a host of other issues. Should gays now be allowed to marry? What happens if they divorce? Should they inherit each other's property? Can a same-gender couple (being non-productive) adopt kids? Where do you draw the line? Accepting gayism in Africa is opening a can of worms. Society will change totally. Picture going to a gay kwanjula / kuhingira. Do we want that? I THINK NOT.
written by anteros, December 07, 2009
how much time have you spent thinking about the sexual activities of all africans and all europeans to determine what is "deviant"? is extra-marital sex "deviant"? why arent we imprisoning fornicators? if done in private, why should anybody be more concerned with the sexual activities of consenting adult africans than those of consenting adult europeans? are we entitled to less privacy than europeans?

Since we value reproduction that much, lets imprison the infertile and those who choose not to have children, shall we?
written by anteros, December 07, 2009
no, seabird. "tolerance" is not thrown around to kill debate. If you strongly hold a different opinion you are not "intolerant". But if you prescribe 3 years, 7 years, life imprisonment or death for those who hold a different opinion just because they hold a different opinion, then you are intolerant. Have you even read that bill? Please dont water this down into a debate about how acceptable homosexuality is in Ugandan society today.
written by anteros, December 07, 2009
okot, judging by the tone of your post, you probably wouldnt be invited to a gay kwanjula... so, i wouldnt worry about that happening if i were you. instead, can you imagine your OB, your friendly neighbour or your pharmacist being spied on and reported for being involved in a private same-sex relationship with a consenting partner, and getting a life sentence just for that? Imagine being the person required by law to report him withing 24 hours?
written by anteros, December 08, 2009
Even worse, can you imagine being tried in court and sent to Luzira... just because you failed to report a homosexual within 24 hours of finding out that they are a homosexual? That is sheer intolerance.

Many people, like those of you here who clearly hate homosexuals and europeans, would cringe at the thought of attending an inter-racial kwanjula. Should we therefore give 3 years imprisonment to all Ugandans who attempt to date europeans, 7 years to those caught dating and life imprisonment to all Ugandans who have children with Europeans because they offended our culture by mixing our clean and holy African blood with filthy and evil European blood?

Please get yourself a copy of that bill and read it, it's obvious many of you havent read it.
written by Maria, December 08, 2009
i do not know why we are all bashing each other here. I know what is right and what is wrong, but I do not know what is legal and what is not. If one starts legislating against whatever is wrong, is it going to stop people doing wrong? The answer is NO. I agree with some contributors who said that homosexuals need to be counseled. In which category does one put me? I do not support homosexuality, but do not support the bill. In fact I find it obnoxious. I need to reiterate that we need to address priorities that are more important than legislating on what is wrong.
On Tolerance and relativism
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, December 08, 2009
Some comments abjure the use of the term "tolerance" in the debate on values. Unfortunately, the term cannot be expunged from moral or political debate whether local or international. And no right-thinking person would aver that tolerance implies relativistic permissiveness - i.e. anything goes. We are talking of tolerance within the limits of reason and good sense. Tolerance is of apiece with talk of fundamendal freedoms. I appreciate the light Henry (far above) throws on African tolerance. Except that he is not right to suggest talk of tolerance is "relativistic". Universal values do exist. In fact, it is "relativistic" to suggest that they don't. On "western influence" - as many have already noted - that much of the gay bashing in Uganda is foreign inspired.
Clarification on Talibanism
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, December 08, 2009
One comment criticised my alleged comparison of homosexuality to revelry or drinking. Sorry for using such simple examples! But my warning was about what I called Talibanism - the creeping authoritarian tendency in Ugandan politics to proscribe and criminalise many things that they shouldn't. I recall Amin in the 1970's banning mini-skirts, women wearing trousers, men wearing shorts, beards and long hair for men. Conservative society at first supported him only to realise later that this was a harbinger of worse things to come. Many dictatorial tendencies hide under sexual morality. That is the point I was trying to make.
the diffrence between the west and africa
written by solomon, December 08, 2009

"Yes, we hate fags and dykes and we will occasionally kill them, but at least it's not legal to do so."

"Yes, God hates fags and dykes, but at least we try to forcibly convert them to God's ways rather than execute them."

"Yes, we regard homosexuals as inferior, but at least we only ostracize them from society rather than imprison them."

