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Anti-gay bill opens a Pandora's Box

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While section 140 of the colonial-era Penal Code Act already criminalises "carnal knowledge against the order of nature", this new legislation will attempt to give teeth to that dictum

Being gay in Uganda has never been easy, but a new draft bill tabled in Parliament on October 14th by Ndorwa West MP David Bahati (NRM) is seeking to make it a whole lot harder. The "Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009' is attempting to further criminalise homosexuality and those who "aid and abet" its practice.

While section 140 of the colonial-era Penal Code already criminalises "carnal knowledge against the order of nature", this new legislation will attempt to give teeth to that dictum. The bill targets not only homosexuals but any person who promotes, funds, or sponsors any homosexual practice or activities.

It also makes the "failure to disclose" a homosexual within 24 hours by a knowing "authority" an offense punishable by up to Shs 500,000 and/or three years imprisonment.

Furthermore, the broad category of "attempted" homosexuality will now be a felony punishable by a prison sentence of up to seven years. The proposed law also creates a new crime known as "aggravated homosexuality" whereby anyone found engaging in a homosexual act with a person less than 18 years of age or who has a disability, or if the offender is an authority figure, parent or guardian, or HIV positive, the said offender will be liable for the death penalty upon conviction. Finally, there is an extrajudicial clause which states that any Ugandan citizen or permanent resident can be prosecuted for these crimes regardless of location.

If the law passes there could indeed be far-reaching implications for more than just Uganda's gay and lesbian population. As Spectrum Uganda activist Sam Ganafa declared, "The new bill will instill fear because it touches almost everybody. Even a journalist now asking me about this, after it passes will not be able to do it. You will be discussing a subject that must not be discussed at all. Your family will be compelled by law to turn you in." Furthermore, human rights advocates and lawyers have already asserted the purported illegality of the bill saying it attempts to circumvent and thus nullify the numerous international treaties and covenants already ratified by the country.

Proposed the Bill: David BahatiOn a recent radio debate, Christine Butegwa, regional coordinator for Akina Mama wa Afrika, one of the 23 organizations partnering in opposition to the bill, asserted that "the bill has nothing new to offer. It is indeed a waste of tax payers' money because the majority of the provisions in the bill are actually provided for in other laws already in existence in Uganda." Furthermore, as Makerere law lecturer Dr Sylvia Tamale noted, it is clear the author of this bill was no lawyer because it is in direct violation of numerous tenants of the 1995 constitution and legally Parliament has neither the power to nullify treaties or constitutional provisions.

Indeed, one of the key consultants of the bill is not a lawyer at all, but prominent "pro-family" pastor, Martin Ssempa. On the same radio broadcast last week, Ssempa repeatedly touched upon the overarching threats he believes this bill is attempting to remedy: the assault upon African culture and the erosion of family values alongside fears of increased incidences of homosexual recruitment and defilement and their seeming lack of legal consequences. Ssempa argued that, contrary to criticism that the bill unfairly targets homosexuals, it would in effect bring about equal protection under the law for both boys and girls, who are the prime targets for molestation and defilement.

In a recent interview, Ssempa went much further, "I think it is important to understand what sodomy is. It is inherently unhealthy, a sexual lifestyle that involves unmentionable acts." He went on to note that "by and large many boys and men have been infected and had permanent damage from homosexual behavior. And homosexual men have a higher risk for disease."

For gay activists in Uganda, there is a mixture of anxiety and disappointment. K, who claims to be an avowed supporter of Musevini and the NRM, seemed most disappointed by the religious fervor underlying the new bill and the subsequent consequences it would have on him and his friends. He noted that he was never recruited to be gay nor was it a conscious choice; rather it was something he implicitly knew from a very young age. It wasn't until he was in his early 20's and he moved to Kampala that he met people like him and realised that he was not alone.

"When I came to Kampala, I found so many people, even some small organisations. I feel at home here, only now this bill is really making it worse on me. Really I was so happy and I am happy."