"Yes, we bully and oppress homosexuals as a part of our heterosexual rite of passage, but at least we let them design our clothes, decorate our homes and regale us with arts and entertainment. "
written by Asimwe, December 08, 2009
I salute Hon Bahati for this wonderful article. Not only is homosexuality a menace to our society, it also threatens the core values of our society. There is no such thing as homosexuality. infact uganda being a poor country, we are being forced to import and adopt to this evil deed which in all its implications has far reaching and damaging consequences to our children and society as a whole. So please drop the western tendencies and lets preserve our old traditional values. yes to this bill and i pray to God that it passes. Let's send a strong signal to the world that we will rid our country of this moral hazard. Hon sir keep doing what you are doing.
Thank you, Hon. Bahati, for your courage. We applaud you.
written by Kaweesa, December 08, 2009
Ssebo Hon. Bahati, thank you for being courageous enough to bring this private member's bill. You ought to be declared a national hero. Some people tried to recruit my son into homosexuality but fortunately he informed me about them. We reported this gang to the school authorities and the police who are now hunting for them. So I have personal experience of the attempts to spread this evil. Please pass a very strong bill to fight it. I suggest that the bill should include inducements for whistle blowers who report the vice. It should also give opportunities for couseling those who have been misled. Long live Bahati.
Bahati we're praying for you
written by worshippa, December 08, 2009
Honourable sir we're praying and fasting for you. Do not lose courage. Be strong and steadfast. No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. I did not know that we till had men of courage and valour left in our corruption-ridden country. Your lonely crusade shall be rewarded by God both in this world and the next. Please you must never give up. The morals of our children are far more valuable than donor money. The great riches are integrity and honor. It does not prfit anyone to gain all the worldly riches and lose their soul. We have organized a tam in my churh to pray for you until you succeed. God bless you sir.
Time for African Renaisance
written by Nsingisira, December 08, 2009
Africans rise up! It's time we put an end to these imported notions of "tolerance". We have our own definitions of tolerance and they do not include tolerating openly unnatural and deviant behaviors such as homosexuality and bestiality. If bazungu want to do stupid things like anal sex, that is their culture. We do not have to adopt or accept their culture. Us we do not think it's OK for people of same gender to engage in sex. We have a different culture from them. We need thousands of Bahatis to rise up so that we stop the rot and work for cultural and moral renaissance in Africa. God bless mother Africa.
Bahat Bigotry
written by Michael, December 08, 2009
Mr. Bahati, I find your contribution offensive. In fact it confirms you as a selfish, accomplished bigot serving a radical, discriminatory and fascist agenda of President Yoweri Museveni. How many written rights in the constitution has your government breached? Uganda wants to be a liberal tolerant country. We may not want the act of homosexuality but we certainly don't want your bill either. I'm in support of Andy and everyone else who'se opposed to this bill. I shall be joining the rest of the world to protest against this bill at the Uganda High Commission in London on Thursday.
Stamp out homosexuality and lesbianism
written by Betty, December 08, 2009
How can people say that Bahati's crusade is not important? What planet are they on? Moral corruption is the forerunner to financial corruption. Current levels of theft and plunder did not come overnight. It started with rise of concubinage and watering down of traditional monogamous marriage. Then came serial monogamy and attempts by one man to run several families in different towns. Then they had to steal to make ends meet. Breakdown in sexual & social morals affects other ethics negatively. If we now accept gayism, we'll jump from the moral frying pan into the fire. No, we can't do that. I support Bahati 200%.
I will report gays to the police
written by Agnes, December 08, 2009
Someone asked if one could report their neighbour who was engaging in homosexuality. Can't see what is difficult about that. We already report to the local police oportunist home-wreckers who sleep with people's wives when they're away on business. Just read the papers! I hear that in those countries where keyo people live, former pedophiles and other sexual offenders are registered and neighbours are informed whenever one moves into the area. One who brings homosexuality into my neighbourhood has declared war on my children. They turn fom friend to enemy. I would happily hand them to police thank you.
Africans be proud of who you are. Be proud of your history and values.
written by Mutebi, December 08, 2009
Please my fellow Ugandans, be mighty proud of the values your parents and grandparents inculcated in you. They never taught you to "tolerate" homsexuality. They taught you that gays are sick people who need help. They taught you that a man sleeps with a woman and not a fellow man. That is what was instilled in you. So be yourself. Stop pretending that Bahati has invented this idea. It was handed down to you from your ancestors. Why must you always think that the pink man is better? Do gay toleraters have stronger families? Stronger communities? Or are they always divorcing each other? C'mmon Africans!
Hating the evil of homosexuality is definitely not bigotry
written by Mukasa, December 08, 2009
Yet another lie that is paraded in the west is that somehow practising homosexuality is inborn. So they pretend that engaging in anal sex is somehow unavoidable, sort of like your skin complexion is unavoidable. The reason this obvious lie is promoted in the west is so that they can say that those who speak out against the evil of homosexuality are "bigots". This label is meant to scare people from speaking out against this vice. Imagine if rapists said that their behavior is inborn and unavoidable. They would declare all anti-rape crusaders as "bigots". Please ignore that cheap trick. Fight homosexuality.
written by Maria, December 09, 2009
I think we are mixing up issues here. Homosexuality was being practised in African culture though not openly. In Buganda court it was being practiced even before the bazungu came. In ancient Egypt, it was being practised. Can you explain why kingdoms had eunuchs in the palaces? Secondly, one should not think that it is only gays that pracise anal sex. Even heterosexuals do it. If one carried out a survey, the results would be shocking. It is even wrong to assume that those that do not support the bill support homosexuality. I have often pointed in my contributions that I do not support gays but donot want the bill either. I do not now what we are going to solve by legislating against what is wrong.
written by Maria, December 09, 2009
Fundamentalism should not be allowed to crop into our country.Africans by their nature are very tolerant and it is because of this tolerance that we cannot tell off our leaders when they do not deliver. I think all right thinking Ugandans should first call on the government to deliver on all its promises before they introduce this obnoxius bill. They should tell the ministers to stop looting the bonnna baggaggawale funds, GAVI and global funds, return CHOGM funds, etc. They should improve the payment of civil servants, improve social infrastructure, make sure that the health centres have medicine, The schools have enough classrooms and well motivated teachers. I am sure we need that more than the bill.
Homo sexuality is Immoral
written by Anthony, December 09, 2009
Having a corrupt government does not make homosexuality moral. Thats not the argument at hand. By the same token since there is corruption in Uganda then other evils should be left to go unpunished. There is already an effort being made to stump out corruption and thats why we have structures like the IGG's department . Try telling the likes of Cheeye that corruption goes unpunished and you will get your reply. The bottom line is homosexuality is immoral according to our culture and should not be encouraged. I would like to thank Bahati for sending out a warning to Ugandans who think it is 'cool' to be homosexual.
Yes, Immoral!
written by Watcher, December 09, 2009
Homosexuality is immoral but executing homosexuals is a 1000 times more immoral. Take a good look at what is inside that bill.
written by anteros, December 09, 2009
Anybody in Uganda who has had their court case postponed several times over months or years due to "backlog" will appreciate that criminalising harmless consenting adults for what they might or might not be doing in their bedrooms, just because they happen to be of the same sex... as well as those who fail to report them within 24 hours... this bill is such a waste of court, police, parliament and the public's limited time and resources.
Rev. Amos Kasibante is an agent
written by Juma Kato, December 09, 2009
Ladies and gentlemen , before you read what Kasibante says consider him an agent of gay propaganda . Its because of inside dealers like him that the Protestant Church has lost its direction

I think that Uganda is very lucky to have honest men like Bahati in its midst . He says what he means and means what he says , in the open . He is not as false , not vague , and not a double-deeler like Rev. Kasibante , a church minister who thinks that the bible`s message is misleading .

Free Education wasted !
written by Juma Kato, December 09, 2009
Rev- Kasibante has been " educated " by Shema for free . Very typical of the man of God , the Reverand does not see it .
Sweden has threatened to cut off its aid if Uganda passes a law on homosexuals that people like Lolobo have never seen in Uganda . Same Sweden has never considered cutting off aid even when they have all evidence that the Bahatis are a corrupt lot . Does that mean that Sweden cares for sexual perverts more than it cares for the thousands of Ugandans that die because aid money has been diverted to do other things besides providing social services ?
Anteros Anteros
written by Juma Kato, December 09, 2009
Try to make sense , please !

If you are a Swedish tax-payer and you hear that Bahati and Nsaba Buturo are corrupt , ask your government not to sit back and wait untill these 2 currupt Uganda politicians propose a law to curbe sexual perversion . Before these currupted men get any chance to annoy you with their bad laws , you must ask your government not to send money to regimes that are poor at all forms of accountability . If not , its Sweden itself that has to examine if its does not suffer from sexual fixation


Let Sweden send its money to Switzealand where the voters hate Islam .
Ban hypocricy !
written by Juma Kato, December 09, 2009
Ruserega and others make a very good point about SWEDEN . Sweden is a hypocratical country which still thinks that Africans are stupid and need their guidence on everything . They use spineless kyeyo people like Rev. Kasibante here . For example , in Sweden skin-lighting creams that some African / Asian women use to tone up their skins are banned . Sweds claim that the creams cause skin cancer , even if they dont have the data to prove it . In the same country , over 6000 people die every year from cancers that are related to or caused by smoking .; and yet . smoking is not banned .Its only called a bad , unhealthy habit !

written by anteros, December 09, 2009
Juma Kato:

The problem, is that Bwana Buturo is the one who has repeatedly invited donors, at least the ones who disagree with our Anti-Homosexuality stance, to cut aid, mbu "there is a limit to human rights". He never invited them to cut aid because of our corruption.

Your claims about Rev. Amos Kasibante sound like something you read from one of our local tabloids.
Precisely !
written by Juma Kato, December 09, 2009
Nsaba Buturo is a member of a corrupt government . He was UPC man when his party was fighting Museveni . That kind of cv tell a lot about what one can expect from him .

On the other hand , Sweden claims to be the clean country which cares about rights . One has to ask if they dont believe that even we Ugandans have rights . Is it sensible that Sweden is willing to work with a corrupt Minister unless he does not oppose homosexuality ?