Martin SempaK appeared worried yet defiant, "I think Ssempa has big people with guns and everything, and the way they are threatening us, some of us I think we are ready to die because there's no way I'm going to go. And I cannot change. They want to preach and they want to educate. Me, I am not going to change." Regarding Ssempa, K a self-proclaimed god-fearing man, remarked sadly "I don't think he's God's messenger because he is fighting God. If you are fighting one who was created by God, then you are fighting God... To me he is not a pastor because a pastor preaches the word of God. And that is the word of love not hate. Pastor Ssempa is preaching hate."

Another young gay Ugandan noted that he had been for many years in a committed relationship. "Do some people know? Yes. Do some people suspect? Yes. Can they prove it in court? No. The new bill changes that."

In a recent interview with Foreign Policy magazine, MP David Bahati did not mince words, "We are asking ourselves; is homosexuality good or bad? We are suggesting that it is bad. It is a behaviour that should not be tolerated. There is no evidence that someone can be born a homosexual." He went on to note that gay men were three times more likely to transmit the HIV virus.

But according to K, this new law will not eliminate homosexuality, it will merely drive it further underground and accordingly, make it more dangerous, by targeting medical professionals (among others) who treat homosexuals. For him, "this bill is like killing people."

The new bill's provision to enforce full disclosure of any known homosexuals by an "authority" is also bringing forth anxiety that this could easily devolve into a witch hunt for "secret" homosexuals, as well as a tool that anyone can use to frame or extort someone for their own personal means. Dr Tamale noted that this idea of the promotion of homosexuality simply requires one to send someone an "unsolicited email or sms which has some homosexual or pornographic and voila, they will be guilty. Or at least they'll have to go to court to defend themselves. It is very dangerous. People need to see the forest beyond the trees."

The bill has been nothing if not controversial with vociferous critics and supporters on both sides. On a recent radio call-in program, nearly every caller vehemently supported the bill and many were eager to denounce those opposing it as homosexuals themselves (and in one case, as "agents of Satan").

Ultimately, the fear for many human rights defenders is the erosion of a human rights culture in Uganda and the broad ways in which this bill can be used to target many more than just the small gay population. As Val Kalende, a journalist and activist for SMUG (Sexual Minorities Uganda) noted, "This is not all about sex. We are talking about the right for people to be employed, the right to access services equally, the right to justice and the right to freedom of speech and expression."

Pastor Ssempa and MP Bahati however think otherwise, both deeply worried about the undue influence by perceived attitudes of Western decadence and permissiveness seen as decimating African culture and tearing apart the moral fabric of society. As Ssempa explained, "On the issue of homosexuality, the African finds that what does not benefit the community must be done away with." But as K countered with conviction, "Even if they call me today, I am not going to leave. If the condition is bad for me I would run [to another country] but if the condition is still allowing me here then no, I love my country."

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Protecting the family
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, November 11, 2009
So, according to the Bill if a homosexual goes to a professional priest for pastoral counselling and advice, the priest would be under a legal obligation to report him to the police? To table a Bill before parliament, one does not have to be a lawyer. That said, knowledge of those versed in law should be sought. A legal scholar may draw out the implications and contradictions of the proposed Bill thereby helping all of us to form an informed opinion. This is a matter that should be handled dispassionately. The Bill in my opinion is arbitrary and draconian and it will do more harm than good. Talk about protecting the family - the family in Uganda is not homogenous. There are single parent families, polygamous families, extended families, nuclear families and something in between. The existence of unmarried people, including those who have taken vows of celibacy, does not threaten the existence of the family.
Pastor, Low-rated comment [Show]
Heterosexuals REPENT!!!
written by Bill, November 11, 2009
Heterosexuals will pay for what they have done to their gay children.

And they will pay simply; by the lives they lead.

You people should be ashamed of yourself. You should seek forgiveness for the abuse you are committing against innocent people. Forgiveness from GOD and GAYS.

God will forgive you. So will gay people.
How predictible
written by Omeros, November 11, 2009
As always, Reverend, you speak with great wisdom. I think in the scenario you envisage a priest might be able to seek a defence from prosecution under the act on grounds that the communication between the confessor and him is the subject of penitent-clergy privilege. Anything that the confessor says to the priest is required, as a professional matter, to be treated with absolute confidence and, so runs the argument, by virtue of such privilege the priest is not under a legal obligation to disclose his discussions with his charges to the authorities. To have it any other way would undermine the fundamental purpose of confession and, more generally, of pastoral care if penitents could no longer be confident that their discussions with their priests were private.
written by OMUGANDA, November 11, 2009
Africans are becoming more foolish each passing day. in the name of democracy African societies are broken up, forgot their languages, behaviors and are becoming zombies of the western culture. reverend tell me how will u feel if ur son is a homo? and tells u am born that way? in south Africa where democracy and human rights are entrenched parents are lamenting on daily basis. boys who evolved into girls with sexy walks nauseates the noble minds, a girl of 13yrs introduces a lover to parents , girl and boys bring in lovers into their parents homes and enjoy sexy encounters in the name of human rights. so is that African reverend? are we supposed to clap to any stupidity from the whites or we no longer hv any worth? may be Africans are evolving into idiots
Reply to Omuganda
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, November 11, 2009
Omuganda, you have asked an important question: 'Tell me how you will feel if your son is a homosexual". That is exactly the same question that every parent or person should ask: "what if your brother, son, daughter told you they were gay/lesbian?" I suppose it is not as if they had told you they murdered a person. I imagine if we asked the question Omuganda has posed it (to me) we would be very reflective how we go about this issue. Trouble is that many people talk "at" gays/lesbians and not "to" or "with" them. Omuganda, I too, am an advocate of African indigenous languages and culture. African cultures have much that is good; but like all cultures they have elements that need to be dropped. Culture is not static; it changes. We should not just copy foreign things. Neither should we endorse every African custom/practice.
written by Michael Bussee, November 12, 2009
To JImmy Okello, who said: " I find the Anti-Homosexual Bill (AHB) very appropriate. Our present law provided loop holes that homosexual promoters had used to enter and sodomise boys in the name of human rights."

Then why not just close those "loopholes" that don't punish child molestors -- whether the vitim is male or female? Why does the sexual orientation of the criminal matter?

Surely there must be laws in Uganda against molesting children. Why not focus just on that? What difference does it make if they offender is gay or straight? This bill goes too far!!!This bill would also punish what two consenting adults do -- and would require friends and family to turn in gay people to the police.
"Knowledge" for the purposes of the offence of failing to disclose
written by Omeros, November 12, 2009
Michael, I agree - this bill is a tangle of logical inconsistencies. I am keen to know how it is proposed that the tipping off requirement be interpreted. Will the courts fix constructive knowledge on a defendant who makes no enquiries as to the sexuality of a person he suspects to be gay? Take the example of a landlord who rents his property to a person who is rumoured to be gay, without establishing whether those rumours are true. Will that landlord be taken to have knowledge of his tenant's sexuality if it is later shown that the tenant is indeed gay and will the landlord be liable to prosecution for failing to make the requisite disclosure under the act? If this is so, the criminals created by this bill stand to be numerous.
written by Michael Senyonjo, November 12, 2009