Man of GOD, he is !
written by Juma Kato, December 09, 2009

Rev. Kasibante is not a character in a tabloid . He is a living Minister of the church of England , born in Uganda , but for some reason , has forgotten almost everything Ugandan . Sometimes , he even tries to say that the bibble is wrong book to follow .
There are days when the Rev. sounds like Bush . Like today , he is there throwing in a few scarely words . He says that " tabanism" is slowly making its way into our thinking . That is the Kasibante that I see here . Fortunately , we all know that Ugandans are not the taliban kind . You can check in out for yourself . Even though the vile of homosexuality has been illegal for decades , we dont have them in our prisons . Have you seen anybody arresting or beating up any of some well known perverts on our streets ?

written by anteros, December 09, 2009
Juma Kato:

Maybe Buturo's bravado made them cut wires? Donor aid includes taxes from rich homosexuals, who according to some Ugandans, are funding the recruitment of our kids into homosexuality. Who has ever seen a homosexual recruiter? Arent heterosexual recruiters (sugar daddies and sugar mummies) more of a threat to our kids?

We told them to cut aid so that we can make it mandatory for all Ugandans to hate and report harmless homosexuals for imprisonment.

Stop playing victim by blaming white people for everything. Lets focus on our real problems.
Sex is a right ?
written by Juma Kato, December 09, 2009
One day , I asked Rev. Amos Kasibante that if all sex is a right as long as the partners are adults and they both agree , why Rev. Kasibante should be arrested if he paid a male prostitute in Uk for sex . Under duress , Kasibante responded by saying that there are no simple answers to that .
The next day , I found an answer in the Monitor . one British politician was quoted as having stated that "hypocricy is the glue that binds Britain together " . He was refering to the booming prostition industry in Uk.
I am no victic !
written by Juma Kato, December 09, 2009
Anteros , its ironic that a fellow with your name and state of mind dares suggest that we should focus on our problems . I thought that focusing on OUR PROBLEMS is what is causing YOU , homosexuals a prolem .
Sweden does not think that we should make any laws that dont suit their standards . They are threatning US with boycotts and sanctions if we dont comply . You cannot agree with their arrogant re-actions and then imagine that somebody esle , but you is playing victim . You are the sex slave on sale .