Somebody tell Ssempa, Bahati and all the cabal whose hands are on this anti-gay bill that they're looking at life never to enter Europe or America. We shall fight them to the bitter end. We might not agree with homosexuality but we also don't need such a bill. I personally don't see why homosexuality is being politicised. People should be free to practice their sexual orientation. Government has no business interfering. Leave gay and lesbian people ALONE
Beyond the Anti-Gay Bill
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, November 14, 2009
Going beyond the Anti-Gay Bill proper , but related to the subject, are certain attitudes that should be cause for concern. They come across as social attitudes and find their way into politics, accounting for much of the political violence and alienation the country is going through. They are: intolerance of difference or diversity; demonising others (which is one of the ingredients of ethnic cleansing and genocide); scapegoating (deflecting social problems by affixing them to a small minority: widows, old women, immigrants, foreigners etc); using stigmatised behaviour to smear opponents behaviour. Do the allegations made of Pastor Kayanja say something?
written by Omeros, November 14, 2009
It is a sign of the extent of the political drift experienced under this government that this ill-conceived bill is the sort of enterprise into which parliamentarians put their legislative energy. You would have to laugh if it wasn't so contemptible.
No one is born gay. Homosexuality is purely learned behavior. It is unAfrican!
written by newspringtime, November 16, 2009
Gays have deceived us for ages, claiming that they are born that way and no one can change that. In my PhD studies I stumbled upon a huge meta-analysis of the relevant research over 30 years (by the American Psychological Association [APA]) that proved that being gay is not a genetic predisposition. It is learned behavior and can be unlearned with no side effects. I have several formerly gay friends who realized its evil, repented from it and are now happily married with children. Africans be yourselves! Europeans glorify homosexuality and elevate it to the level of a lifestyle. It does not mean we should accept their lies. Europeans don't rule us any more. HOMOSEXUALITY IS UNNATURAL & UNAFRICAN.
Please decolonize your minds all you homosexuality apologists
written by KingDavid, November 16, 2009
Newspringtime is right. Those who tolerate, support, defend, or provide excuses for gay behavior have bought into the Eurocentric mindset. They suffer from an inferiority complex and glorify any idea of the Mzungu while looking down on African history and tradition. THE ATTEMPTED MAINSTREAMING OF HOMOSEXUALITY IS A RECENT EUROCENTRIC TREND. Coconuts who are black on the outside but European at heart have become apologists of this abhorrent behavior. 52% of western marriages end in divorce, & neocolonized Africans will soon suggest that it's cool to divorce coz Europeans do it. WAKE UP AFRICANS!! DON'T BUY INTO THE EUROCENTRIC CRAP!!! We Africans are not gays... this is alien to our nature, culture & tradition.
Homosexuality is not cool no matter what Europeans & Eurocentric Africans say
written by Tony the tiger, November 16, 2009
I am a former homosexual who started practising gay sex after being raped by a gay friend at a boarding secondary school. I was ashamed of this incident and could not tell anyone. My friend took advantage of my shame & guilt to convert me into homosexual lifestyle by repeatedly declaring "You are definitely gay". After years of sex with fellow men, I confessed to a Catholic priest who prayed for me & sent me to a therapist. I have totally healed from this habit and I'm now engaged to be married. Please take it from me. Homosexual behavior is not normal. IT IS EVIL AND SHAMEFUL!! All you gays can be healed from it!
Rejoinder to Tony the 'tiger"'s riposte
written by SKZ, November 16, 2009
Tony the 'tiger' your opening statment says "i am a former homosexual who started practising gay sex after being raped by a gay friend at a boarding school..." First, from what i read, you actually never were a homosexual, you were lured into this activity and this became a behavioral lifestyle, The difference between you and real homosexuals is that you probably never inherently felt what they feel usually from a tender age, attraction to the same sex. Compare this to what happens to inmates in prison, they inadvertently sleep with guys because they are driven to it. This does not, and i will repeat, does not make them homosexual! what it does is it makes them is to behaviorally pratise same sex. Please discern the difference between homosexuality and same-sex sex!
Homosexuality and alleged recruitment
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, November 16, 2009
The biggest myth in the homosexuality debate is the suggestion (also made in Bahati's Bill) that homosexuality is a foreign or western habit, which these foreigner are trying to disseminate in African or Ugandan culture. It is credible to say that there are gay rights activists in Uganda and that they have the support of gay people especially in western capitals. But to suggest that there is some kind of clandestine and concerted recruitment drive into homosexuality is a gross exaggeration. If that were the case, our vigilant law enforcers would have apprehended and arrested such people. Note that the psychology of persecution, ethnic cleansing, and genocide begins when leaders (often intellectuals) create alarmist situations about the alleged contamination of or exploitation done by certain categories of people.
Homosexuality and alleged recruitment
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, November 16, 2009
The genocide of the Jews in Nazi Germany started like that. Jews were called "vermin". Same thing about genocide in Rwanda: use of words like "inyenzi" (roaches) or "snakes". Hitler wanted to promote the racial purity of the German race. Consequently he ordered the elimination of disabled people, Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals.