Homosexuaity is a cancer that must be fought aggressively now before it spreads more
written by Munno, December 09, 2009
I do not understand why Maria, Anteros and others keep claiming that gayism is not a real problem and we should ignore it and fight something else. This evil is real. It is like a cancer which must be fought very very aggressively while it is still small before it metastasizes to more organs. This is the right time to fight homosexuality, while it is relatively small before it spreads even more. Bahati's proposal is very timely and must be supported. We know that gays existed in Africa before, but we knew that it is deviant behavior. Now some are trying to pretend that it is not. Let's fight zealously agaist this menace to our society.
Bahati, strengthen your anti-homosexuality bill even more
written by Ignatius, December 09, 2009
Kaweesa (above) suggested adding to Bahati's bill some clauses that offer inducements for whistle blowers, and requirements for gays to go for counseling. I also suggest that all sex education in schools be required to spell out the evils of homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia, etc... Let our kids be shown that, contrary to the lies in the west, gay behavior is not inborn but acquired. Most gays have had disordered relationships with their male or female parent during childhood. Therapy can take care of that. Information is power. Preventing spread of gayism will need strong laws as well as massive civic education against it.
Some of us on kyeyo don't support gay lifestyle
written by Elizabeth, December 09, 2009
Please don't assume that all of us kyeyo people have been deceived by the pro-gay views in the west. I lived in Boston, now I live in Chicago. I tell the gay people openly that they have been deceived. I'm not scared of them. Some are my work-mates. I tell them openly to stop pretending they were born that way because they were not. I tell them respectfully but very very firmly that they need counseling. I support Hon Bahati's suggestion, with some changes. Only obstinate gays who have refused to change, even after therapy, should be punished. But the law must send a very very strong signal that gayism is totally wrong.
Bread and butter issues not more important than morals
written by Ndawula, December 09, 2009
Maria and other bloggers insist that we forget the slow growing cancer of homosexuality and instead focus on food, medicines, vaccines, education and the like. That is an insult to the intelligence of Ugandans. It is like saying don't worry about mosquitoes until you've chased away the flies. Or don't fight bedbugs while you still have lice in your hair or jiggers in your feet. What kind of Eurocrazed thinking is that? We must fight all evils at once. Evil is evil whether it manifests as financial corruption or sexual corruption. We must be alert to all attacks on our identity, integrity & wellbeing. For God and my country!
Ugandan Church Leaders back the anti-gay bill
written by archangel michael, December 09, 2009
Thank you our church leaders for suporting Hon. Bahati's anti-gay bill. It is comforting to know that our indigenous men and women of God have not sold out our African values to the kind of Eurocentric soft-on-gay attitudes espoused by Rev.Amos Kasibante.
written by Maria, December 10, 2009
So what is Ugandan and what is not? Corruption, theft, vote rigging, torture, incest, defilement, etc are Ugandan whereas homosexuality is not. Please give me a break. There is no evil that is lesser than the other. I wish all people who are earnest in supporting Bahati and Buturo put their energies in fighting what is killing Ugandan more. People are dying of accidents on our roads and the goevernment failed to enforce the law on speed governor because the big shots have buses and their incomes will reduce if the law was enforced.
written by Maria, December 10, 2009
The workers money is swindled and what happens, the president leans on the parliament to save his ilk. No one lifts a finger. I am lucky there is no money of mine in the NSSF. When small fish like Cheeye are put behind the bars, everyone applauds. When you want to kill a snake, do you cut off the tail? i am sure my teenage daughters and sons are more at risk from sugar daddies and the pervert pastors who pray for people in their beds. Most unfortunate Ugandans are dying of preventable diseases and no one raises a hand.
written by Maria, December 10, 2009
The MPs are screaming themselves hoarse because an MP died in an accident. when 10 people die at a go, there is a conspiracy of silence because they do not matter. I just cannot stand the hypocricy in the Ugandan society and I will insist the anti-gay bill is not a priority. You can call me names but I will not change my opinion. Neither will I ever suppor homosexuality because I am a christian.
Mwenda on pay role by Gay organizations
written by isaac, December 10, 2009
What do you think? Mr. Bahati...Mwenda is on the pay roll...Gays gave him a lot of money to start the news paper. remember when he came to the U.S? By the way He is not married...
cultural war my opinion
written by daniel, December 10, 2009
"In war, truth is the first casualty"
So we have it here. Both sides continue to hawk their lies in order to make their case.
From what i have observed both homosexuals and anti homosexuals in Uganda have a tendency to provoke
each other into this war. I think that most educated Ugandans are ok with homosexuals as long as they
follow the US army policy of DONT ASK DONT TELL. Esspecially please do not tell us you are homosexual.
The homos know that they are obnoxious to most but insist on rubbing it in everyones faces.
cultural war 2
written by daniel, December 10, 2009
Bahati and co are determined that they must put an end to this. But they are very unlikely to suceed even if the
bill is passed into law. This does not mean a victory for camp homo either. This is why: should the police feel inclined to arrest an offender and the DPP feels inclined to prosecute , the suspect will the apply for bail, challenge the charge in the constitutional court then maybe the supreme court etc . I am inclined to believe that most of the clauses of this bill will be declared un constitutional by the courts. This is based on the rulings made by courts regarding adultery -legalising it and the judgement given when lesbians took the government to court in Kampala.
Make up your mind Maria!
written by Juma Kato, December 10, 2009

Maria , I fail to understand you . In some of your comments , you sound like you think that homosexuality is a vile . In others , you sound like Bahati is wrong to fight it . For your information , all the things you mention , namely , corruption , defilement , incest , and torture already have laws that can be used to charge offenders . Go to Luzira and you will find convicts there .None of those viles are legal in Uganda . That is the reason why we ask your European masters why they never cutt-off their aid when a government tortures , but are quick to do it when the same government proposed a law on homosexuality .
I agree !
written by Juma Kato, December 10, 2009
Daniel makes a good point . Homosexuals are mentaly deformed people with no idea how to go about things . Bahati would not be thinking about this law if it was not for the homosexuals insitence that they must be accepted . If you dont rub your sexuality in somebodys face , why should they care ?

Ignatius makes another correct remark . The majority of homosexuals experienced sexual traumers as kids . All the famous Homos and lesbians in USA and UK claim to have been raped by a member of their families . Show me a homosexual , and I will show you that he/ she was abused as a child .
written by gay ...straight..whatever, December 10, 2009
what, Did the anti gay activists suddenly wake up?...bravo..Anyways, this bill infuriates me because it insults the basic intelligence that all of us can an entire nation believe that this issue is going to be more important than all the serious problems we have in our country..i bet you 80% of you so called anti gay activists blogging on this site have debt written all over your face, sick members of your family suffering from illness and poverty and yet you get off this web site after entering your pathetic blog convinced you have stood for something once in your life.
p.s i am as straight as it gets..none of you boys dare let me spend 15 minutes with your wives.but this is just plain pathetic and embarrasing.
Gay --- straight or whatever
written by Juma kato , December 10, 2009

With comments like that , who would think that we have all have the same levels of basic intelligence ?
You are responsible for your own exaggerations of you assume that all the nation thinks that the homosexuality thing is the most important prblem we have in the country . Fact is that the land bill , konys war , mabira forest , Kabaka`s movement , Aids , poverty , Besigye , Kazini / Mayombo deaths , are more talked about than this homosexual vile .
juma Kato..i am sorry but i have to quote you on this one..
written by gay ...straight..whatever, December 10, 2009
"Homosexuals are mentaly deformed people with no idea how to go about things" I have never heard of the term mentally deformed, even worse, i disagree with the spelling( Please use spell check if this language is a challenge). Nonetheless ,going by your earth shattering discovery, isn't it a basic assumption that anyone with a mental illness needs treatment and NOT execution.
"The majority of homosexuals experienced sexual traumers as kids . All the famous Homos and lesbians in USA and UK claim to have been raped by a member of their families . Show me a homosexual , and I will show you that he/ she was abused as a child" again we have the spell check issue with "traumers" however, should we eliminate everyone that had"sexual traumers" as kids?
written by Robert kelem, December 10, 2009
Bahati you are right , lets just omit the killing part and go on with the law. the i dea of homos being minority and therefore being discriminated is total rubish. The thieves in government are certainly fewer than the general ugandan population , should we then say that cracking down hard on them is discrimination or since coruption tendencies are as old as humanity its ok to have them go on?. The same goes for those sucrifising kids in Uganda. Im sure the homos and their sponsors where excited by anrews submition .
Mwenda is struggling with personal issues- Ignore his rubbish
written by Kayumba David, December 10, 2009
I loughed off Mwenda's critic of Hon. Bahati and indeed Ugandans who are crusading against gay crusaders. Mwenda misused the Bible and his argument is a reflection of how ignorant he is about Economics, Bible, and society. Society cannot be preserved from distinction while promoting gayism. There is no scientific evidence that can support this perversion. It is in order to fight abomination which led God to destroy the ancient cities of Zoa- sodoma and Gomorrah. The gays have issues which can be dealt by psychologists. Mwenda should not just say any thing on anything simply because he can arrange words together.

Ignore Mwenda
written by Kayumba David, December 10, 2009
Government should go ahead and do the necessary steps tp protecty our people from people who want to destroy our society. I think we now know that Mwenda cannot be a leader nor can he have wisdom that can lead to prosperity of an African Nation. He is a creation of pervesion.
what ever
written by Juma kato, December 10, 2009
I Life is a challenge . So I am sorry for the blunders . I have also have never heard of a name gay - .straight - or whatever . Challenges never end .

If Ugandans are all those terrible things you say , then we are a mentally ill country . Therefore , Sweden should be aware that we " need treatment not execution" . And if you think that homosexuals need treatment , please feel free to recommend that . It helps none of them when you just boast that you are as straight as it gets .

written by Maria, December 10, 2009
Well, as the world is debating global warning that is causing problems everywhere and forests are being cut down in Kalangala to plant palm trees, Tsunamis ravaging island nations, here we are Ugandans discussing sex. I am even wondering why we are meriting the Bahatis of this world who vote to save the Mbabazis when they still workers' money through skewed procurements or is it investment according to the visionary man with our replies. Whether one supoorts homosexuality or not, this law is never going to be enforced. There very many emotional laws that have been passed and never been enforced even on one day. Remember the anti-sectarian bill? Well for those that are still young, it was passed when NRM was still patriotic.
real facts please..real arguments...
written by gay..straight..whatever, December 11, 2009
Kato..i'm not compelled to dignify your rantings with a response because i am concerned that internalizing and digesting scientific facts might be one of the challenges you alluded to. This debate is about a lot more than English, its about priorities and how we as a people are so easily distracted. Can someone begin to put forward solid arguments in favor of this rotten bill.I get tired reading these weak, emotional, and poorly researched ideas put forward by the likes of the Katos. This is no place for sensationalism but rather for ideas based on clear evidence.There might be two arguments here, sadly the anti gay activists fail to present any solid argument, can someone please give me reason to think hard about the other side of the coin.
A willing victim
written by Juma kato, December 11, 2009
Its true , Maria , that there are other more pressing things to worry about . That is where you should go . If you stay here , dont blame it on Bahati . He has not said that everything should be suspended untill the sex discussion is over . Some us think that we are capable of dealing with many issues at the same time . This bill happens to be one of many .
The govt has beaten a retreat
written by Ocheto, December 11, 2009
Apparently, the hypocrites, bahati, the govt sttoge and co, have come to their senses. The the draconian anti-gay bill has been dropped. It is dead - for now at least.
Bravo Maria!
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, December 11, 2009
@Maria, I valued your comments on this and posts. Religious you say but resent fundamentalisms of all kinds. At the moment Uganda is undergoing of one those endemic cycles of hate, hate speech, and scapegoating. The draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill - although I read they are dropping off one section after another - is a variation on the same theme of the cycle of hate, and 'tribalism' and 'exclusive' follow fast on its heels in yet another round of bludgeoning one another. The Bill is calculated to deflect attention away from corruption: Global Fund, GAVI, CHOGMgate, 100 ghost clinics, Temangalogate, sh 200 m cars for MPs etc.