This recruitment myth is doing the rounds. Recently, President Museveni has repeated it, thus indirectly giving a nod to the anti-gay bill along a path that is a symptom of the scapegoating and demonising that have become a feature of political (public) discourse in Uganda.
SKZ, I was a homosexual and it sucks! It is absolutely abominable & horrible!! Get out of it, man.
written by Tony the tiger, November 16, 2009
SKZ, you have the nerve to tell a grown man what he was or wasn't?! I WAS GAY, period. That is not just my opinion but the scientific diagnosis of professional therapists. I presume you're gay and can't stand the fact that I repented from that unnatural lifestyle. My gay friends now hate me because I'm telling people the truth about homosexuality. I've been pleasantly surprised to find that there's millions of repented homosexuals globally. There's help for all you gays (like SKZ) out there. Come out of that filth!!
Reverend Amos, I was recruited into the gay movement & became a recruiter myself b4 quitting
written by ExGay, November 16, 2009
Rev Kasibante, I'm also a former gay who has since converted. I was recruited into it when I was a secondary school drop out in a Kampala slum. I was broke and in need of hard cash. My NGO friends received plenty of $$$ for this purpose from international friends. I myself became a recruiter of young boys into the gay lifestyle. I targeted educated youths who admired western thinking and were ashamed of their Africanness. So when you deny the existence of recruitment I wonder what planet you live on! Some folks from a small church loved me and explained the gospel to me, so I quit homosexuality, decided to live for God. I'm now trying to reach all my recruits to bring them from gay life to christian life, so help me God.
ExGay, I thank God for that
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, November 16, 2009
ExGay (and I understand why you conceal your identity), I do not want to disbelieve you. I only insist that people like yourself do actually reveal the names of the people or organisations that gave you money to recruit others into homosexual practices. I also concur with the person (above) who made a difference between a homosexual orientation and same-sex sex (some of which may be a result of exploitation). Further, sir, homosexuality is not western thinking as such. There is still discrimination and persecution of gays in western countries including eastern Europe - certainly in Russia. Even in Britain where I live many homosexuals fear to reveal their sexual identity for fear of discrimination or worse. If you have been liberated from a bad habit you were recruited into I genuinely join you in thanking God for that.
ExGay, I thank God for that
written by Rev Amos Kasibante, November 16, 2009
When I was at a boarding secondary school and as a member of the Scripture Union, I and a few other students came under the influence of the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement and we preached the same to others - recruited, if you like. Other students knew us. So did the teachers. Now if there is a massive drive in Ugandan boarding schools to recruit pupils into the gay life style, it is extraordinary that the recruiters have not been identified either by fellow students (the vast majority of whom are not gay) or staff. Schools can identify kids who smoke or drink, but have not been able to identify those "spreading" homosexuality the way we used to spread "Pentecostal Christianity"?
written by Omeros, November 17, 2009
@ New Springtime - when studying for your "PhD" (I won't enquire where you read for it), while trawling through the 30 years' worth of "meta-analysis" conducted by the APA, did you encounter the amicus brief it published with, inter alios, the NASW which reads thus: "Sexual orientation has proved to be generally impervious to interventions intended to change it, which are sometimes referred to as “reparative therapy.” No scientifically adequate research has shown that such interventions are effective or safe. Moreover, because homosexuality is a normal variant of human sexuality, national mental health organizations do not encourage individuals to try to change their sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual. Therefore, all major national mental health organizations have adopted policy statements cautioning the profession and the public about treatments that purport to change sexual orientation."? If not, why not?
Omeros, those OLD views of homosexuality being inborn have RECENTLY been disproved scientifically
written by NewSpringtime, November 18, 2009
Omeros, you cite "old" views of mental health organizations which are now disproved by the recent research I cited. The organizations are now revising their statements to reflect new science. For instance, Dr. Robert Spitzer, one of those who helped craft the American Psychiatric Association's pro-gay statement back in 1973, now acknowledges homosexuality is treatable. He studied thousands of ex-gays who underwent therapy, recovered from it and had sustained the recovery >5 years. He found the therapy had made >78% of gay men and 95% of gay women heterosexual (This cure rate is higher than some anti-malarial drugs). By the time of Spitzer's study, 3/4 of ex-gay men &1/2 of ex-gay women had married. Dozens of new studies show the same. APA is revising its statement to reflect the findings.
Clandestine recruting
written by ExGay, November 18, 2009