written by anteros, December 12, 2009
Rev Amos Kasibante:
written by anteros, December 12, 2009
Moses Luyinda:

It wouldnt be possible to redicule "good arguments against homosexuality" if those arguments weren't rediculous. You mentioned distractions... please remember, this is not about how acceptable homosexuality is in Ugandan culture today. It's not about what archbishops, pastors, imams, muftis, the pope, the koran or the bible have to say about homosexuality. It's not about Africans versus Europeans. It's not even about how "normal" or "abnormal" homosexuality is in anybody's opinion. This is about the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009... please read the Bill. Even without the death penalty, that Bill is... Anyway, make sure you read the Bill in full. up...
written by gay..straight..whatever, December 13, 2009
it almost sounds like you are getting agitated or upset. i told you before and i am telling you again, please contribute to this debate constructively instead of purely attacking people, here's a trick..try to attack the argument. I sense a lot of emotion in your arguments and sadly that doesn't help your situation.I am almost curious about the origin of your very passionate and yet baseless and poorly substantiated "hate campaign" hmmm....Personally, I have 3 issues here, discrimination, discrimination and discrimination.Whether you choose to see it differently in tribalism or homphobia, that is a matter of your own.I know we are not the first ones to debate this issue. It would be interesting to look at how others debated this before us.
written by gay..straight..whatever, December 14, 2009
Fine....... Kato you have for once attacked my argument. i think we are now making progress which is a good thing. Here are a few facts for you and others.."the terms homosexual and homosexuality were coined by a Hungarian writer, Károli Mária Kertbeny In 1869,". "Cleland Ford and Frank Beach's work, published in 1951, found homosexual behavior to be common across cultures and documented its existence in almost all nonhuman primate species."Homosexuality had been officially classified as a mental disorder in American Psychiatry Association's first edition of the DSM (DSM-I) in 1952 however the American Psychiatric Association decided to remove homosexuality per se from its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM III) in 1973".
written by gay..straight..whatever, December 14, 2009
"In order to be classified as a disorder, a condition had to meet the criteria of either an experience of subjective distress or of a generalized, objective impairment in social effectiveness or functioning resulting from the condition itself. The DSM-II diagnosis of sexual orientation disturbance (SOD) replaced the diagnosis of homosexuality. As a result, individuals who were comfortable with their homosexuality were no longer considered mentally ill. According to SOD criteria, only those who were “bothered by,” “in conflict with,” or “wished to change” their homosexuality had a mental disorder.Four areas in which research on the origins of homosexuality have been focused are biology, cross-cultural studies, psychological development, and the acquisition of gay and lesbian identities"
CRAP, abomination, sodomy or whatever
written by Evi, December 15, 2009
Tired of this crap. Gays,gays, lesbians, Let them come out of their closets to be identified. then we can all know if we have BI-sexual spouses who have been living a married life of lies and bumdrilling and for women ............................dykes to come our of the closets.

Bi sexuals are spreading AIDS. They are double dealers. Wives and male mistresses. many hide under the profession of cross dressing. ehehehehhehehehheh!
written by Evi, December 15, 2009
It is a learnt behaviour. All single sex schools should be mixed to avoid peer pressure and learn behaviour or temptations to be BI-CURIOUS
citzenship for gays in the west
written by kasibante, December 17, 2009
Why don't western countries take on Ugandan gays as their citzens?
Ugandans are confused...
written by MAGAMBO, December 17, 2009
If you pple claim Ug is a christian country and dont want the west to interfere in your culture THEN, DROP CHRISTIANITY B/C IT IS WESTERN, ISLAM IS EASTERN, ETC... FYI! WHAT RELIGION DO AFRICANS OFFER TO THE WORLD EXCEPT THEIR INHERITED WEST/EASTERN RELIGION THAT THEY NOW THINK THEY KNOW ABOUT EVEN MORE THAN THE FORGERS...NAME ONE AFRICAN RELIGION. Africans have been duped to think their traditional beliefs are witchcraft...our oracles/ sacred places where not different from present day churches, mosques, bahai, temples, etc. Gays have existed in all societies for centuries...pple should stop pretending!!!
Bravo Bahati, Bravo Rwanda!!!
written by Kankaka Edward Nelson, December 17, 2009
95% of Ugandans have agreed they need this bill passed.
Western countries are trying to deny our rights of constructive legislation and soveriegnty in the name of "minority protection" which is actually "protection of molesters and dehumanizers," for the sake of their aid. We treasure our values more than your billions of dimes. The bill seeks to protect the victims, but those opposed to it seek to protect the violators and criminals. They don't care about the victims. Kick sodomy out of Uganda. Those hiding under "hate-love phenomenon," revise your holy books and find out what God did to Sodom and GAYmorrah," then zap back to reality.
Rwanda is also passing a similar bill. Bravo, Rwanda
Beware the traps you set of others....
written by Martin Pulle, December 17, 2009
Here are my fears with this Law. It will be used politically to destroy politician, where treason has failed. Coupled with the land grabbing law recently enacted, some will use it to steal other peoples land.
This law does not only punish gay people, but anyone who has anal sex, even it was consenting heterosexual adults happily going about their business. Mr Bahati, should be wary of the moment a woman from he has never met accuses him of having consenting Anal sex, what will he do?