Rev Amos, we weren't fools to recruit students in the open. We knew the law and culture in Ug did not favour us. We did it clandestinely. In some schools students were caught but headmasters would not to disclose our presence for fear of ruining the school's public reputation. As for our international funders, just do a google search and see! Some of those who funded our group are very googlable!! Please do not deny recruitment coz it's happening even now. I have given the police some information. Let's hope they act. Reverend, let's help kids to convert to Christ. Denying tactics of Satan does not help people turn to God. I pray the British don't convert you into a homosexual apologist. Keep your Holy Spirit fervor.
Help gays to straighten up: spiritually, psychologically, mentally & physically
written by Worshippa, November 19, 2009
The Christian ministry EXODUS has vast experience in loving gays and helping them to convert. They will not condemn you or judge you but will pray for your deliverance. Any gays out there, look for help with this group as it exists in several countries. Numerous Ugandans on kyeyo pretended to immigration authorities that they were gay in order to claim persecution & get assylum. They lived with gay communities on reaching the west in order to appear genuine. After getting papers they defend homosexual lifesyles out of gratitude to their gay European friends who first hosted them. But if you love gays (or any other sinners) pray for their healing, deliverance & coversion. Don't confirm them in their sin!!
Kyeyo people please don't copy the gay habits. Keep your integrity
written by Shoestopper, November 19, 2009
All my kyeyo friends out there in U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zeaeand, South Africa, Sweden and other countries which are pretending that homosexuality is a normal habit, PLEASE SAFEGUARD YOURSELF. Keep your sanity. Don't buy into their lies simply because they have nice paved roads and shopping malls, and pay your salaries. Don't copy everything blindly! Where they are wrong, e.g. attempts to make homosexuality mainstream, BE BRAVE & CORRECT THEM. Where they're right, e.g. use of high technology, be wise and emulate them. Be a discerning person. Stay a true African even when on kyeyo.
Abange temutuswaaza. Temuwagira byabusiyagi
written by Ssanyu, November 19, 2009
Banange don't support something that your Ssenga or grandma never taught you coz you think the Mzungu is smarter than your own pipo. Most empires were destroyed by heterosexual immoraliy & homosexuality. Read the history. Don't allow the mzungu to throw wool over your eyes. When it comes to matters of family life and social ethics, we Africans/Asians are first world and the gay-loving divorce-promoting Europe/North America is third world. When it comes to finance/economy & science/technology, that is where they beat us. Many youths are copying evil ideas from bazungu. Plse don't ashame yr family.
New Springtime pt 1
written by Omeros, November 19, 2009
New Springtime, as you will know, the APA produced and filed the amicus brief I mentioned with the Supreme Court of California in 2007. The Supreme Court of California relies on the findings of that brief to this day in the decisions it makes in relevant cases before it. The Royal College of Psychiatrists in London put out a statement in support of the APA's amicus brief in which it states that "[t]here is no sound scientific evidence that sexual orientation can be changed". The Royal College also specifically disavowed the position of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality - a group with official affiliations to conservative Christian groups such as Focus on the Family.
New Springtime pt 2
written by Omeros, November 19, 2009
Again, as you will know, Spitzer's research was carried out in 2001. Its conclusions are considered by most professionals in the field to be predicated on bad science, in particular, in the study's use of non-randomised sampling (nearly a quarter of the samples in Spitzer's study were provided to Spitzer by NARTH and 40 percent of the sample was provided by Christian groups). Spitzer's research was peer-reviewed in 2003 and largely found to be wanting. Lawrence Hartmann, erstwhile APA president and professor at Harvard Medical School considered the Spitzer study "too flawed to publish". He also called it "irresponsible and unscientiifc".
New Springtime pt 3
written by Omeros, November 19, 2009
Far from "proving" that homosexuality is a treatable illness, Spitzer's study has earned him the opprobrium of the vast majority of his fellow professionals. Your claim that the APA is revising its statement on reparative therapy is simply false and I challenge you to show me any statement in which the APA has undertaken to change its position on the matter in response to any recent finding. Frankly, New Springtime, you are a dishonest charlatan who cannot be trusted to do anything other than mischief with simple (and verifiable) facts.
New Springtime pt 4
written by Omeros, November 19, 2009
As if proof were needed that you did not read Dr. Spitzer's research, you mis-state his sample size when you claim that he studied "thousands of ex-gays". in fact Spitzer's sample size for his study was 200. Your claim is particularly comical since the sample size appears in the very title of Spitzer's paper. I doubt that you hold the PhD for which you claim to have studied since you appear not even to have mastered the basic tenets of shoddy schoolboy research such as accurately reporting what you find on Wikipedia.
Get the Facts Right
written by Eseza Tukule, November 20, 2009
Spitzer's work and a lot of other research has been SUMMARISED and collected in one place on See April posting 'No Gay Gene Found' and the rest. The fact is, even members of the American Psychiatrists Association realise they de-listed homosexuality as a disorder under political pressure. The causes continue to reveal themselves and the psychological and physical effects are legion.