Beware of laws that have no limits.

People People People
written by Kalule Mbowa, December 17, 2009
A lot of people are going on and on, linking Bahati to Museveni government failures - corruption, oppression, poverty and all that. The fact is that Hon Bahati is technically an MP - his job is to legislate or help legislate, as simple as that! I would want to think that in his own thinking and indeed after his research he only comes to one conclusion: Homosexuality is a threat to our country, and not many would disagree, never mind Mwenda. If anyone has an issue with the bill tell/convince your own MP to deliberate/vote otherwise, and he will if you are lucky to be in the majority and the bill will end up in the long grass - that is how the democracy we all long for works. Contd Below.
Cont'd....People People People
written by Kalule Mbowa, December 17, 2009
Bahati won't be tabling bills on everother issue, there are over 322 MPs in UG parliament. Whether Museveni's evil trickery is at work in Bahati's Bill, personally I would not care less yet I have disagreed with Museveni's politics since I was a teenager, and my big headedness Bahati is tackling of homosexuality is legitimate, END OF! I know Museveni is a namby pamby character whose popularity is dwindling in the West and needed something like this to happen to attract the attentions of US, UK and the other usual suspects BUT yes, there is money being pumped into the spread of homosexuality. By choice may be BUT promotion of evil through exploitation of our boys' and girls' poverty by gay gangs in the WEST, no chance.
Contd from up...People People People
written by Kalule Mbowa, December 17, 2009
People ask yourself, if human rights were so important, don't you think the likes of MSNBC, SKY NEWS, BBC, ITV, CNN and all that, would be having an article in each and every news bulletin of theirs at least once a week?? BUT guess what I can't count the times America's MSBC's Rachael Maddow show has feature what the presenter repeatedly calls ''the kill the gays bill/UGANDA: Be kidding me'' or CNN. SKY News, BBC, UK's Guardian and Times print article after article, ITV, you name it are covering this thing like hell. More than worse things like the killing by security forces of Ugandans during the September riots that have happened under Museveni. You may want to think on.
written by anteros, December 18, 2009
Anal sex is brought up to sensationalize and induce disgust towards homosexuals. homosexuality = anal sex? think about this carefully... if there are an estimated 500,000 gay Ugandans (not all of them practicing anal sex)... of the remaining 30,000,000 heterosexual Ugandans (okay, lets slash that to 10,000,000 -adult- heterosexual Ugandans), how many heterosexual couples privately practice anal sex? Would it be, too far fetched to suggest that the majority of Ugandans practicing anal sex are heterosexuals? Disgusting, isnt it? That's another reason why we should not even bother ourselves at all with the private sexual activities of consenting adults.
written by anteros, December 18, 2009
Therapy and counseling for homosexuals should not be put into law. If you havent noticed, we dont have any credible experts on "reparative therapy" in Uganda. Our laws should not depend on pastors' miracles. Reparative therapy has been described, even by former "expert" reparative therapists themselves, as causing a lot more harm than good. It has destroyed families by blaming parents for their kids' sexuality, resulted in suicides, mental breakdowns etc. Therapy and counseling should be an "at your own risk" option only for those who want it, not a legal requirement.
written by Bernard B. S, December 20, 2009
To hell with all the homos, or gays or whatever they call their species. For a homo to even say he is human like me is blasphemous enough. Bahati should stop dilly dallying and engaging in stupid talk with homosexuals or their Swedish sponsors and pass the bill now. Who cares if the homo happens to be my son, then they should go jail. I am watching this parliament with a Keen eye, if they shoot this bill down, I will know where this vice has hit our country most.
Many people will flee Uganda for freedom
written by jacque tabingwa, December 20, 2009

Homosexuality roots back to the African tradition and its not a new practice. Its not even fair to blame it to the western world. This is typically peoples choices and thats what the world is calling for today, as law makers and legislators you would focus on empowering the less previledged instead of killing. Have you thought of how many people are bound to be killed for this "act "you call crime? if they have a chance of fleeing their own land, where they belong and have Family they will obviously run for life.
written by Moses Okello, December 22, 2009
David Bahati deserves a travel ban for bringing this stupid Anti-Gay Bill.
Bahati can’t reason, at the moment there are more pressing issues than Gay issue. Because bahati's acquaintances of seeping out his bosses heals, he thinks he will go way with it.
But when slap a travel ban on all these corrupt, clown, unfaithfulness legislators.
People like Buturo, Bahati and many NRM gyp artists, all smell corruption.

David Habati deserves A

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