There is no need to fulminate. The facts speak for themselves.
Incorrigible, ineducable
written by Omeros, November 20, 2009
Why do you ask me and others to waste our time on a conservative blog poring over inaccurate summaries of discredited studies that no decent journal will publish (note, the American Journal of Psychiatry declined to publish Spitzer's paper) when we can rely on the official position of the various professional bodies that set the mental health industry's standards? When those defeated by argument insist that the facts speak for themselves that it is usually indication enough that the facts do no such thing. By all means, argue the politics of this sensitive issue, but do not attempt to misrepresent the science that supports the orthodoxy since you are evidently not competent to challenge that orthodoxy.
Eseza Tukule
written by Omeros, November 20, 2009
"The fact is, even members of the American Psychiatrists Association realise they de-listed homosexuality as a disorder under political pressure." That is scarcely an apolitical approach to the matter.
governing morality
written by Craig, December 02, 2009
Looks like US religious extremists can't win the fight in the US so they're focusing their attentions on Uganda to use Jesus and his message of love to start the murder of homosexuals and the governing of morality. Congratulations if this bill is passed Uganda for you will become the embarrasment of the world just like NAZI GERMANY!!!!!
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In reflection of Bahati Ideology.
written by Reverenda Dr. Smson Nabbimba Jr., January 07, 2013
I totally dis-agree with this Bahati ideology of terminating gay people. The bible is very clear "that all have sinned and have fallen short of God's glory" Rom 3:23. Having said that, no sin is beyond repair or forgiveness. Above all, my fear is using that bill as a "weapon" to attack political opponents whom one may disagree with as its common in African Politics. Let's preach repentance and not murder and let's uphold our faith, cultural and religious values. I oppose those who campaign for gay behaviors but also dont condone those who advocate for death penalty against such people because all have sinned and we have discovered that most of those who campaign against these immoral behaviors are themselves doing the same. God forgive!!
written by, May 31, 2013
It is credible to say that there are gay rights activists in Uganda and that they have the support of gay people especially in western capitals.

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